Attention: Guitarists age 40+ Struggling on the guitar? Sore fingers? Need a simple plan? 

Dan Thorpe, author of the best-selling book Fingerstyle 101 presents...

How to Fix Your Bad Habits And
Play Beautiful Songs Using Methods
You've Likely Not Seen Before
(Free Limited Time Training)

Welcome. I'm Dan Thorpe, author of Fingerstyle 101... 🏰inventor of the Acoustic Asylum ... 🎸and widely regarded as the "UK's best guitar teacher" with 11+ years and 1000s of hours of REAL teaching experience. 

...I also write those inspiring daily emails that everyone can’t stop talking about... Today, I want to give you my FREE and exclusive guides to TRANSFORM your guitar playing and learn how to fingerpick and strum stunning folk, rock, pop, and blues!

Strum roll, please!

Many years ago, a fortune teller told me... "For the next five years, every day you will suffer frustration and heartbreak."

  ...So, to cheer myself up, I started learning guitar!

Yes, yes, gather 'round people. That's a joke... and only us guitarists will get it. :)

Dan Thorpe's Dynamite eBooks

Well, It Looks like you made it past the first opt-in box!

Oh no!

This can only mean one thing...

You might be a little sceptical (I don't blame you if you are) because the truth is...

The guitar world full of hype and B.S.

...And any man and his dog can claim to teach you guitar.

Well, with a stick of dynamite, I want to change all that for good.

I'm not going to tell you that you can play like Eric Clapton overnight OR that "learning guitar is easy". 

We've all been sold on that nonsense before and we all know the truth!

Instead, I will be straight with you and tell you exactly what it takes to learn guitar.


First of all, you might be wondering:

"Who exactly are you?"

"What makes you claim to be the UK's best guitar tutor?"

"How can you teach me guitar?"

"Why did Keith Moon once drive his car into a swimming pool?"

(*Because he was a drummer, and drummers are crazy... and that's why we play guitar!)

So, let me answer those questions and tell you why...

If the guitar stresses you out more than it should...

Your fingers are as sore as a bee sting...

...OR your guitar is gathering more dust than a Ringo Starr solo record, then read on...

It's time for your guitar-playing liberation (and I tell you why you won't see these hidden gems of advice anywhere else).

...And here's reason #1 to join:

Transform your playing with my trio of exclusive eBooks

These books are simple, game-changing, and easy to use. 

They are NOT for sale anywhere (but they are free here - for now).

You will discover things NO ONE else teaches. 

There's no fluff, no filler.

Instead, you'll get fast results that will help you fix bad habits, play with more accuracy, dexterity, and coordination, and play REAL songs. 

Here's a little about each eBook:

eBook #1

"The Super Mini Songbook!"

Beat Your Guitar Playing Demons With Three Classic Songs Taught Like Never Before!

The Super Mini Songbook

In this book, I teach three unique styles of songs - all suitable for beginners, all easy to play, and all sounding stunning while being instantly recognisable (without the need to sing).

  • How to play a beautiful simple version of "House of the Rising Sun" - This uses my unique "No Chord Fingerstyle" method, which sounds elegant while using zero chords. (Very clever, eh.)
  • Discover my wonderful Travis picking arrangement - Play the timeless classic "When The Saints Go Marching In" inspired by Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel - it's a beautiful arrangement I created and a hit with my students.
  • A super easy 'jam-along' arrangement of "Amazing Grace" - If you want something fun to play TODAY, this two-part super simple melody and strumming arrangement is as easy as they come.

You get the audio at full and slower speeds to play along with, that's like "jamming with Dan" as one student said. 

It's a simple TEN-page eBook that will be like dynamite for your playing. 

Plus, you get bonus tips on playing the songs with musicality... Get playing simple and real music TODAY.

eBook #2

"The Guitar Doctor"

35 Quick Tips To Fix Your Bad Habits, Heal Your Technique, And Transform Your Playing

The Guitar Doctor
  • Discover how to end the "Death Grip" forever... play a fun blues RIFF, and instantly flip the worst guitar habit I've ever seen on its head!
  • The Technique Secrets Most Guitar Teachers Won't Tell you... so you can build good habits, get faster chord changes, and "unlock" the fretboard right away.
  • A 7-day plan To make your Music And songs flow... plus why most guitarists struggle for years unnecessarily (hint, it's likely NOT your fault).  

The guide is specifically created for those age 40+, those who struggle with arthritis, and those who have stiff, sore, or clumsy fingers. 

Bonus eBook

"Fingerstyle 101" 

(Free Chapter)

Fingerstyle 101 v3

Want to learn fingerstyle?

If so, I will also give you a free chapter of my best-selling book - which currently has over 700 reviews on Amazon. 

This is a free chapter, NOT the whole book, but it features a wealth of important things that will help to improve ALL of your playing. 

These tips have helped 10,000+ guitar players on the road to being confident fingerpickers, and here are some reviews of the book...

Unlike most "freebies" these are very powerful with zero fluff

Get All 3 For FREE Today!

Note: It might be best not to wait around if you want these eBooks. You can get the full version of Fingerstyle 101 on Amazon, and eventually, I may sell the other two eBooks on Amazon, but you can join today to get them for free.

Reason #2 to join my email list

Students LOVE Reading My Emails and get excited to open them 

If You Need Motivation Or Inspiration...

You'll Love The emails Too


In my emails, you'll get...

Unique nuggets of "gold" you can use immediately.

...And simple actionable tips on how to improve your fretboard skills, technique, theory, rhythm, dexterity, etc.

But also… my style is "one of a kind".

And I can guarantee NOBODY else has shown you these technique pointers before (because in many cases, I invented them). 

See below for what students who are all learning later on in life are saying about the emails...

"I enjoy reading your emails. They are so well crafted and delivered... fun reads...🙂"

 Nancy Saber

 Nancy Saber

"Your emails and random thoughts are the highlight of my inbox. Thank you!"

Clive Shaw

Olive Shaw

"Your emails are amazing! Thank goodness they are free because they are priceless! You have so much soul and empathy for those learning. Keep up the amazing work. You inspire!"

Jasmine Craig

Jasmine Craig

"I enjoy your emails. Don't stop! We can feel your enthusiasm right through the written words."

Christine J Trotter

Christine J Trotter

"I love the emails. You are a brilliant teacher and everything about your program, from the book to the podcast, has enhanced the fun and pleasure I get from studying guitar."

Annie Berkley

Annie Berkley

"I enjoy your emails and print many of them as reminders. Thanks for all your hard work."

Jan Carrico

Jan Carrico

"I love your emails! So inspiring and encouraging! Great advice!"

Joan Watt

Joan Watt

"I love your inspirational emails. I'm 66 and taking private guitar lessons. It is your emails that keep me going."

Dennis Bowden

Dennis Bowden

"Just to let you know, I look forward to your emails and thoroughly enjoy your words of wisdom, advice and witticisms."

Walter Frazer

Walter Frazer

"Your emails really do help with keeping up the motivation."

Stuart Bate

Sarah Bate

"Thank you for your emails, it helps to pull me back. I have such a tendency to overdo it. "

Diane Hart

Diane Hart

"I enjoy getting your emails as they help to keep me motivated regardless of whatever else is going on in my life. "

Carl McCauley

Carl McCauley

"I absolutely love your emails!!! They always make me smile or laugh 😃"

Logan Hager

Logan Hager

"I really do enjoy your emails ... you are always so upbeat. We definitely need people like you right now!"

Kate Meyer

Kate Meyer

Reason #3 Why You Should Join My Email List

 I specialise in teaching folks learning later on in life

...And I Get Real, Proven Results For Students Like You...

Time And Time Again

Age is just a number, but let's talk about that...

Most of my students are aged 40+ (and one member in my Academy is 92 years young).

I have 1000s of hours of experience teaching older learners ...But I want you to know... 

Your Age Does NOT Matter

Take Logan, for instance.

He joined me on a wild guitar journey in 2021...


as i told logan, if you are able to tune up your guitar...

"You are more than capable of playing the songs you love and creating beautiful music."

Over the next few weeks...

My emails gave Logan more motivation and inspiration...




Logan also loved the fact I too love the music from the "Golden Era".

...And I teach the techniques and styles of artists such as Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Tommy Emmanuel, and James Taylor, as well as a little more modern stuff, too.

Over the next few months, he was getting more and more confidence.


Now Logan is super excited for all the possibilities thAT await him...


If you're like Logan and you need more motivation or self-belief...

You're in the right place and you'll know this...

...when You Too see REAL results

Reason #4 to join my email list

I Make The Process Of Learning Guitar More Fun than most

And You'll Get To Be The "Hero" And Go On A Unique Adventure

Collage Banner

If you find guitar tuition to be BORING, you'll love this...

It's my "choose your own adventure" style story based on my much loved Acoustic Asylum podcast and you get to join us...

...In a story that combines Elements Of Classic

Indiana Jones style Adventure Stories...

Stephen King Novels, Comic books...

...with a guitar-playing twist

  • Use your guitar skills to escape the haunted grounds of the Acoustic Asylum
  • Unlock new lessons to improve your playing to beat the "Gatekeeper"
  • Test yourself with quizzes and musical riddles
  • You'll even bump into a legendary guitarist
  • Beat the first challenge by playing the blues (TAB included)
  • Get the "old scroll" to play a stunning song, secret video lessons, and much more.

This adventure is like playing a game where you get to have fun AND improve your guitar skills at the same time.

It's genuinely the most fun "welcome sequence" of emails you will likely see in the guitar world.

...And it beats watching Netflix.

In fact, this sequence has only been live for a few months and I've noticed others are ripping it off already (just like Ed Sheeran did with Marvin Gaye).

2#(D+2) = ?!?

Do you know what that means? 

Find out by "Escaping The Acoustic Asylum" when you join the email list...

Reason #5 to join my email list

I'll Teach You The Things That No One Else Does!

most guitar tuition is pretty woeful for struggling beginners

I Mean When Was The Last Time A Guitar Tutor Taught You To Fix Your Bad Habits?

Frustrated Guitarist

For instance, have you ever been shown how to sit with the guitar properly, end the "Death Grip", make your songs sound like actual songs, or have a clear plan?

Probably NEVER. 

Unless you have a good tutor, this often doesn't happen. That just leads to massive frustration. 

In fact, even... 

The most famous guitar teacher on the internet
(I won't name him)

...Gave This Dangerous Advice When He Said...

"It's not cool to sit in the classical position."

That is stupid, stupid advice, in my opinion.

...And it's just one of the dozens of bad bits of advice I hear daily. 

You don't have to use the classical position (but I recommend it). The point is that famous guitar teachers are spreading bad information to struggling guitarists, and it's NOT good enough!

In my experience...

  • 99% of guitar tuition is lazy, half-hearted, and only good for those who can already play.
  • 1% of guitar tuition is amazing... but most of that is "Classical" guitar tuition.

Yet you might not want to learn classical music! 

And neither do most of my students.

That's why I use a unique "hybrid" method of teaching guitar Which I Call...

"the Modclass Method"

This method takes the best of classical tuition...

AND combines it with the...

Songs and styles from the 60s and beyond so you can...

Play your favourite songs by the likes of Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, The Beatles, etc.

...But with pristine technique and a high level of musicianship Which is

...Rarely taught on YouTube

To put it bluntly, most guitar teachers seem to have forgotten what it's like to be a struggling beginner...

So they gloss over the basics!


I struggled on the guitar myself for years and I made many mistakes... But when I got the winning formula, it was like dynamite for my guitar playing.

I know what it is like to struggle ("talent" was lacking in dear ol' Thorpe over here).

I've been refining my methods with students ever since and making new breakthroughs all the time.

The bottom line is that I work with beginners and intermediate guitarists daily, and...

I get super excited showing guitarists who have previously struggled how to play beautiful music...

Without painstaking time and effort...

Plus, as I say, my emails are lighthearted and fun. 

Most people's email lists are sales pitches and they probably only email you to sell you stuff. 


I offer things for you to buy, but not before I've made your day more fun. 

See here for a few examples of how my lessons have helped others so far...

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