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He is the STRAIGHT UP no-nonsense guitar teacher who specialises in teaching those over the age of 40… he has changed the playing of many with his BESTSELLING Fingerstyle 101 book... the zany creator of the Acoustic Asylum, and he consistently smokes the most famous YouTube tutors with GROUNDBREAKING results for his students… And Now The Man Who Created The Transforming "10x METHOD", Invites YOU To Join 14,000+ Other Guitarists And

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FAQs About
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Q. I tried signing up, but it said I couldn't. Please help!

A: You tried using fake details, didn’t you? My system automatically scans for opt-ins that violate my rules (and this is before I MANUALLY review them). The system rejects fake numbers and fake emails. Use a personal email and real, full details.

Q: I'm worried about spam.

A: I worry about spam too, but that's probably because to me "spam" is still processed meat in a can full of salt popular after WWII! Yum.

Q: I mean "spam" emails where people bombard me with sleazy sales stuff.

A: I know. I was joking. Let me be 100% clear. I DO NOT EVER SEND SPAM EMAILS. I send daily emails that feature fun and motivating tips, and lessons from what's happening in my teaching studio. If that sounds like spam, please do not sign up.

Q: Why should I learn from you versus the other gazillion tutors out there?

A: Unlike most, I teach students in person. I specialise in teaching those aged 40+, fingerpicking, strumming, and other acoustic styles. I also share all the insights, new breakthroughs, and key takeaways from my private lessons to make you a better guitarist. Plus, most guitar tuition is ineffective and BORING. Most people teach the same things in the same way, which gets little results and leaves students frustrated. When you join the email list, you'll see this flipped on its head. 

Q. Is my email address safe with you?

A: I have ZERO interest in sharing your email with others. My email list of 14,000 is strongly guarded. It's a big part of my business, so why would I even consider jeopardising that? Your details are 100% safe. We use the latest high-tech protection and have daily website scans to make sure everything is 100% secure.

Q. Will you be like all the other guitar tutors constantly trying to sell me stuff and giving me B.S. advice?

A:  There are many charlatans in the world of guitar tuition. There's one particular (balding) tutor who makes me a little sick. You might know who he is. All he does is bombard people with nonsense and then sell them stuff. It's people like that that make us all sceptical. It probably doesn't make much difference if you're sceptical... but I'm the father of a wonderful boy, keen surfer, and passionate teacher from Birmingham UK (not Alabama) who loves to help others play guitar better. You can enjoy all my free stuff and you can get my books and courses. Either way, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Q. You seem a little full of yourself. I don't like that about people. 

A: I just say it as it is. My students get REAL results. My tips feature things no one talks about. That's because there is so much B.S. online. Every man and his dog who has played a few gigs thinks they can teach guitar. (Note: teaching how to play "Hotel California" does NOT make someone a good guitar teacher. )

Q. What is the Acoustic Asylum Welcome Sequence? It sounds funky, lol. 

A: Ha, it's partly a game, partly an Indiana Jones-style adventure, partly a comic book, and completely fun. Not only will you learn beautiful music and fix your bad habits, but you'll have a tonne of fun. 

Q. Who should sign up?

A: Only join if you are genuinely interested in improving your guitar playing. You don't have to be 40+ to join my list (many are younger) but be aware, I tend to teach the songs and styles that those aged 40+ LOVE. It's who I specialise in teaching. I teach in a more patient, clear, and step-by-step way than most, and my students love that. The bottom line is this - the keener you are to learn this instrument, the better your results will be. Those with a passing fancy of wanting to play a few chords without putting in the effort rarely succeed. 

Q. I need to work with someone one to one. Can you help?

A: Sorry, no. I only work with a handful of students one to one these days. Most of my time is spent teaching lessons in my membership group, creating new courses on my latest breakthroughs, and enjoying my life with my family, friends, and my wonderful son. Working with me one-to-one is a possibility later on, but only after you've been part of my tuition world for a while.

Q. Can I give you a fake email?

A: Well, you can try, but it won't get you far. Many people have done this, but all it does is get them blocked. 

Q. You can't stop me from using a fake email. I win, sucker!

A: Oh, you got me... NOT. Using a fake email means you will NOT receive the welcome materials, you'll just get taken to a page saying "Please check your email to get your free resources", but of course, if you use a fake email, you will not get it. Only idiots will try to use a fake email.

Q. I don't want to give you my email, can I still get the eBooks, or buy them?

A: Sorry, no. You can buy Fingerstyle 101 online, but The Super Mini Songbook and The Guitar Doctor eBooks are not for sale. The ONLY place to get them is here.

Q. I've actually been on your email list for a year. If I visit the UK, can I buy you a beer? 

A: Woah, easy tiger. I'm a taken man. I'm kidding, it's actually really nice to meet up with students where possible... especially those who come from lands far away. It's actually an honour, but it's only possible where circumstances permit. I'll have a pint of bitter, and if you're one of my long-term students, I'll buy the first beer!

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