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Discover My step-by-step video course teaching you how to become an 

Intermediate & Beyond


(Watch below to hear a few snippets from the course...)

  • Go from beginner to intermediate in 7 steps and learn with clarity following this simple method
  • Discover the most exciting techniques such as fingerstyle blues, "Boom-Chick" Travis picking, embellishments, and much more... 
  • Avoid confusion with these simple instructions, a plan, and the "flowchart" to help you use the course in a clear and concise way
  • All taught in HD video along with downloadable TAB - for every lesson...

PLUS: Get all your fingerpicking questions answered, get support from Dan, and...

Learn using the methods I have used to teach 120+ private students over the last 10 years...

They have had success with these lessons and now they are available publicly for the first time...

So you can learn them too.

It is all inside The Ultimate Guide to Fingerpicking.

This HD video course features a clear path to help you become an intermediate (and beyond) fingerpicker.  

Here is just some of what is in this 7-stage course:

  • Learn how to play fingerstyle blues in 3 steps without the frustrations of trying to learn it on your own.
  • The “FPS Method” - my complete system used to teach dozens of guitarists how to fingerpick and sing at the same time.
  • A 10-step simple plan to play “Boom-Chick” Travis picking in the style of legends Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, and Merle Travis. 
  • How to play chords AND melody at the same time without confusion and without doing the "finger dance".
  • Play the tricks, flicks, and embellishments in the style of James Taylor, Paul Simon, and other greats - each taking 5 minutes or less to learn. 
  • Get a mini PDF songbook of classic songs with TAB, notation, and lyrics all using the exact patterns taught in the course (saving you time looking for songs).

As you probably already know...

Most of the students I teach are learning a little later on in life - with many in their 60s, 70s and beyond.

From my vast experience of teaching these students, I know many of them can lack confidence.

That is why I ensure all the lessons, song choices, and methods of teaching in this course are suitable for you and...

Each is taught in a steady manner so you can:

Learn at your own pace without feeling “overwhelmed".

As well as this, you also get to pick my brains and:

  • Ask questions on every single page of the course and get direct help from me and others, ensuring you will NOT learn on your own. 
  • Slow down every single video and download the printable TAB so you never get lost along the way.
  • Learn how I break down and simplify songs so you can build them up with excitement - using the classic song "Whiskey in the Jar" as an example.
  • How to use simple variations to add excitement to the most commonly used Travis picking pattern ever - giving you hours of endless fun.
  • An introduction to the world of swing and why it is the simple yet secret weapon the old school pros used.
  • Why you should think like a drummer and learn "fingerpicking fills" (I show you exactly how to do this in a simple way).
  • A PDF teaching you how to play simple fingerpicking singalong versions of "America, the Beautiful", "Amazing Grace", "Midnight Special", 2 Christmas carols, and more...
  • How to know exactly which part of the course to go to next by answering a few simple "yes” or “no” questions in the "flowchart".

Simply answer the questions and click the links to be taken to the right part of the course.

Take a look at the flowchart in action below:

As you can see, there is structure AND a plan inside the course. 

Below, you will find the 7 steps that make up the course:

The 7 steps to fingerpicking brilliance

  • Part 1 - Learn the fundamentals of fingerpicking - fix bad habits, improve your technique, and fix the fundamentals.
  • Part 2 - Discover the beautiful fingerpicking patterns that will help you to learn 100s of songs and have endless jamming fun.
  • Part 3 - Learn more effectively so you can make faster progress, remember more, use your practice time more efficiently, and see daily improvements.
  • Part 4 - How to embellish your fingerpicking like the legends where you will learn how to combine chords and melody for a stunning sound.
  • Part 5 - How to play the classic Travis Picking "Boom-Chick" sound (one of the most enjoyable things anyone can play on guitar in my experience).
  • Part 6 - Fingerpicking Songs! Find out how to put everything you have learnt in the course together to use in real songs.
  • Part 7 - A complete introduction to fingerpicking blues - everything you need to know to play the blues with 3 easy, medium, and hard arrangements.

To summarise, this course will help you become an elegant, intermediate fingerpicker who can...

Have fun on the guitar every day, never get bored or run out of ideas, and...

Make your practice time so enjoyable you want to do it everyday...


What if you struggle with the basics?

Well, all this is covered too. 

Inside, you will learn exactly how to fix, repair and improve your core technique.

Take this image for instance...

How sore do this guitarist's fingers look?

There is simply no need for your fingers to EVER be sore like this.


If you struggle, you will learn how to build up good habits so you can flourish with your playing BUT remember...

Instead of random lessons like those that plague the internet, in this course..

You get structure, which I know, is what many of you crave.

Just like Ted, who recently said this:

"This is the best guitar method I have come across. You seem to have looked at what every other guitar tutor puts across, then you cover it all, but you fill in the gaping holes of information that most others just gloss over. Thank you for being so thorough. Great system Dan, thanks".

For a limited time get these bonuses - 100% free

Before I wrap this up, I should say I have some great bonuses for you…

These will be perfect for you as you develop through the course, and they are only around for a limited time.

These bonuses include:

Bonus #1:

Get a free video from my membership programme on the stunning "Two-Finger" Partial Chord Technique as used by J.S. Bach and Paul McCartney.

Bonus #2:
How to Convert Any Strumming Pattern Into a Fingerpicking Pattern

Bonus #3:
Improve your finger dexterity and prevent injury with The Fingerpickers’ Warmup

Bonus #4:
How to use a metronome to improve your fingerpicking rhythm (taught in a back to basics way).

Bonus #5:
The PDF extras - includes 60 fingerpicking songs you can learn which use the patterns from the course, my favourite chord progressions, and more Travis picking patterns...

If you have waited years or even decades to learn to fingerpick, now is your time

Once you get the course, there will be no confusion or doubt as to what to do next.

Being the guitarist you dream of being is possible... 

You can spread your musical wings and have your music soar passionately...

All without frustration and without feeling like you are spinning your wheels...

So you can enjoy every moment of this magical journey.

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  • The Full HD video course featuring all 7 stages 
  • Get my exact beginner to intermediate fingerpicking plan
  • All lessons taught in HD video with full TAB and notation

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I'm not offering a least not in the "traditional" sense.

I don't believe in them. A typical money-back guarantee gives you a way to back out from achieving what you want. It allows you to give up on something that you want to achieve.

Not having a guarantee means you MUST take action and get on the road to achieving your goals.

...BUT here's what I am offering.

If you actually DO the exercises and give the lessons your time and effort (and you can show me you have), I'll GLADLY refund you your latest monthly payment.

I haven't had a single refund yet. I'm doing this because I truly believe it's the best way to ensure you succeed. I know it's easy to just refund something because you're "too busy", but I offer this type of guarantee because I KNOW you can succeed with this.

what others have said so far...

Here are the first bits of feedback on the course. Read on to find out how it can help you...

“I downloaded your course 2 weeks ago, and I am amazed at my progress, and so is my wife. I’m 50 years old. I’ve been playing off and on most of my life. I’ve tried picking up fingerpicking numerous times and just couldn’t get it.

After about a week of learning techniques in your course I started applying them to a couple fingerpicking songs that I’ve learned to play with a pick and they came fairly easy. Every day I practice one of your lessons for 20 minutes and then play whatever I want.

They are getting cleaner every day and for the first time in my life I feel that with practice I can get this.

Thank you for bringing my passion back.


Rick Caissie

“Would you believe it. I’m 75 years young and been “playing” my guitar(s) for 30 years.


Only in the last four or five months have I been comfortable in not irritating my dear wife with my playing and have been doing well enough for her to insist that I take the guitar in our motorhome on a two-month holiday.

With the first 20-minute practice I picked up on doing things and was able to achieve some of what I have never been able to do before (not for want of trying as I have tried hard over and over again).

Congratulations on what you have done. I love the explanations you have provided."

Cliff Mancer

About Dan Thorpe

Dan Thorpe

Dan Thorpe is from Birmingham in the UK (not Alabama).

He admits to struggling on guitar in his early days, but he's not shy about talking about these struggles.

Since then though, he has played many gigs, jammed with dozens of musicians, and is an RGT-qualified member (Registry of Guitar Tutors).

Fun fact: Dan is an A-grade Psychology student (at college level) and has used this knowledge to develop methods to help guitarists learn faster.

These include the "Five Times Rule", playing in your "Mind's Eye", and "The 4 Golden Rules of Learning Guitar".

All of these are backed by research, and all are taught in the course. Each lesson in each module will help you cherish every moment with this wonderful instrument so you can play with a smile on your face.

Dan Thorpe

Also, see for yourself what these happy students have said lately about what they have learnt from me...

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