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Hi, it’s Dan again...

I want to personally say a big thanks and a huge...


...for making a great decision and getting the 7-day PDF!

In a moment, you will be able to access the course and get started on this new journey...

I’m really pleased you are here.

You’ve proven you mean business with your guitar playing and you have now unlocked a whole new world of guitar playing freedom…

Which only about 5% of guitarists are ever lucky enough to do, so now…

Imagine this - more freedom, enjoyment, and many lightbulb moments are coming to your guitar playing...

Take a moment to think of this...

You are at a party and someone hands you a guitar.

In the past, you would have felt horrified at the thought of playing in front of others.

Now, you take a deep breath, tune up by ear, and then...

Your heart beats fast as you let it rip, playing note after beautiful note, and you run up and down the fretboard with ease and confidence.


You look up to see your friends and loved ones in awe

As you finish fingerpicking and build up to a beautiful crescendo, everyone claps in sheer delight.

You are the star of the show and secretly you laugh to yourself, as you look back at the past

...Feeling proud of how far you have come.

The excitement, energy, and happiness this creates resonates through your whole body like you are a teenager discovering music for the first time. 

This feeling fills you with confidence - not just on the guitar but in life too.

Yes, you may think this all sounds like a dream, but you can have this.

Even if you are new to the guitar, have struggled for years or you are coming back to the guitar after a 30-year break...

...Because you have 7-day PDF, this will all happen for you...just like it has for 1000s of others who were once in your shoes...

Which, by the way, brings me on to an important question...

What if you could make dramatically FASTER improvements to your playing in the next 7 days?

Well, you can. 

Right now, we're getting your account set up as we speak...

...But before I finish, I need to know if you’d like me to include

  • 1) A $297 online masterclass AND...
  • 2) A $47 best-selling paperback book posted out to you for FREE...

These two gifts complement the the 7-day PDF and will rapidly take your playing to the next level. 

The $297 masterclass course is the complete, fully fledged-masterclass to the 7-day PDF.

...This is the course that has helped many of my own students go from struggling beginners to now...

Playing in bands, jamming with friends, enjoying the guitar round the campfire, recording songs in a studio, and more...

Probably most importantly though, it will show you how to play beautiful music on your guitar at the drop of a hat…

The course is called In Focus: How to Go From Struggling Beginner to Confident Intermediate in 7 Simple Steps

Would getting this course for free interest you?

I’m talking about you picking up your guitar... 

And playing stunning music...

...Without frustration...

...Without needing to read music...

...And without any doubt as to what do next.

Now that’s a bold promise, I know...

But when you say “YES! I Want It!”... you'll get the In Focus course FOR FREE...

The details are below but the only catch is since I’m setting up your account right now...

I have to know if you want the In Focus - Beginner to Intermediate course for free before you leave this page

So let me explain why it makes sense to add this course to your order right now...

You see, a few years ago, after building up a successful teaching studio... with a 24-month waiting list for new students...

I decided to turn what I learned from teaching for over 10 years into the 7-day PDF. 

At first, I was nervous about releasing it and kept tweaking it to make it perfect and I will admit I was worried the lessons I taught in person wouldn't work online. 

...But eventually, I bit the bullet and released the simple 7-day PDF.

The feedback was pretty surprising even to me.

Shortly after releasing it, emails kept coming in from students who were loving the methods but wanted more.

People like Cliff were saying:

"I've been 'playing' for 30 years. With the first 20 minutes of practice, I was able to achieve some of what I have never been able to do before. Is the more in-depth course ready yet?" - Cliff M.


"I'm loving this. I want to improve it all, strumming, blues, Travis picking, fretboard, theory, when is the next course out - I need it, like yesterday, lol! - David G.

It was clear the 7-day PDF was helping many students, but they were hungry for more...

They didn't just want to learn fingerpicking...

They wanted lessons on fixing bad habits on strumming, technique, blues, Travis picking, and more...

So I got to work, meticulously finishing the next course. 

If the 7-day PDF was like a delicious lunch, the In Focus course is like a 3-star Michelin meal.

I know, because I spent over 2 years perfecting it, one specific ingredient at a time.

Finally, I've finished it.

Now, let me be clear on something...

On the one hand, sure...

This system will have you playing songs with more musicality in a matter of hours... automatically

And sure...

It will make you a more confident, more musical guitarist, help you play the songs you love, and unlock the fretboard...

But it's much more than that.

It will help you connect the dots within your playing and go beyond even what you probably think you are capable of.

Now I know this may seem a bit ridiculous and maybe even impossible.

But it's not what you think and I'll explain why in just a second...

But first, you may be thinking...

“Okay, Dan, so I’m interested, and have to know more, but I just got the 7-day PDF...

Why will this new course dramatically accelerate my progress so much faster?”

Great question and the reason is partially because...

This new course is like the 7-day PDF on steroids

It’s true that 7-day PDF will open up a whole new world and get you playing wonderful music on the guitar...

But just like any 7-day PDF, it’s only the beginning...

And ... if you want to stick with that for now, that’s 100% fine, of course.

But if you’re serious... 

This new course will get the full picture from the beginning, which most guitarists miss out on.

If you have had lessons before that were hard to follow, and you need...

A complete structure, a simple and clear methodology, and a step-by-step plan...

...Then this will feel like a breath of fresh air...

The wonderful news is that you got the 7-day PDF so you are well on your way with the guitar...

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
You're Almost There

...And this is why acting now is the perfect time to make rapid progress and get the In Focus Essentials Course.

The course is an A to Z on how to help you reach the exciting heights of intermediate guitar faster than if you were on your own.

I teach using the "T.E.S.T. Method."

Inspired by scientific research, classical technique, 1000s of hours of real-world experience, and the best songs of the 20th century...

This system is TOTALLY different to most "methods"... Especially all the random YouTube lessons out there...

You simply won't find this method on any website, book or course anywhere else in the world.

It uses the same techniques that have made guitarists as varied as Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Clapton, Noel Gallagher, Ed Sheeran, Chet Atkins, and many more, so successful.

One thing all these famous guitarists have is great fundamental technique...

That is why in the T.E.S.T. Method, the... T = Technique

Without good technique, guitar playing can be crippling...

This is especially true if you are guilty of using the "death grip"... have slow chord changes, or feel awkward or have sore fingers when you play.

And that's why I promise to...

Transform your technique, chord changes, and finger soreness in as little as 8 minutes. Here's how...

That's a bold claim I know.

...But in the very first video you will see in the course, I reveal something about technique most guitarists never learn.

It's taken from a 150-year-old classical lesson that instantly reduces finger soreness while improving dexterity. 

This is what Olin said...

"This is so important. Please pay attention. I have given myself tendinitis on several occasions because I was using too much pressure." 

...Or this from Colleen...

"I realized right away the amount of tension I hold in my body while I practice. This will help increase my mindfulness and body awareness while I play. Great advice. I feel the difference already."

...And that's just the beginning in video one. 

You may be reading and thinking:

“This sounds great, Dan... but can I actually do the exercises in this program?”

Well, if you can pluck a note on the guitar and tune it up, then you are...

Ready to take on this program.

It doesn't matter if you have struggled in the past OR if you...

Feel like you have no "natural talent" or feel musically hopeless.

You may have tried to keep coming back to the guitar and maybe have done so for months, years, or decades.

If so, you will probably find this course to be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Because when you follow all my easy to follow steps...

I 100% guarantee you will be able to play beautiful music at a moment’s notice every single day…

And if you are curious...

Here's why you're getting the In Focus course 100% free

As I said, normally this program costs $297...

But today it is FREE...


Well, being able to fingerpick wonderful music is awesome and feels amazing but ideally, in a perfect world, wouldn’t you love to be able to:

Instantly know where all the notes on the fretboard are...

Work out songs for yourself, play barre chords without pain, change chords faster…

...Improvise music at the drop of a hat, 

...Impress your friends by playing famous riffs, 

...Learn more exotic chords, have the awesome rhythm skills of a jazz drummer…

...And most of all, play any song you put your mind to?

For most guitarists, being able to do all this is a no-brainer.

Who wouldn't want to learn how to do this?

So, the reason why you're getting In Focus for FREE...

Is because I'm confident you'll love trying my complete, total guitar training program called the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy...

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is a monthly membership program using what I call a "hybrid" method.

It uses the power of technology but also uses the human touch and personal help and coaching.

Now before I tell you what the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is...

Let me tell you what it’s not...

This is NOT a random mishmash of lessons like you have seen countless times on YouTube (and all over the net)

And it also isn't a bunch of lessons that start easy and then lose you quickly or...

...Confuse you more than when you first started...

No, the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is completely different from most guitar courses out there.

...Because unlike most courses out there here...

You get everything laid out in front of you with a clear and concise plan that is easy to follow

The program works on 4 levels:

The lessons - get new lessons on the 1st of every month, improving the 8 key areas most people neglect. 

The fun stuff  - includes two-minute challenges, quizzes, lessons on playing the best guitar riffs of all time (ordered by year), a motivating "Leaderboard" with prizes posted out to the winner each month, and more...

The support - ask questions on any page, get support from others and share the journey together. I will even personally help you reach your goals. When you get stuck, you can ask me any questions any time. Non-members do not get this support. 

The 7, 14 and 30-day plans - we all need a plan and now you can learn exactly what to do in a step-by-step way. New plans are being added all the time, and I show you how to adapt and reuse them over and over again for consistent progress. 

Now I need to level with you...

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy has just been revamped and is being finalized as we speak.

At the moment we are building extra lessons, and precise 7 and 14 and 30-day plans for you to follow.

In short, it is clear and concise tuition that is taught in a step-by-step way and...

Here are some of the new lessons that are being added right now...

  • The "Supercharger Lessons"  the exact same set of lessons I have used in my teaching studio for over 10 years to take beginners to the intermediate level.
  • Songs, Songs, Songs!  Over 30 fingerpicking songs, 30 strumming songs, and 30 classic riffs for you to choose from (all ordered in levels).
  • Going Further, Faster Courses... "Ear Training 101", The Blues – Essentials and Beyond Jump Start Course
  • The Essentials... The QuickStart Guide to Strumming, The Chord Changing “Jump Start Course”, The Fundamentals of Rhythm
  • Fun Stuff - Interactive quizzes, quick "Two-Minute Challenges", and even a Leaderboard to track your progress
  • Specific plans for you to follow - Including a 30-day plan with precise instructions)
  • Plus, anytime coaching and support from me...

…And an exclusive membership area to ask questions and get support from and interact with like-minded members...

Where I walk you through each step of going from beginner to intermediate guitar.

Not only that, I help you connect the dots with this...

Free gift #2 - I'm sending you my 5-star rated paperback book for FREE, just for trying it out

Join today and get a free paperback book.

Yes, that's right, just for trying out the membership you will get Guitarists Get Theory delivered to you for free.

This retails for $47 and has dozens of 5-star reviews.

This book is a perfect complement to the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy as it will ensure you have complete knowledge and understanding of everything you learn...

Not just what you have learnt anywhere else over the years. 

All those fragments of scales, chords, keys, etc. will all make crystal clear sense once you have read this light-hearted and easy-to-read book. 

...And I specifically made this a paperback book.

That's because theory is best learnt in small doses.

So you can simply put the book on your coffee table and read at your leisure.

As one student said:

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“I have been playing the guitar for years, but theory has always eluded me as a self-taught player. This book, in the span of an hour, has taught me more than I’ve learned in the last decade. So simple, but so clear and easy to get”.  

As you can see, everything is thought out with the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy and nothing is random.

...And like I say, you will get this book to keep, even if you quit your membership.

Yes! I’m putting my money where my mouth is and saying that you will truly become the guitarist you want to be.

If not, I pay for this myself.

So, there’s no reason not to at least try it...

You win no matter what...

"So, how does it work and who is it for?" 

This is for you, if you need a plan.

For instance, if you are fed up with random YouTube lessons...

Or if you’ve had a teacher in the past, but he was unorganised each week or asked you what you want to learn.

Or you simply are keen and want to make fast progress on your guitar... 

Then this is for you. 

I specialise in teaching those who are 40+, using the steady pacing and confidence-building lessons as well as songs and techniques that appeal to these players.

When you say "yes"... 

You will instantly receive an email with your login details. 

You will then log in and get full instant access to the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy and the "start here" section, 

Here you will see a short welcome video and orientation section ensuring you get up and running right away.

The membership is clearly laid out and a breeze to use. 

You will also get:

  • Free gift #1 - the In Focus course with lifetime access, no matter what.
  • Free gift #2 - the Guitarists Get Theory paperback book (posted out today, if you fill in your address before 3 PM).

Beware though, at the moment there are 163 members but...

With only 200 spaces which are nearly filled - spaces are limited

When we hit 200 members, no one else will be allowed to join. 


1 - Because I have just "re-launched" the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy.

2 - It takes up a lot of my time. In it, I am busy helping other members and answering emails on topics.

For a very limited time, you can join with a REALLY BIG DISCOUNT... 

Not only do you get what I mentioned previously, but you’ll stay locked in at the same low rate for the lifetime of your membership.

...And of course, you get the In Focus Course for FREE... yours to keep forever, even if you quit the membership.

If you click away, you will not see this again

As I said, the normal price of In Focus is $297 and the Guitarists Get Theory book costs $47.

Yet, if you choose to decline your "revamped" discount to try the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™ (normally $97/mo) for just $37/mo at the grandfathered in rate for the lifetime of your membership…

You’ll permanently forfeit your one-and-only chance to get the In Focus course and the Guitarists Get Theory book for FREE.

Plus, the "revamped" discount won’t last forever. This means the price to get into the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™ will increase in the near future.

That’s why I encourage you to lock in your discount right now and try it out… even if you don’t plan to stay long term…

You still get the gifts to keep for free.

So look...

If you want all this, the price for all this is $37 per month.

...But you can cancel easily and with the click of one button at ANY time.

 No contract. No commitment. You can cancel at any time - and you can even keep the gifts...

If you don’t find the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™ helps you make rapid guitar playing progress faster than anything else you have tried before...

You can cancel with the click of a button. 

This means no awkward emailing me when you want to quit (unlike most programs, I make it easy for you to leave). 

Yes, my hope is that you love the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™ that much that you stay and get wonderful results, but...

I respect your time, and understand life can get in the way. (Plus, I hope to help you learn for years to come and don't want you to leave on a sour note).

This "One-Click Method" of cancelling is more proof the program is set up for you to make your membership and experience a joy.

Plus, you’ll still be able to keep the In Focus course forever and ever, no questions asked.

I won't ask for you to return the book worth $47.

These are yours to keep forever...

So here's what to do right now

Simply click "Yes! I want it now" below and you will get instant access



If you have been stung before or lessons you have paid for have just gathered dust, read this...

"Today I was doing my usual, hanging around the house, trying to stay away from Omicron.. lol…then I decided to go back to some basics from what I learned here about posture, pressure, etc. I started doing a metronome exercise to a Take it Easy play-along…. AND Oh wow, I felt so at ease and relaxed and I was so mindful of where I felt tension and it was so easy to readjust.


Dan, I could write ten paragraphs on everything that is so wonderful about your program and how much you are teaching me. I wish I could articulate better how much I am learning.

I just had to write this and say I am soooo happy I found Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy - it is the ONLY thing positive for me that came from this pandemic. A bit weird to say, but at least I have the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy to help me stay positive. Thank you so much again for what you do!!!!"


"Just finished my day 1. Really shocking to realise how much of these simple things we ignored for so many years. Each day I find new discoveries taking my levels to a new level:)"


Joanne from email...

If you want to join these you can today, but realise this...

Most online courses get a less than 1 in 10 completion rate BUT here's why this gets 91% of members renewing each month

I have tried countless courses and never finished them.

You may have done the same.

Extensive research shows most online courses get less than 10% of people finishing them.

That is shockingly bad but did you know the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™gets over 91% of members coming back month after month, despite me making it easy to quit?


Because it has been designed using my 7280 hours of teaching (a real number), my passion for proven scientific methods of learning, and using extensive student feedback over the years. 

This has all led to a program that works on multiple layers.

Using a "hybrid" method of online coaching, structured lessons, rewards, fun methods of learning, a plan, specific lessons, and maybe most importantly...

I am constantly encouraging and motivating you personally...

In the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™ you will know I am in your corner.

You will get accountability emails, reminders, and gentle nudges from me...

It's like having a personal trainer.

The simplified lessons taught with clarity will make learning guitar fun for you...

And speaking of personal training, you will even get something many guitarists have been crying out for, for years (but something I have never seen anyone else do)... 

The done-for-you 12-minute workout - (Free gift #3)

This is an extra special bonus.

Originally, this was a one-off lesson that blew students away.

This is a gym-style workout where you simply press play and do the exercises with me. 

No thinking needed.

Just follow along with me and reap the benefits of improved dexterity, confidence, precision, coordination between the two hands, and much more. 

12 key skill-building exercises for 1 minute each.

Do this once per day for 12 minutes and your fingers will get a better workout than most people get in hours of practice.

That's because most people struggle to know what to practise, but this workout solves this big issue instantly. 

Simply follow what I do and reap the rewards...

Only available here today. 


No need to worry about learning to read music or "confusing" theory again

Everything is taught via video, which I show you how to slow down.

No tabs, no reading music, and no theory is needed - unless you want to use it. 

This is simple tuition made clear and easy to follow.

If you’ve got 5 minutes a day to check Facebook on your phone, then I guarantee this will transform your guitar playing

Ever feel short on time or like you need more motivation?

Just like how studies show that looking at Facebook gives you a dopamine rush...

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™ is designed to be addictive, exciting, and give you a thrill when you use it. 

Yet instead of wasting time browsing Facebook...

...Wouldn't it be so much better if you had an exciting and revitalising guitar practice routine?

Where you feel fresh and relaxed and happy and excited afterwards...

Knowing you are closer to achieving your lifelong dream of truly playing the instrument?

This busy dad with 4 kids, a full-time job, and lots of hobbies can do it - if he can, so can you

Meet Kyle...

He is busier than Santa at Christmas, but he finds time to play. Some days he doesn't, but he doesn't feel guilty. He just knows that the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™ is there for him tomorrow and that I am always at the end of an email to help him. Best of all, since joining, he can play almost 10 songs start to finish, he understands how music works, and jams with his kids...

He is super busy, but if he can do it, so can you. 

Now, I know we all have a budget, but here it will cost you...

Less than $1.24 a day to get access to thousands of dollars' worth of professional "hand-holding" guitar instruction

Just out of curiosity, I searched what you can get for $1.24...

And I found this car air freshener for the same price.

Well, what is more exciting…

A cheap car air freshener OR taking your guitar playing to a new level?

I am guessing it’s a no-brainer, right?

Especially as...

I'm not asking you to decide today whether you want to be a permanent member of the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy

Simply try it without any obligation whatsoever...

And let the value of the program speak for itself.

Remember, this offer is only available here, on this page

The price to get into the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy will increase in the near future.

That’s why I encourage you to lock in your discount right now and try it out...

Even if you don’t plan to stay long term...

Remember, you still get my gift – yours to keep no matter what.

Saying that, please only join if you are willing to actually commit and use the lessons and change your playing.

I am serious, I only want students who will commit.

I believe much, much more in hard work and dedication than talent.

Success comes from hard work and having the right tools.

They are here for you…


Get $22,450, seventeen years and 1000s of hours of teaching lessons all in one neat package

I struggled for years trying to learn on my own.

It was hard.

I had lessons, spent 1000s on magazines, books and a whole lot more on courses and tutors.

What you are getting here is a culmination of everything I have ever learnt - without 99% of the junk.

I kept only the things that worked in the trenches with real students who I saw week in week out for years.

I still teach a few even know to keep my teaching skills sharp. 

The end product, which is the basis of everything that I teach, is the T.E.S.T. method I mentioned earlier

We talked about Technique earlier, but here is the complete T.E.S.T. method.  

  • T = Technique
  • E = Enjoyment
  • S = Specific Plans
  • T = Time Management

My whole teaching mantra is based around balancing these four things.

Plus, how to actually test yourself with your playing so you can see results. 

I do this by giving you two-minute quick challenges, quizzes, fun mini-tests, and more - it's all inside the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™ to make learning productive and fun for you.

If you want an example of the T.E.S.T. Method in action, here is something very powerful to do with time management...

A quick scientifically proven example of why my methods work and why they will save you time

I tell students to watch any video of mine at normal speed or 3/4 the first time. 

Then, to re-watch it the next day at twice the speed.


The University of California* showed that most people speak at 150 words per minute, but people can understand as many as 275 words per minute. 

Re-watching is powerful, but if you do it at twice the speed, you will save time and learn just as much.

This is just one very quick example of how you can save time with this program and make great progress.

Not only that though...

"The best investment on guitar I ever made"

This is just one of the many quotes and bits of feedback I get each week from students.

In terms of cost, remember, this works out to just $1.24 per day.

Which is nothing for most people, at least not compared to achieving a lifelong dream.

What you will get when you click the button below…

$97, $37, today, only $37

If you are like most guitarists, you may have waited for years already, so don't waste any more time

Many of you reading this have waited for your kids to grow up before trying guitar or coming back to it.

That is a lifetime of guitar playing you probably want to catch up with.

Time is precious, and of course, time with your kids growing up is wonderful. 


You missed out!

You now have time for yourself, but time is always running out.

That is why you owe it to yourself to take action today, shortcut your learning, and ask this question...

Join me and the exclusive band of guitar playing "Rockstars of the Roundtable"

All members of the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy™ are like what I call the "Rockstars of the Roundtable". 

Imagine us all sitting around the table like the knights of King Arthur, armed with our guitars...

Discussing music, sharing experiences, and helping each other succeed. 

If you want this too, you can join us today... 

The clock is ticking, but imagine in 7 days’ time being the guitarist you always dreamt of being

Best of all, this is all done in a step-by-step, confidence-building way…

And you will always know what to do next. 

No confusion and no getting lost along the way, just fun tuition and clear lessons that grow with you.

Each video goes slow, making it easy to understand and allowing you to go at your own pace...

Do you want to reach your guitar goals or would you rather wait another 10 years or never reach them?

So, if you’re ready to truly unlock your guitar playing potential and be the guitarist you dream of being...

Then click the button below to upgrade your order right now...

If you want to get the In Focus course for FREE...

And if you want to lock in your discount for the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy and get my book delivered to you as a free gift...

Simply click "YES! I Want It!" and your order will be upgraded immediately:

Order today and you will instantly…

Get my #1 system for learning guitar in the most complete and effective way possible.

Remember, this membership is the closest thing to personal tuition I offer these days…

This exclusive, game-changing course is yours for FREE forever - remember, others are paying $297 for this

If you wait around, the timer will run out and then this chance will be gone.

I enjoy reading about military history as a hobby, whether it be the Screaming Eagles of "Easy company" or the "Dam buster".

One quote I admire and truly believe in, in life, is from the S.A.S. and it is this...

"He who dares wins."

Nothing ever was achieved by not taking action, so if you're serious, click the button below...

Plus, 100% Money-Back Guarantee for 90-Days

If, for any reason, you don't like this program, simply email me and you will get a full refund anytime within 90 days after your purchase.

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk-Free!

If you have any issues, just get in touch and my assistant or I will help you out or give you a swift refund.


  • The In Focus course (normally $297) lifetime access and FREE
  • Access to all future lessons and courses inside the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy, for FREE
  • Be grandfathered in at the same price forever, FREE
  • Join an exclusive members-only area of like-minded others for FREE
  • Unlimited priority support from Dan and the team, FREE
  • The 30-day fingerpicking fun money-back guarantee, FREE
  • Gift #2 - Guitarists Get Theory (normally $47) posted out to you today, FREE
  • Plus, bonus - make rapid daily progress with the "12-minute workout!" FREE

Normally $97, Today Only 


NOTE - The price is in U.S. dollars simply because 90% of readers are from the U.S. You will be charged the conversion rate in your local currency if you are not in the U.S.

P.S. Just know this, my small team and I will be in your corner fighting for you every step of the way.

And of course, you are also getting the In Focus course for free forever, just for trying this out.

Plus, you get my best-selling Guitarists Get Theory book posted out to you today, just for trying out the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy.

If you find it is not for you, simply let me know.

If you are ready to take your playing to the next level,

and have your playing soar like an eagle through the sky with freedom and joy, let us begin.

Now is your time.

I hope to see you in the members' area.

Dan Thorpe

Only $37 today, then if you love it after 30 days, simply do nothing and it's only $37 per month to remain a member at the discounted rate

About Dan Thorpe

Dan Thorpe

Dan Thorpe is from Birmingham in the UK (not Alabama).

He admits to struggling on guitar in his early days, but he's not shy about talking about these struggles.

Since then though, he has played many gigs, jammed with dozens of musicians, and is an RGT qualified member (Registry of Guitar Tutors).

Fun fact: Dan is an A-grade Psychology student (at college level) and has used this knowledge to develop methods to help guitarists learn faster.

These include the "Five times Rule", playing in your "Mind's eye", and "The 4 golden rules of learning guitar".

All of these are backed by research, and all are taught in the course.

Each will help you cherish every moment with this wonderful instrument so you can play with a smile on your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dan, this sounds pretty cool, and I am keen on making faster progress, but what exactly am I going to get when I upgrade my order?

You will get the 7-day PDF in your account with lifetime access and a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

Plus, you will get membership to the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy, which will give you 3 FREE gifts.

  • The In Focus online course with lifetime access (worth $297)
  • The Guitarists Get Theory paperback delivered for free (worth $47)
  • The 12-minute workout downloadable video (worth $27)

What do I get and how much does it cost when I upgrade my order today?

You will pay $37 today and instant access to the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy

..Plus the $297 In Focus course, the FREE paperback worth $47, and the very valuable 12 minute-workout. 

If you like it, you can stick around and you will get charged $37 per month (but you will get advanced warning of upcoming charges via email).

I just got the 7-day PDF - do I need to complete that first before the In Focus Course?

No, the 7-day PDF course is very powerful but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

The In Focus course goes deeper on all the essentials, which is what 95% of guitarists struggle with. 

How does the guarantee work?

If you don't like the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy for any reason, you can get a refund within 30 days.

This means if in a few weeks you decide it's not for you, I will refund you and you get to keep the book and the other resources. 


I simply hope you will stick around, use the lessons, and make wonderful progress.

How easy is it to cancel?

You can do so with a click of a button. Just head to the members' area inside the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy to do so.

You do not even need to email or feel awkward about this. I have made it easy (I have been stung before so I know how this feels).

When will I see results from this program?

Right away.

As I say, in as little as 8 minutes of using the very first lesson, which I will point you to. You will notice the big results over the coming days and weeks, where all your songs will start to sound more musical.

Plus, everything you have learnt previously will start to come together and be more enjoyable to play in a more structured and cohesive way - no more fragments of learning.

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