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Please watch this short video to see why theory is crucial for your playing. Also, find out how to get my paperback book on the subject delivered to your door for free.

Before the doors close, you can get a FREE paperback copy of my book Guitarists Get Theory. Get it delivered to your door (worth $87).

Theory is key.

Guitarists Get Theory has been specifically created for guitarists and it will teach you everything you need to know about…

Practical music theory.

That is, how music works, scale systems, the “Roman numeral” method, chord progressions...

How to learn the notes on the fretboard, and much more…

And most importantly, how to apply it all to your playing so you can save time and have more fun.

This book contains my 10+ years of experience teaching this stuff full-time to private students.

I used to sell this book for $87 on Amazon (which is less than the cost of one guitar lesson with me, but more valuable – I’ll explain why).

The book works perfectly with the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy.

This is because theory is the glue that ties everything together.

If you join the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy membership,...

Not only will you get the book as a free welcome gift, but inside the membership, you will get…

Personal help from me...

A structured plan, clear lessons, and

My very best tutorials…

All at a fraction of the cost of one-to-one tutoring.

Do keep reading though, to find out why it is NOT for everyone…

"I've spent hours studying music theory in the past, and the information in this book is by far the best." - Mollie D

"Dan is no-nonsense and gives you the critical music theory a guitarist needs. Very informative book." - Gordon Lynch

"I’m certainly enjoying the book. I did take music at school XX years ago, so any theory I did pick up was buried deep in my memory, so it’s great to get it back and more." - Adrian Stevens

"One of the most valuable tools I have in my bag. I love the book and I reference it at least once a day." - Tyler Lalande

Be warned. This membership is NOT for those who want a quick hack or “magic bullet”.

If you are passionate about learning guitar, then this new method could be for you…But it comes with one caveat…

You have to use it.

I would rather people not join if they never log in or never use the lessons.

Especially if they then complain “guitar playing is too hard”. EVERYONE who uses this membership gets results, as you will see, but using it is key.

Therefore, please only join if you can commit to it for 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

Do be aware, there are currently already 86 members.

Once we reach 100 members, the price will go up, (simply because this membership is a big commitment of my time).

Okay, now I want to show you why the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is different from the way you have probably learnt before… Why?

…Because most guitar tuition is pretty awful. Here’s why…

YouTube sucks for beginners learning guitar.

Yep, controversial I know.

Experienced guitarists can do okay with YouTube, but beginners often get lost in a sea of random lessons. YouTube teachers often teach song after song but NEVER how to play them with smooth, effortless technique.

Most real-life guitar lessons are not much better. Usually the tutor just “wings it” and they think that is okay!

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is the opposite.

I pride myself on it being organised, carefully planned, with a clear path for you to follow. That is how I have taught over 120 successful real-life students over the years.

You deserve the same careful planning, structure, and organisation.

That is why I will guarantee to help you…

Make more progress with your fingerstyle, strumming, and acoustic playing

In less than 30 days

Than you may have all year and

In only 20 minutes a day

Yes, this is possible.

That is because the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy contains:

My best lessons + a specific plan + personal coaching = Exactly what you need to succeed on guitar.

How fast you succeed is up to you but the more you use it, the better your results will be. (My regular emails will help to keep you engaged, motivated, and accountable).

In a moment you will learn exactly how this works but first… Who is the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy for?

Most members are age 40+ as that’s just who my teaching appeals to. You are never too old and one member is even 92 years old – age is never an excuse.

Are you any of the following?

  • Frustrated or confused by the randomness of most lessons?
  • A stuck beginner or an early intermediate guitarist?
  • Learning guitar purely as a fun hobby for yourself?
  • And do you love fingerpicking, strumming, and other acoustic styles?

If you answered yes to the above, this is probably for you.

As you can see below, those who joined have gone on to achieve great results. Here are some words from one new member…

“Hi Dan, just want to say thanks for this lesson! It is so easy to follow.

I love that it is something that a true beginner like myself can pick up and play. It is really fun to have a basic idea to work with to improvise.

This is the first instance where I have felt the possibility to do so.

The way you teach things makes so much sense.” – 
Dr. Kim Knock

Kim was talking about a specific lesson in my "In Focus" Essentials course. This is my main course and one you can find out more about below... If you want the details, keep reading to find out…

What exactly do you get when you join the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy?

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is an all-in-one style membership where you won’t need other resources.

It is organized so you can just log in and find the things that you need. These things include…

  • Personal coaching from me. You can send me videos of your playing so I can help you fix issues quickly – like I do for my one-to-one students.
  • A Getting Started/Orientation guide to help you begin with confidence and hit the ground running.
  • The 30-day plan – so you know exactly what to do for the next month and beyond.
  • Priority email access to me. I get about 40-50 emails per day. I simply cannot email everyone back. DTAA members are guaranteed to get my help with fast responses.
  • Learn 75 stunning songs including fingerpicking, strumming, and classic riffs.
  • Fun “Quizzes” and Two-Minute Challenges testing you on many key skills. This includes ear training, fretboard, rhythm, fingerpicking, chords, etc.
  • Win prizes delivered to your door with the Leaderboard! (Note: it is NOT about skill level, so do not worry if you are not a confident player yet) – I’ve already sent out 7 great monthly prizes.
  • New lessons on the 1st of every month including a once per month members-only exclusive bonus.

Plus… Get the “In Focus” Essentials Course. This is my most important course and contains

Everything you ever need to

Improve the fundamentals of your guitar playing

Here is some of what you will find inside the "In Focus" Essentials course…

  • The "Three Ps of Guitar Playing" to fix your basic technique
  • The QuickStart Guide to Strumming
  • The Chord Changing “Jump Start” Series
  • How to Improve Your Fretting Hand
  • How to Improve Your Picking Hand
  • The Fundamentals Of Rhythm
  • Essential Ear Training
  • The 10-Step Essentials Of Fingerpicking
  • Specialist Fingerpicking Techniques (such as Travis Picking)
  • Blues – Essentials and Beyond "Jump Start" Course

This course is the exact plan I have used with over 120 private students, and now members of the DTAA are getting results from it quickly.

Just like Bryan, who emailed me last week to say how the DTAA helped him…

“I’ve been playing for a while and tried a few different courses, but you starting with the basics in the DTAA and demonstrating it was very simplistic but powerful!

I am able to practice longer and build a good foundation, which is what I needed all along. I really appreciate it!” – Bryan Reed

Bryan went on to explain how he was previously frustrated learning alone.

This, as you will see, is rarely a good thing…

Don’t learn in isolation or this is what may happen…

Here is a story you may relate to.

John, a successful Army engineer, had played guitar on and off for forty years.

Most things in life were pretty easy for John, but not the guitar.

He loved music, but he hated his battle with the instrument.

John’s chords would buzz, his hands would ache, and his songs sounded “like a bag of rusty hammers banging around the washing machine” (his words)…

After seeing a 15-year-old impress a street crowd, John decided to hang his guitar up for good.

Little did John know his daughter had secretly purchased him guitar lessons for his retirement gift. John reluctantly turned up. He was embarrassed to tell me he had struggled for so long.

I reassured him that I had seen many similar situations to his…

“Forget the past. Now is a fresh start,” I told him.

And guess what?

In that same lesson, John saw what he had missed out on for decades. I showed him how to relax and play with less tension…

He learnt the key elements to sounding much more musical.

I even gave him a simple tip that shocked him (called “Minimum Pressure Required”).

Together, we fixed his broken technique and remedied old habits.

After a few months, John was playing his favourite Bob Dylan and James Taylor songs, and they now sounded smooth, musical, and beautiful.

John’s daughter was delighted and super proud of her dad.

It took patience and daily practice for John, but he got there.

Now he is really making up for lost time.

You can have this too.

If you want to learn the same methods John and over 120 of my private students have learnt, you can join below

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The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy

Today $37/month

Normally $57/ month

NOTE – I am British, but the price is in US dollars because 90% of members are from the U.S. If you are not from the U.S. you will be charged in your own currency.

If you want a 20% discount on the above price, you can get one by paying yearly rather than monthly. Click here to order the yearly membership.

Remember, those inside the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy are under my wing, and I take helping you seriously.

Join today, and you will "lock-in” at this price forever – even when the price goes up for future members.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am 65 and have struggled on and off with guitar for a while. Will this work for me at my age?

Age does NOT matter. 65 is not old – we have a 92-year-old beginner as a member, and he is doing great. If he can do it, you can too.

I’d like to join, but I’m concerned about my privacy and have been stung before

100% of the content and communication in the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is behind a private, password-protected paywall. All payments, emails/data are completely safe, and all data is completely encrypted using the latest SSL technology. You can cancel anytime.

I’m worried that I won’t have the time to utilise it

That is one of the reasons why the lessons are fun, clear, and concise. It is also why I have built-in time-saving principles such as the “Leaderboard”, “Two-Minute Challenges”, and more. You will also get regular emails to keep you encouraged and accountable… All to help motivate you and keep you on track.

More member feedback…

“My name is Zoe, I’m 43, from Tasmania, Australia. I love Paul Simon, Nick Drake, James Taylor, and any fingerstyle.

I learned a bit of guitar when I was 15 and have been trying to find a teacher all my adult life – I never imagined this would be someone on the opposite side of the globe!

Dan’s teaching style is really perfect for what I need.

I find I need to be “spoon-fed” with a lot of direction and encouragement, and you have broken everything down into bite-sized chunks and made me believe I can do it.

I started the 30-day plan which has already given me results – chord changes are improving and I’ve nearly learnt a new song!

Thanks Dan – you’re a great teacher” – Zoe Magnus

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