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Would you like to fingerpick beautiful music on your guitar today?

This course will help you learn 10 stunning fingerpicking patterns taking you from absolute beginner to intermediate fingerpicker

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"I needed this 60 years ago. Following Dan's teaching has become a daily pleasure. Anyone young or 80 like me can use this with confidence." 

Ian Laing

  • Learn 10 of the most FUN, exciting, and useful fingerpicking patterns that will allow you to play 1000s of songs and have more fun on the guitar
  • How To Play With Precise Technique, Meaning Faster Chord Changes And Better Sounding Songs, instantly
  • Join 1000s Of others Who have gone from Frustrated To Having endless fingerpicking fun with less than 20 minutes of practice per day
  • discover the key secrets that Legends Such As Paul Simon, James Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel, and More use (which most Guitarists sadly Never Learn)
  • Immediately Improve Your confidence, self-Belief, And All-round Playing With Simple Yet Clear Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Watch the videos and download the full tab/notation so you can learn easily, quickly and in a way that suits you best, helping you avoid months and maybe even years of frustration
  • Instantly Fix Your Bad Habits And Play Beautiful Music Starting Today

Fingerstyle 101 is specifically...

For those who are 40+ and either new to fingerpicking or have struggled with it in the past

Did you know learning an instrument is good for your brain?

A recent BBC study* on identical twins even showed that doing something creative each day can reduce your brain age by 6 years in just one month!

...And guess what, the guitar is perfect for this sort of creativity.

In the course, you'll learn how to be a creative fingerpicker so you can get these big potential benefits.

Best of all, you will find out how to get these benefits in less than 20 minutes of practice per day.

Everything in the course is organised into 3 simple parts...

...Making your journey more fun!

Here's how it works.

  • Part I - Learn the fundamentals of fingerpicking. Find out how to play with great technique, rapidly get comfortable with the absolute basics, fix the most common fingerpicking mistakes, and get the essential tools for a rock-solid fingerpicking foundation.
  • Part II - Discover the 10 most exciting, fun, and beautiful fingerpicking patterns. Each pattern uses fun examples and we start off in a super simple way and get progressively harder. This means you will be able to play beautiful music at your current skill level and develop as you go through the course. 
  • Part III - How to develop as a fingerpicking guitarist consistently. These lessons will help you develop beyond the course and include how to learn faster, improve your memory, and enjoy your practice sessions more, meaning you will have the tools to develop your playing and have more and more fun, forever...

Fingerstyle 101 is easy to use, even for technophobes

Once you say "yes" to this offer...

You'll get instant access to the course along with any other purchases you have made. 

It's easy to use and past experience has shown me anyone can make great fingerpicking progress. 

You simply need to follow the clear and simple instructions and you will see progress.

Plus, now you can even track your progress.

This means you will never lose where you are in the course, even if you don't use it for days or weeks.

And to make it more interesting, I've made sure you will also be highly motivated to use it...


That's because the course has some little "Easter eggs" inside where you can win prizes just for using it. 

So if you want to get this course at this exclusive price today, then click "yes" below...

...because you are about to have endless fingerpicking fun.

See you in the course!

YES DAN! Give Me Instant Access to the Fingerstyle 101 Video Course

Today Just $47

*The BBC study on brain health was created as part of The Twinstitute series - Episode 4 of Series 1, first aired in 2019

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