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Would you like to fingerpick beautiful songs on your guitar today?

This brand-new course will help you play 10 of the most amazing songs ever

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"I needed this 60 years ago. Following Dan's teaching has become a daily pleasure. Anyone young or 80 like me can use this with confidence." 

Ian Laing

Okay, so you said "No, thanks" to the Fast Track bundle...

...But on this page, I'd like to offer you the chance to get the most popular course from that bundle...

And give it to you for just $27. 

That's right, this one course alone normally costs $217, but you can have it today with lifetime access for just $27. 

Here's what this course is about in a nutshell:

  • How to play 10 of the most famous, exciting, and impressive songs on the guitar using my unique 3-step method, making them perfect for beginners and intermediates alike
  • Discover how to play songs in a simple-to-follow and structured way with full video and complete TAB and notation. 
  • Immediately improve your confidence, self-belief, And musical ability as you play these famous songs you and others instantly recognise
  • Get the "tricks of the trade" that legends such as Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, James Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel, Mark Knopfler, and many more use to play their songs with jaw-dropping elegance.
  • "Unlock" your playing with my most instantly applicable lessons, so all your songs sound like real music, embellish them with confidence, and discover a bunch of fun pro tips.
  • Why YouTube and songbooks are mostly terrible places to learn songs, especially for beginners and exactly what you should do instead.
  • Join 8,326 others who have gone from being frustrated to having endless fun fingerpicking beautiful songs without painful practice.

This course is easy to use - even for technophobes

Once you say "yes" to this offer...

You'll get instant access to the course along with any other purchases you have made. 

Simply follow the clear and simple instructions and you will see fast progress and feel a newfound confidence oozing through your veins.

Look on as your loved ones watch you proudly when you play songs they recognise.

...And stun total strangers at open mics, church, or when jamming.

Playing famous, stunning songs is what makes this all possible - unlike ANYTHING else. 

Discover how to play these 10 handpicked songs all taught using my clear and concise 3-step method. 

If you want to get this course at this exclusive price today, then click "yes" below...

You will get lifetime access to the course and you can rest assured if it's not for you, you will get your money back instantly with my 90-day guarantee.

YES DAN! Give Me Instant Access to

'The Stunning Songs'

Video Course

Normally: $217

Today Just $27

Please note - This offer is not available anywhere else

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