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Welcome, guitar players of the world

I'm Dan Thorpe, and I specialize in teaching adult guitarists over the age of 40 who want to play stunning acoustic guitar.... Without the typical feelings of confusion and overwhelm. 

If you want to improve your guitar playing, have more fun, and cherish each moment of your playing, you're in the right place. A great place to get more from me is on my social media channels where you will see daily videos from me helping you improve your playing...

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"You are the only teacher I have seen or heard teach these awesome details! I’ve spent hundreds on lessons and have never had these taught! Very awesome and so useful!" 

James Nevins

"Thanks for the excellent and achievable plan! Helping me a lot! The way you explain it makes it so easy to play something that sounds really cool in a flash!"

Dr. Kim Knock

"Absolutely loving this, I never imagined I would even attempt it but I am getting on well with it. Someone heard me practicing and said how good it sounded!"

Joanne Crook

"You seem to have looked at what other guitar tutors put across, then you cover it all, but you fill in the gaping holes of information that most others just gloss over."

Ted Grimes


Need help with your guitar playing? Take a look at these two courses below.

If you are struggling with guitar and want to make fast improvements, enjoy your playing, and know exactly what to practise to play the songs you love, take a look at these two courses below.

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Helping guitarists age 40+ learn in a clear, easy-to-follow, and simple way
Customers served! + 100 5-star reviews
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"Your course changed everything for me! I want to learn for my enjoyment and be confident enough to play for my kids and grandkids... For me, you are the perfect instructor and this month has been my best month of learning – I have learned 4 songs – my first actual songs, so I am really stoked!!!"
- Logan Hager