How to Transform Your Guitar Playing with a 7-minute practice routine and... "The P.A.D.Method"

Welcome I'm Dan Thorpe and this is the "The P.A.D. Method". 

Watch Part 1 to fix the fundamentals in your playing. Go to Part 2 for a powerful 7-minute workout you can do along with me and Part 3 is your super specific practice plan.

Please turn off all notifications and distractions and enjoy. These videos are incredibly powerful but only if you use them...

PART #1A. The PAD Fundamentals - P is for PRESSURE

In this video, you'll discover the mostly unknown secret to playing with more freedom, less pain, and NO more sore fingers. Shockingly simple yet I have NEVER seen this taught anywhere else.  

PART #1B. "The P.A.D. Method" - A is for AWARENESS

Do you ever accidentally pluck the wrong strings? If so, you will know how hair-raisingly frustrating it can be. Discover this one trick to fix this problem right now without having to spend hours on exercises or drills. It takes a minute to learn but will save you years of frustration.

PART #1C. "The P.A.D. Method" - D is for Dexterity

In this video, you'll discover the best dexterity exercise I have ever seen. Not only will your fingers be more nimble, more fluid, but your songs will improve for it. This very popular with all students and has given them wonderful results and it will for you too.

BONUS - This 7-minute workout is incredibly powerful. It is normally a workout I do for my membership programme, and although work $37, you get it for FREE. Please use it. 

PART #2. Follow-Along Daily Routine

Ever wish there was a simple, short routine you could follow that would give results? Well, here it is, simply, press play, and join me in in this 7-minute workout. Here you will apply what you have learnt so far. Do this simple daily workout and you will make wonderful progress!

PART #3. Your super specific daily practice plan

Most practice plans are rubbish. They are too complicated or too random. Here is one that solves this issue. It is incredibly simple yet it will be perfect for YOU. Never be lost as to what to practice ever again, with this simple A/B practice routine.

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