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You’re only going to see this page once (ever), so please read it very carefully. It’s really important…

Thanks for getting the Breakthrough Beginner Course

It's time to begin your exciting journey!

In a few moments, the login details to access the course will be sent to you.

Please wait a few moments and then check the email address you entered when you purchased the course. 

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I'm really excited for you to begin.

By taking this step, you’ve proven you mean business with your guitar playing…

...And you’ve just opened the doors to a new and exciting world of music which...

...Only about 5% of people who try to learn guitar are lucky enough to ever experience. Now...

Picture this guitar playing transformation that can happen for you...

Imagine you're relaxing at a BBQ or a family gathering.

The sun is shining, the drinks are flowing, and laughter fills the air.

Someone hands you a guitar and asks you to play a tune.

You hesitate at first...

...But as you quietly tune up and begin to pick a few pretty notes, people STOP and listen.

And as the music flows from your fingers with unshakeable confidence, you begin to play louder and louder until...

The music you play radiates from you with more energy, musicality, and joy than ever before

You finish with a dramatic crescendo. 

Everyone in earshot is shocked and they give you a rapturous applause looking at you in complete admiration.

You take a moment to think back to the "old" days of feeling lost and confused on the guitar...

And you stand tall laughing to yourself in disbelief at just how far you've come.

This might sound like a fantasy right now, but I can assure you...

Since you purchased the Breakthrough Beginner course, you are well on your way to achieving this and more...

…Which brings me to an important question...

What if you could turbocharge your results FASTER and more efficiently than ever?

I ask because I’m getting your account set up right now…

…But before I can finish, I need to know if you’d like me to include three bonuses and an exclusive new membership all worth $ 277 for just $1...

It’s the complete, next-level deep dive to the Breakthrough Beginner course...

It’s called the Song of the Month Club...

…And it's where I guarantee that you will be able to play famous, beautiful, and instantly recognisable songs in just minutes, all without frustration and sore fingers...

So please watch this video below right now, because it will show you how to enjoy every second of your playing, for life...

It's time to improve your motivation, musicality, and repertoire of songs... starting today

The Song of the Month Club is my brand-new monthly membership.

Inside, you will learn a new famous song every single month and each song is specifically chosen so that even beginners can play it and impress any audience - without spending more than 20 minutes per day practising.

I must say this though:

The Song of the Month Club is NOT for everyone.

That's because to play any song, you'll still need to practise with focus, be patient, and be methodical...

...But if you're willing to practise and put in the effort, and if you want to learn stunning songs in a clear and concise way, this will help you leapfrog most guitarists out there who are struggling to learn songs the "conventional" way.

And you can do this even if you've struggled on the guitar for years. 

  • Discover how to play songs with a step-by-step practice framework that is perfect even for absolute beginners 
  • Find out why 9/10 songs taught on YouTube (and in most courses) are boring and way too hard for most beginners to play
  • Learn the unique "NCF Method" that strips back any song to its most exciting core, makes it easy to play, and instantly recognisable
  • Find out how to quickly avoid the curse of slow chord changes, awkward stretches, and "stilted strumming" that plagues most beginners playing songs 
  • Discover the 5 simple steps to playing your songs so they ooze musicality and elegance in just minutes without painstaking finger stretches

Everything in the Song of the Month Club is taught in HD video and every part of each song is broken down in a simple way. 

You will also get full TAB/notation and backing tracks, making learning the songs potentially as easy as pie. 

it's not just about songs, but technique too

You won't just get a lesson teaching you to play a song...

...You will also get a specific Technique 101 video lesson that helps you play each month's song better, and more effectively too. And this lesson will help you to play all your songs better. 

Here you will discover vital lessons on dexterity, coordination, timing, and other essential factors that will make your songs sparkle. 

what makes the Song of the Month Club so special?

It's all about the "5G Accelerators"...

In my vast teaching experience, there are five big problem areas most guitarists struggle with.

These are having poor technique, low motivation, bad musicality, no repertoire, and no plan.

I call these the  5Gs of guitar playing.

In the Song of the Month Club, I address all five of these key elements so you can play the songs to a high performance level - even if you only want to play for yourself. 

Not only will you learn a stunning repertoire, but you'll learn how to play each song with effortless technique. Fixing your bad habits, you'll play them with increased musicality using a variety of simple 'tricks' I teach...

...And I share a precise plan with you, all of which will only increase your motivation (but I'll give you specific tips on increasing motivation too).  

I call this method of teaching the "5G Accelerator" method and...

This is what other students are saying...

I have been trying to learn guitar for the past 6 years! You are the only teacher that I have ever had that takes it slow and builds up your speed! Excellent! I don’t have to have craters in my fingertips!

James Nevins

I'm enjoying this so much, 'unlocking the fretboard' is what I’ve been looking for. Dan is diligent at giving us reasons to practice. Finally, someone is taking away the mystery! Thanks.

Deborah Davis

I’m Ron, a dentist for 60 years and now 86 years old. That is too cool for words. Great for my preparation for a special weekend at the lake house with the family! The kids will love it and so will I!

Ronald Occhionero

Plus, if you try it out, you will Get these Breakthrough Bonuses brining the total Worth to $277... All For $1

And you get to keep them Forever Just For Trying Out The "Song of the Month Club"

Free Bonus #1 - Get My Book For FREE

Fearless Fingerstyle

Improve your motivation and musicality in 8 easy steps!

Regular Price $47

Get this step-by-step guide to stunning fingerpicking guitar technique posted to your door for free. It now comes with downloadable audio tracks.

  • Discover 8 specific fingerpicking techniques on how to spice up any song immediately, grow for the long term, and ensure you never  run out of ideas to jam.
  • Find out how to use "partial chords", slides, double stops, bass runs, hammer-ons, and more like the pros do to give your playing more musicality, instantly.
  • Learn my tried and tested methods for improving fretting hand dexterity, picking hand accuracy, and coordination of both hands.

"This is a brilliant guide to fingerstyle playing. Dan explains everything very clearly and with examples that are a pleasure to play. I've made significant progress over the last month with this book. He's an excellent teacher." - Catherine Pope

Free Bonus #2 - Lifetime Access To...

The Chord Changing Jump Start Course

Rapidly Speed Up Your Chord Changes Once and for All

Regular Price $87

Are slow chord changes killing your progress? This step-by-step course will ensure slow chord changes NEVER trip you up again. Learn the  simple chord-changing techniques as used by the likes of Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, and Cat Stevens and discover:

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Chord Changes most people have no idea they are committing and how to fix them... instantly.
  • Discover how the "Pivot" method, "Air Changes", and "Chord Anchors" will rapidly speed up your chord changes. 
  • Why the "Three Ps" are the secrets to unlocking faster chord changes... without soreness, pain, or frustration.

"I struggled with chord changes for years. This course is fun to practice and you will get results. You will learn more in this course for less than you would spend for a professional lesson or two.  Wait until you see the section on capos... just brilliant. Very well taught, easy to understand and highly recommended!"  - Larry Arsenault

FREE BONUS #3 - Play Songs Today with...

The Legendary Guitar riffs bundle

How to play 10 famous tunes in minutes 

Regular Price $77

Riffs are hands down one of the easiest and most fun ways to play a song on the guitar. Since you can learn them in minutes, you can have some instant fun with them today or use them anytime in the future for your long-term development. These are especially powerful if you've struggled for years trying to learn songs.

  • Discover how to play ten of the most famous riffs from the likes of The Doors, Queen, The Byrds, Howlin' Wolf, and many more. 
  • Learn the secret to "unlocking: the fretboard and playing riffs with increased timing and confidence...
  • Find out why I teach these riffs to students on their very first lesson and how these will impress even the toughest audience.

"This is so much fun. Your course changed everything for me! I want to learn for my enjoyment and be confident enough to play for my kids and grandkids... For me, you're the perfect instructor and this month has been my best month of learning – I have learned 4 songs – my first actual songs, so I am really stoked!"

– Logan Hager

In case you're wondering...

This Works Perfectly With the Breakthrough Beginner Course to Accelerate Your Progress

There is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed when learning guitar.

That's why I'll take you by the hand and give you two precise practice plans, which will show you exactly how to use the Breakthrough Beginner course and the Song of the Month Club in a seamless way...

  • The short super effective 10-minute routine to make quick progress when you're short on time
  • The longer 22-minute Routine To accelerate your progress if you have a little longer to practise. 

If you have 20 minutes per day to spare, then the Song of the Month Club will give you the exact tools you need to succeed on the guitar. 

All it takes is focus, determination, AND the right plan. 

This is that plan.

Now, I know you may be thinking...

"Dan, I've just bought the Breakthrough Beginner course. Do I really need this to make progress?"

Here's the deal.

You can and will make fantastic progress with just the Breakthrough Beginner course you've already purchased.

...But the reason why I'm telling you about the Song of the Month Club is simply that if you decide to try it...

...You can make even faster progress.

That's simply because learning songs, having monthly goals, and being part of a community will only accelerate your progress and give you more fun immediately... 

...But if you just want to stick with the Breakthrough Beginner course, that is perfectly okay too - as it is an incredibly powerful course. 

If you do try out the Song of the Month Club...

There is NO catch!

Quit Easily at Any Time (And Keep the Bonuses)

I know you've probably been "stung" before with sneaky charges, but I want you to know this... 

If you try it, you can quit anytime and easily.

To end the trial or membership, simply go to the member's area and with a click of a button you can leave, and payments will instantly STOP.

This means you DO not have to worry about further charges - ever.

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee That You Will Love It

Plus, if you don't like it, you get all your money back...

Simply ask for your money back within 30 days and me or my dedicated assistant, Sofija, will give you an instant refund.

Eventually, I will increase the price of the membership for new members of the Song of the Month Club to $29 and then $39 per month.

And for the number of hours of joy and confidence these songs and techniques will give you, it will be a bargain. 

...But as this is a new membership and I want you to make wonderful progress...

I'm offering it to you for just $19 per month, but...

Today you will pay just $1

Try it out today and you will pay just $1 for a 7-day trial. 

If, after the 7-day trial period you love it and want to stay as a member, you will only pay $19 per month.

Never a penny more.

So for less than $0.61 per day, you can have endless fun playing wonderful songs every month... 

All the songs and lessons are ideal for beginners. Every lesson is taught via HD video in an easy-to-follow way. Stream or download each video,  use the TAB and notation and jam with the backing tracks for each song to learn with complete confidence. 

So if you say "yes", today... we're going to go on a journey to help you make wonderful progress on the guitar and get maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Yes, for just $1 I want to try out the:

Song of the Month


YES DAN! Give Me 7 Days of Full Access To The Song Of The Month Club RIGHT NOW for Just $1

  • Full Access To The Song Of The Month Club (Value $39)
  • Bonus #1 - My Fearless Fingerstyle Book Posted For Free (Value $47)
  • Bonus #2 - The Chord Changing Jump Start Course (Value $87)
  • Bonus #3 - The Legendary Guitar Riffs Bundle (Value $77)
  • Plus... The Simplest 2-Step Plan To Guarantee Your Success (Value $27)
  • No Contract, Quit Easily Anytime
  • 30-Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

Total Value: $277:

 You get it all today for a 7-day trial for just...


This offer and these bonuses are only available here

This 7-day trial offer is not available anywhere else...

I'll be honest, it's unlikely I'll ever offer it again. 

...But TODAY… on THIS page… the price is just $1 for your first 7 days. 

So now it's time to decide.

If playing the guitar is something you've always wanted to do, or you've struggled to play songs for years, or you're too busy to search YouTube for endless tutorials...

This works if you're now an "empty nester" with more time, you want to impress your loved ones, or you just want to have more joy in life.

I want you to love the Song of the Month Club and stick with it, but if it's not for you, remember you can quit any time, easily. 

Think about all the time, energy, and cost you'll save with this pro advice at your fingertips.

Even better, after you complete your order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to all the lessons to download or stream, and you get to keep the bonuses forever. 

This is what other students are saying...

When l became involved with Dan, l was 88. l have arthritis, but l have reached a standard beyond my expectations. Travis picking, strumming patterns and more. Thank you Dan for helping me to love my guitar.

John Hall Retired (Age 90)

Absolutely loving this, someone heard me practicing and said how good it sounded! I never imagined I would even attempt it, but I am getting on really well with it. Thanks Dan for the brilliant lessons.

Joanne Crook 

I have made more progress in one year than I had in the six years of my previous lessons. I am having more fun and have more passion for the guitar than I ever had before. At last, I feel like this is something I really can do!

Denise Gillard

My daughter came into my room and said, "are you playing stuff by Hozier?" well it's a good job that this old geezer knows who Hozier are and I thought I can take that. Thanks Dan."

John Buckland

Thanks for the excellent and achievable plan! Helping me a lot! The way you explain it makes it so easy to play something that sounds really cool in a flash!

Dr. Kim Knock Veterinarian

If you doubt your ability, You Too Can Play Ear Catching Songs and Here's Why...

If you're like most guitarists in the past, you may feel you can:

"Play all the RIGHT notes but in the WRONG order"

You might have got bogged down by theory, confusing lessons, and having no plan. 

Maybe you've thought to yourself, it's a lack of talent that is the problem.

The truth is, though, unless you want to be in the top 0.1% of guitarists out there, "talent" isn't important. 

I know because I've taught over 120 students in person from scratch (and many 1000s more around the world). Many of these students struggled at first to even sing "Happy Birthday" in tune. 

Yet, they've gone on to play countless gigs, perform at weddings, play in open mics, join bands, and even record music. 

I often say, most guitar courses are like being given the keys to a Ferrari, but no one shows you how to drive it. 

…But the Song of the Month Club will help you drive the Ferrari smoothly,  joyously, and confidently for the long term...

The bottom line is this: if you can tie your shoelaces and follow instructions, you can play these songs and your guitar to a high performance standard should you want to.

You can have this, and to make the journey even more fun...

Get Motivated and join the "5 Song Club"

The first big goal I give all guitarists is to learn 5 songs from start to finish.

Can you play five songs yet? 

If not, this is a very simple goal that keeps you focused and will help you avoid "scatterbrain" practising. Once you can play five songs, you will join this exclusive club. 

Simply learn five songs from inside the membership (or elsewhere), and you will join some select and highly successful guitarists.

The songs you will learn are simple but will give you a massive boost in confidence, not just on the guitar, but in life too.

So if playing songs with the clarity of Clapton, the rhythm of Hendrix, and the elegance of Gilmour appeals to you, and you're willing to put in the effort needed to get there...

The "5 Song Club" is a unique way to motivate you, give you a clear goal, and gain more confidence, prestige, and respect.

Yes, for just $1 I want to try out the:

Song of the Month


YES DAN! Give Me 7 Days of Full Access To The Song Of The Month Club RIGHT NOW for Just $1

  • Full Access To The Song Of The Month Club (Value $39)
  • Bonus #1 - My Fearless Fingerstyle Book Posted For Free (Value $47)
  • Bonus #2 - The Chord Changing Jump Start Course (Value $87)
  • Bonus #3 - The Legendary Guitar Riffs Bundle (Value $77)
  • Plus...The Simplest 2-Step Plan To Guarantee Your Success (Value $27)
  • No Contract, Quit Easily Anytime
  • 30-Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

Total Value: $277:

 You get it all today for a 7-day trial for just...


Playing the Guitar will improve your life in so many unique ways 

Many students have told me over the years how learning the guitar has given them a new purpose in life. 

They've told me about the compliments they've got from loved ones, how their friends were proud (and sometimes a little jealous!)...

...And how the guitar has helped them socialise, meet new people, and bond with their loved ones more. 

The most successful students took action and made it happen. 

These songs have been tested many times on over 120 students in person.

I'm constantly testing and refining new and exciting versions of classic songs all the time for future lessons. 

With the Song of the Month Club, everything you need to play stunning music is in one place.

You can try it out today with no commitment. 

So begin your $1 trial for 7 days today...

And you will get access to the membership and a whole selection of bonuses worth $277, including an exclusive book posted out to you for free. 

Yes, for just $1 I want to try out the:

Song of the Month


YES DAN! Give Me 7 Days of Full Access To The Song Of The Month Club RIGHT NOW for Just $1

  • Full Access To The Song Of The Month Club (Value $39)
  • Bonus #1 - My Fearless Fingerstyle Book Posted For Free (Value $47)
  • Bonus #2 - The Chord Changing Jump Start Course (Value $87)
  • Bonus #3 - The Legendary Guitar Riffs Bundle (Value $77)
  • Plus... The Simplest 2-Step Plan To Guarantee Your Success (Value $27)
  • No Contract, Quit Easily Anytime
  • 30-Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

Total Value: $277:

 You get it all today for a 7-day trial for just...


Your Questions Answered?

How long do I get access to the songs for?

You'll get lifetime access to any songs released while you are a member. If you want to quit, simply download the lessons available to you with the click of a button and access them anytime - forever. 

I've already learnt lots of songs but struggle to play them. How is this different?

Most people teach strumming songs which often sound boring and are hard to play. Others teach more melodic songs that sound great but are often too hard for beginners. 

My method is unique in that it focuses on famous, simple, and beautiful melodies. I'll show you how to combine these with open bass strings for an elegant sound. I've taught these songs in this style to lots of older students who lack confidence and want a steady approach. These songs have worked for them over the years and I'm confident they'll work for you too.

My chord changes are slow. Will it help?

First up, you won't need chords. Not normal chords anyway. I teach the songs mostly using 'fragment chords', and open bass strings to create a rich sound. Saying that, if you join today, you will get my Chord Changing Jump Start course for FREE so you can master your chord changes once and for all.

I've just purchased "Breakthrough Beginner" - do I need this?

Breakthrough Beginner on its own will give you powerful results. It's a step-by-step course that will take you by the hand and teach you all the basics. 

Saying that, the Song of the Month Club will give you more songs to learn - and all without wasting time searching on YouTube or buying courses full of unrecognisable songs.

I have a terrible memory. Do you help with this?

Yes, I teach the songs using three specific, simple memory techniques to help you remember more in less time. One is a tried and tested method that is actually 122 years old. Use these three techniques and you will find your "musical memory" will improve faster.

I'm an absolute beginner. Should I get this?

If you're an absolute beginner, you will need to spend more time on the Breakthrough Beginner course, but if you have the time and desire, the Song of the Month Club can accelerate your progress.

That's because every month I teach both a sophisticated version of each song AND a simple beginner-friendly melody version anyone can play.

Do I need to be able to read TAB?

No, every note is taught in a super steady way in step-by-step videos. You can slow the videos down and watch them as many times as you like. 

...But you also get the TAB and notation if you prefer to learn that way. For most students, having the choice of both is handy. If you can't yet read TAB, I'll show you how to do so quickly. 

Does something get posted to my house?

The lessons are all online but you can download or stream them anytime. This means you can begin making progress with the songs in just seconds. 

Not only that, our publisher will get your free copy of my book sent out to you immediately - totally free just for trying out the membership. 

I’m not sure I’m ready for a membership. Can I join for $1 later on?

Unfortunately, no. While it is possible I may offer the 7-day trial again at some point in the distant future, if I do, it will be without these bonuses and at a higher price.

Remember though, if you join today, you can try it out for just $1 for 7 days (and you get the bonuses to keep forever even if you quit within the 7 days).

I’ve hit a wall with my practising and need a routine. Will this help?

Yes. There are two specific daily plans that will show you exactly what to do to extract the most out of the Breakthrough Beginner course AND the Song of the Month Club while having a tonne of fun on the guitar without confusion. 

Is it really easy to quit and cancel payments?

Yes, you can quit with the click of a button or a simple email. Once you do, payments will stop immediately and you will never be charged again.

Plus, you get to keep the bonuses forever, no matter what.

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