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You’re only going to see this video once (ever) so please watch the video very very carefully. It’s really that important…

How to get an even bigger “life-changing” guitar transformation where you will...

Play barre chords with ease, fix slow chord changes, master the blues, and play beautiful songs... Today

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Let me just take a quick moment to say, well done, you did it!

You have just made a great decision in terms of your guitar playing....

The 7-Day Guitar Transformation course will help your guitar playing in so many ways

All you have to do is...

Follow the step-by-step instructions inside and practise them for 10 minutes per day.

That means better technique, greater confidence, a proper plan, a few real songs to play, and more…

Best of all...

You are going to get a plan of action that will help to drive your playing forward once and for all.

This will give you REAL confidence on guitar, maybe even for the first time.

So you can run up and down the fretboard with ease...

Enjoy every moment of your playing, and...

Impress yourself and your loved ones.

Speaking of a plan...

How would you like to

Make even more progress with your guitar playing beyond the next 7 days?

Because I want to tell you about “The Four Pillars of Guitar Greatness" ™

The word “greatness” in this context mean the best guitarist YOU can be. 

I know you probably do NOT want to play on stage in front of 1000s.

I'm nearly 40 and I'm not bothered about that.

If you're like me, you no doubt just want to pick up the guitar after a long day, wind down and play music that washes away the frustrations of the world.

And that’s where the 7-day Transformation course comes in.

You see, 9/10 students are having big success with the 7-day Transformation course...

...BUT when I’ve followed up with those who used it, some sadly said this:

“I loved the course but after the 7 days, life got in the way a bit, and although your course helped me massively, I’ve kinda gone back to old habits. Can you help me?”

This is not unusual.

And sadly it means many people may possibly slip back to old habits with their playing and end up spinning their wheels for years...

And that may mean years of frustration and maybe even giving up the guitar for good and worse, letting it gather dust in the attic.

It’s like when someone hires a personal trainer.

They often shed a tonne of weight, then they STOP seeing the personal trainer, and boom, the weight goes straight back on.

So I surveyed all the students who took my course, and asked them what they most desperately want to learn.

The answers make up “The Four Pillars of Guitar Greatness" ™

These four pillars are

Fast chord changes that will improve all your songs

The ability to play barre chords at ease and with ZERO pain

Playing a variety of blues lead, rhythm and licks

Being able to play a stunning repertoire of stunning songs

Basically, it was the above four things that made all those students want to play guitar more than anything else...

And for those who could already playto a high standard, it was the same four "Pillars" that made it possible. 

In short, it is being able to do these four things that made them stick with guitar, have hours of fun every day, and leave their family and friends foaming at the mouth with jealously when they hear them play!

And you can have this too.

Because if you do, it will almost certainly guarantee your long-term transformation. 

So I've created four courses on these exact subjects. 

If the 7-day Transformation course is like the engine driving your car. 

These four "Pillar" courses are the wheels.

And because I want an amazing LONG-TERM transformation for you, so to help ensure you get it...

You can get these four "pillar" courses today at a discount price.

I call it the "Fast Track" bundle because that's exactly what it is...

Inside this special package, you'll discover the most impressive guitar techniques that will make playing guitar an absolute joy for you, for many, many years to come.

So, if you...

Say "YES" to the Fast Track Bundle And Get...

Instant Access To These Breakthrough Courses

Fast Track Bundle Course #1... 

Ninja Chord Changes

Rapidly Transform, Fix, And Speed Up Your Chord Changes Once And For All

Regular Price $97

Struggle to play songs smoothly? Slow chord changes killing your progress? Fed up battling with a G to C chord change?

If so, now you can finally master the "dark art" of chord changes once and for all..

You won't find the lessons here taught anywhere else.

In fact these simple techniques are based on 200 year old principles as taught by the classical guitarist Fernando Sor.

Unfortunately his ground-breaking book is hard to find and it's in Spanish,... but you get all the game-changing lessons here. 

  • How simple techniques such as the Pivot method, Anchors, and "Air changes" can rapidly speed up all your chord changes.
  • Discover and Fix The 7 Deadly Sins Of Chord Changes
  • Plus... The Importance Of The 'Three Ps', Super Chord Changing Time Savers, Muscle Memory Techniques

Join 1000s have used this course to make rapid progress and ensure no song ever trips your up again. 

"I'll get right to the point... I have struggled with chord changes for years fun to practice and you will get results. I got so used to hearing those "pauses" and felt I just wasn't fast enough.

 Overall, you will learn more in this course for less than you would spend for a professional lesson or two. Very well taught, easy to understand and highly recommended!"
 - Larry Arsenault

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The Ultimate Guide To Barre Chords

Discover the simple secrets to playing barre chords.

Hint: It's NOT about pressure, power, or even perseverance.

It's hard to notice to difference between good and bad barres, as 1mm can a huge difference.

Just know this, good barre chords are all about precise technique. NOT pressure. 

Most peiople get this totally backwards, which causes pain, soreness, and even injury. 

The good news is, anyone can rapidly play barre chords without pain, and you can do so, even if your fingers are short, stubby or arthritic.

  • A unusual system on how to master barre chords in a shorter space of time using the four "big shapes".
  • How to play the four basic barre shapes, giving you 48 new chords you can use in 1000s of classic songs.
  • The '4 Golden Rules' of learning barre chords (break these rules at your peril).
  • How "Anti-tension" exercises instantly reduce pain, the sneaky "bouncing" technique rapidly reduces end fatigue, and how to avoid difficult barres with the "Crooked Finger".
  • Plus, why reverse barre chords can be key to clear notes (hint, this is where you put the barre finger on last),

How to "unlock" the fretboard, how barre chords will help you the notes on the fretboard, and, most exciting how playing these simple barre chords will make it possible for you to play any song.

"I began with the F chord 4 months ago,  but within a week of doing this course, I now need less than half the pressure neede to make it sound clear. I can't believe it. Working with your course gives me great pressure! - Brigit Denker

format the testimonials the same way please, Red.

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The Powerhouse Blues Collection

99% of all my students love to play the blues...

Even if they never listen to it. 


Simply because  the blues is fun to play, easier than you think to learn, and  instnatly recognisbae.

If you want to learn how to play the most exciting blues styles that will leave the jaws of anyone watching you wide open, quickly and without any confusion, this course is for you. 

In this course you'll discover:

  • The key fundametnals that has is the backbone of 1000s of classic blues tunes that you can learn instanrtly
  • 4 note stunnign lead blues -  doesnt get much easier than that!Fun littel 2-3 note riffs inespeted with the rhythm
  • How to play in the styles of legends such as B.S. King, Missippi John urt, Eric Clapton and many more on DAY1
  • How the blues will improve all your playing - no matter if you  play rock, pop, fingerpicking, indie, folk, you'll discover you unlock so many exciting guitar techniques. 
  • The simple "DMCF" system of blues which covers the main four blues styles that every legendary blues player knows

How to play the styles of Delta, Missitiipi, CHicago, all without your having to hunt around on YouTube for hours on end oe buy a tone fo books – all the good stuf is here

Get transported back in time to smoky clubs, dusty fields and even big arenas. 

Everyone instantly recognises the blues and it's hard to get bored of playing, because it sounds so impressive.





The Most Stunning Songs Collection

How to play 10 wonderful songs that will blow the socks of anyone who hear your play

I always say, stelist of five songs is the first big goal everyone shodl, well, here you have 10 stunning classics

I use something called the 3D method of teaching songs.

one note melody verison of each song mkaing them super easy even a begiiner on day 1 can play them

Most popular with all my students and this is what just a few have saidd about them …

In case you are wondering...

There is NO catch!

Just a simple one-time payment

This is NOT a sneaky trial or anything like that.

We all know there are websites promising you "freebies" but then they secretly stick you into a program that charges your card every month.

This is NOT one of them. There's NO hidden "continuity program" or anything like that.

It's a simple one-off payment.

My Crazy Money-Back 100% Guarantee you will love it

And if you don't like it, you get all your money back...

Simply ask in 90 days and my team will give you an instant refund. 

Why is this so inexpensive?

I want to help guarantee your guitar transformation, and these structured easy to follow courses will help. 

That's why for today only you can get them at this special discount price - not available anywhere else. 

List of the signature lessons you'll get inside

"I’m turning 50 this summer and suffer from a traumatic brain injury. I love the way Dan makes it so simple to understand. It’s super fun and I absolutely love it.

I don’t even feel like I’m practicing. Yesterday I practiced for almost 2 whole hours and didn’t even realize. This is a must have for anyone starting the guitar journey." - Carlos

So I hope you know you can start to realize your guitar dreams and it can happen starting today. 

Just know this...

This includes ow to play blues like Clapton, B.B. King, you’ll learn how to jar barre chords like Hendrix, Cobain, and you’ll learn how to change chords as fast as Gilmour and Van Halen, plus you’ll learn some of the most stunning songs ever…

The way I see it, the 7-Day Transformation course is like being given the keys to a Ferrari.

…But if you want to learn how to drive it smoothly, joyously, and confidently for the long term, then…

These four courses will give you this…

Because available today in the INSERT NAME) you can get exclusive access to these at very special price.

This offer contains four dedicated courses on the four most requested topics students want me to teach.

Each course reveals lessons that are not taught anywhere else

over 60% of guitarists who get the 7-day course

Normally these courses cost $197 EACH but today you can get them with lifetime access for just $97


Simply because I want to guarantee your current and future progress.

Here’s everything your getting in this exclusive offer.

To make it worse he said:

Yes, I want Instant Access To

 The Fast Track

 Bundle NOW!

YES DAN! Give Me Instant Access To The FastTrack To Guaranteed Guitar Success Bundle

 RIGHT NOW for Just $87

  • Ninja Chord Changes - The One Week Solution! (Value $197)
  • The Ultimate Guide To Barre Chords (Value $219)
  • The QuickStart Blues Techniques Course (Value $187)
  • The Most Stunning Songs Anyone Can Play (Value $247)
  • Plus This Bonus... My Rapid Plan To Guarantee Your Success (Value $47)
  • 90-Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

Total Value: $897:

 You get it all today for:


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