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You have just made a great decision in terms of your guitar playing. 

The No Chord Fingerstyle Method 
will help you with your guitar playing in so many ways going forward. 

All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions inside and practice them for 20 minutes per day.

That means better technique, greater confidence, a proper plan, extra songs, and more...

Speaking of songs, recently I got an email from a student called Geoff.

He loves fingerpicking and wanted to learn more songs. 

He asked, “Do you have a course on playing other fingerstyle songs too... such as those that use chords, the blues, and more folk?"

Unfortunately, I didn’t but as this is what Geoff and the other students just like you ask for most…

...And because all the other courses out there teaching fingerstyle songs are way more complicated than they should be for beginners...

I made a new course called, The Fingerstyle Collection.

Read on to find out how you can get it today and add so much more joy to your guitar playing…

Learn How to Play Beautiful Fingerstyle Guitar Songs With a Simple “3-Step Method” That Works Whatever Your Skill Level

  • Learn 17 classic fingerstyle songs – includes “Amazing Grace", Scarborough Fair”, “Whiskey In The Jar”, “House of the Rising Sun”, and many more classics…
  • Discover the new “3-Step Method” to sound more musical, learn songs faster, and build more confidence – in 30 days or less.
  • Classic folk, pop, blues, acoustic rock, and more all taught in a simple and straightforward way using HD video with complete TAB and notation.

Watch the video below to see me play some examples from the course and see if you can spot what I’m doing.

This is something that makes playing fingerstyle 10x easier…Yet most beginners don’t know about it BUT the professionals do. 

Click the play button below to watch now…

Introducing the Fingerstyle Collection

The Fingerstyle Collection is my step-by-step course. Here, you will learn the most beautiful fingerstyle arrangements I have ever taught.

If you are unsure of the meaning of the phrase, “fingerstyle arrangement”…

This is where you combine the melody (which is the tune), bass, and chords, from a song – all on guitar.

If you are feeling brave, you also add in cool riffs, runs, hammer-ons, slides, and other fun stuff.

Playing like this sounds exciting, but most people learn this way of playing backwards meaning they never really make any progress. 

You will know this if you've tried to learn songs for months or years and they still don't yet sound like the song (this is suprisingly very common). 

...But I will explain exactly how to play in this style and how even beginners can play this style using the breakthrough "3-Step Method".

So read on to find out how you can…

Build an exciting repertoire of songs with these beautiful arrangements

The following songs are just some of those from the course.

These songs will help you learn the key fingerstyle techniques as used in...

Fingerpicking folk, blues, Travis picking, classical, pop, and more…

  • Amazing Grace – a beautiful arrangement my students love
  • Spanish Romance – possibly the world’s most recognisable classical guitar piece
  • Yankee Doodle – a vintage tune for solo fingerstyle guitar
  • House of the Rising Sun – a unique Travis picking arrangement
  • Für Elise – Beethoven’s most famous piano piece, played on guitar!
  • Rockin’ Robin – a Travis-picked version of the Bobby Day/Michael Jackson classic
  • Whiskey in the Jar – the Thin Lizzy & Metallica song played fingerstyle!
  • Toccata and Fugue – the infamous and instantly recognizable “scary” tune as used in hundreds of movies and TV shows.
  • Scarborough Fair - Simon and Garfunkel's classic - a melodic beginner arrangement of the '60s fingerpicking folk song.
  • Plus, learn a fingerstyle blues, a Mozart piece, and… even a fun fingerpicked version of ‘Happy Birthday’, and more…

This course is about more than just learning songs, though. It is also about developing ALL of your skills so you can be a better musician. More on that in a moment but first…

These students have been learning to fingerpick beautiful music – you can too

If you ever feel like you’re “too old to learn”, have no “natural talent” or “no ear for music”…

Take inspiration and see what you can be learning yourself in the following video.

Watch now to see these students play a few pieces from the course

From the above video, can you see and hear how these songs were not complex?

The songs were based around elegant simplicity, and…

The students did NOT need to play painstaking chords or cram in lots of potentially frustrating chord changes…

This course will improve your finger dexterity and chord changes, but if slow chord changes plague you...

Rest assured, I'll show you how to play these songs with elegant simplicity.

Clear and concise – simple tuition that is right to the point

The course is straight to the point – the right lessons at the right time so…

You can become a more musical guitarist who has more fun on the instrument today.

  • Learn what suits YOU – Each arrangement is ordered by level of difficulty.
  • Can’t read music? – Learn via step-by-step video tuition and TAB. (You get standard notation to download too).
  • Get a structured, practical plan – Students need clarity. Get both a short- and long-term plan to drive your playing forward.
  • Perfectly paced for beginners – Played for 40 years or 4 weeks? It doesn’t matter, as each song & lesson will suit your current ability.
  • Break bad habits! Learn how to pluck correct strings, play the tune correctly, get the picking hand in the correct position, and more…
  • Get your read-anywhere, super handy printable "Songbook" featuring every musical example from the course, in one place.

Plus, you will also get these extras…

Not just about songs but...

The Fingerstyle Collection is also about improving all of your fingerstyle playing. This is just some of what else is in the course…

  • The Secrets to Fingerpicking with Proper Technique (a mini video course containing everything you need to know about fingerpicking).
  • The "Getting Started" and "Goal-Setting" guide so you can confidently hit the ground running with the course.
  • How to learn these songs (and others) faster than ever.
  • Learn two of the most timeless and beautiful Christmas carols ever… 'Silent Night' and 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'.
  • Learn an enjoyable, classic beginner fingerstyle blues piece called “Steel Mill Blues”
  • My Getting Started With Fingerstyle Even If You Can’t Yet Play Chords PDF mini eBook.
  • A Simple Guide to Creating Fingerstyle Arrangements of Your Own.
  • Plus... How the most popular melody ever can improve your picking hand, add stylish intros and outros to any piece, 3 “Pro Tips” to getting better tone, and more...

Also, you can watch each video as many times as you like, slow down every single video, and...

On each page, you can even ask any questions about the lessons and I will respond with help.

And that is not all…

If you join the course today, you will get instant, lifetime access to this...

The Chord Changing “Jump Start” Course.

This is the most in-depth course out there on how to fix your chord changes systematically. No stone is left unturned. ALL the secrets of smooth chord changes are inside.

(Currently only available in my $47-per-month Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy) but you can get it here for free.

90-day Money-Back Guarantee

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If for any reason you don't like this course or find it is not for you, you can get a full refund anytime within 90 days of your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch and me or my assistant will help you out or give you a swift refund.

This is an excellent course. I've looked at loads of others and yours is by far the best. The videos are tremendous, sharp, and clear. Many thanks for all you are doing for us it's clear you really care about your students. 

Doug Bailey

Nebraska, U.S.

Not only have you provided some songs I can learn that sound good, you include all the nuanced details of how a guitar player deals with fingerings that may be difficult for the student, e.g. I have arthritis in the middle joints of both middle fingers.

I really enjoy the way you teach and slowly take us through each bar on the video. I often slow the video down and loop through until I get it.


New York, U.S.

Enjoying the course very much and I like your teaching style. Other online courses I’ve tried aimed at beginners rush through the lessons so you don’t get time to take things in. You accept that your students are not yet up to concert performance levels so shape your lessons accordingly!

I must be improving, thanks to your course, as the cat doesn’t run away any more when I start playing!

Adrian Stevens

Peterborough, UK

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