RevealeD: An unusual Method for guitarists Over 40 wanting to play stunning songs in minutes

The No Chord Fingerstyle Amazing Grace Class 

(Results So Good People Will Think You've Secretly Been Taking Lessons)

If you find slow chord changes are holding you back or that your songs don't sound like "actual songs", then the No Chord Fingerstyle method will help you flip this on its head for good. 

Not only will you learn the two key secrets to playing beautiful music, but today I'll teach you how to play Amazing Grace in this unique arrangement that is 100% my own (you won't find this lesson anywhere else on the net). Amazing Grace is one of the most well-loved songs of all time and this version is impressive both if you want to play for yourself or if you want to perform for others. 

It's so simple you can play it using just one finger... You can also use a pick and you don't even need any fingerpicking experience to learn it. If you've had guitar lessons before and you have been left frustrated, this is for you.

Learn to play this unique song and method with me today in my laid-back, clear and concise, step-by-step way. We will get you playing stunning music, improving your technique, and building your confidence - starting in just the next few minutes.

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