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 The No Chord Fingerstyle Mini Masterclass 

Here's a quick introduction on the No Chord Fingerstyle Method.

Scroll down to learn Amazing Grace

Get The Free Amazing Grace TAB and notation Below

Update: I've put the FULL No Chord Fingerstyle course on sale for just $7.

Inside the course you will learn these stunning songs (Amazing Grace, Streets of Laredo, and America The Beautiful). Plus, I'll teach you how to play House of the Rising Sun, Wayfaring Stranger and more...

When you get the FULL course, you will also get the ALL the videos, TAB, downloads, audio (full and slow speed), key technique lessons, bonuses, and more. You can get the full course below... 

Play Stunning Songs + Break Bad Habits

= Hours Of Endless Fun In ONE Simple Course…


The No Chord Fingerstyle Method

*You’ll start seeing results in less than 1 day.

  • The No Chord Fingerstyle Complete System: How to play stunning songs in just days using this unique beginner-friendly method with full HD video and TAB and notation
  • Exclusive bonus lessons on how to play even more classic songs... Includes classics such as House of the Rising Sun, Wayfaring Stranger, and more. ($27 value)
  • The Fingerpicking Kickstarter Bonuses -Discover the "Ultimate Warm-Up", get faster chord changes training, and a simple two finger trick to "unlock" the fretboard. ($27 value)
  • ...And join a supportive community with the Fingerstyle 101 Facebook group - lifetime membership for free. ($37 value)


Why This Method Is A Game-Changer If you've Struggled To Play Songs

Dan Thorpe_P5

If you've spent hours on YouTube or spent money on books and courses, and still struggle to play songs, read on... The problem with most guitar tuition is that it is often too complicated, aimed at those who are already confident musicians and is rarely suitable for adults who just want to play for themselves while having fun on the guitar!

That's why the No Chord Fingerstyle Method is so important. It is helping 1000s of guitarists around the world actually play beautiful music and build good habits even when they've spent years struggling to play songs that "don't sound like songs". 

One other massive benefit of this method is that it will allow you to play with better technique, reduce tension and pain, and truly enjoy your guitar practice!

The No Chord Fingerstyle Method will help you play stunning music, build your confidence, dexterity, and technique while adding more joy to your day

Start practicing songs the simple and effective way and results will come quickly.

No more feeling stuck, No theory needed...

No more feeling like you don't have enough "talent"

Meet Your Tutor

Dan Thorpe

I'm Dan from Birmingham, UK (not Alabama). I'm NOT a world-famous guitar player and I don't have a degree in music. In fact, I used to struggle on the guitar when I started... But these days, I am a vastly experienced tutor and I do NOT want you to struggle like I did.

Teaching guitar to adults aged 40+ is something I am passionate about. If you enjoy my laid back but "clear and concise" way of teaching, then this course might just be what you need. 

Ultimately, my mission is to help you have much more fun on your guitar so you can cherish every moment with this wonderful instrument... And do so with a smile on your face. 

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