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"Unlock" Your Playing

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The Spiral Bound Edition + Exclusive Online Video Bundle

Guitarists Get Theory
  • Discover the secrets to achieving a true understanding of theory, specifically made for casual adult guitarists, helping you to "connect the dots" in music without your head spinning!
  • A clear and concise step-by-step fretboard and theory system featuring road-tested lessons taught to 120+ private students to get them up and running with confidence.
  • How to understand the nuts and bolts of the way music works in a light-hearted way so you can learn songs with more certainty,  spot patterns, and create your own music with more ease.

Limited Stock Available and exclusive brand-new Lessons

When you order, you will also get the new online video lessons featuring a "walkthrough" of the book, the ear-training podcast, the "fretboard hopping" lesson, a chord progression masterclass, and more brand-new content... only available here.

Dear Guitarist,

If you want a simple step-by-step method designed for casual adult guitarists, showing you how to learn, understand, and use music theory in a simple way, then I'll show you how. 

...Even if you're not from a musical background. 

Here's the story. 

I have seen many guitarists HATE music theory, and that's often because of one of these two mistakes:

  • The "complexity" issue - A lot of theory lessons assume you know the basics and then they dive right into advanced stuff such as modes. This is NOT what 99% of students need and it just leads to head scratching, confusion, and overwhelm!
  • The "never using it" issue - If you do not use what you learn, you will likely forget it. It's like learning a language but never speaking it! The problem is that many lessons bombard students with theory but don't give them any help with using it!

I often tell students this...

Music theory is like the missing piece of the jigsaw. It's the one thing that all students, both beginners and intermediate, need to make sense of how music works.

...And once you get confident with the basics of theory, it is like putting the random pieces together, giving you a clear picture, and a boost in motivation.

That's why I have created a short, simple, and to-the-point book called Guitarists Get Theory that will help with all this.

...bUT Be Aware: This is a short And expensive book

The book is just 60 pages long... and it can be read quickly. 

Yet to really understand it, you need to be patient, read it multiple times, AND apply what you learn.

That's why I've made the book easy to read in a step-by-step way, giving you what you need... but without the fluff. 

Plus, to help you learn all this faster, I've created 2h 32m of exclusive never-before-released bonus video content.

The book and the bonus content are a culmination of my 1000s of hours of private teaching that will show you how to learn theory, use the fretboard and bring it all to life. The video bonuses feature examples of me jamming, discussing the theory behind famous songs, and going into more depth on the key elements from the book.

How To enjoy and fully understand music theory in a fun, light-hearted and simple to follow guide…
  • Get the 3 must-know simple "formulas" that you can learn in minutes and apply every day to become a more motivated and confident musician. (Pages 14-17).
  • Why theory is like going behind the magic curtain and how it will help you discover the secrets to how your favourite songs are constructed. (Page 2).
  • Get a rock-solid understanding of core theory terminology such as exactly what a "sharp" or "flat" is, the secrets to understanding how "keys" work, and a hidden rule about chords. (Page 8).
  • Play the five most popular chord progressions from popular pop, rock, and folk music and discover how learning these can save you a ton of time and help improve your musicality. (Pages 39-40). 
  • The one-page chart that explains EVERYTHING about theory you need, including the chords in a key, the Roman numeral system, and more... (Page 25).
  • The beautiful chord "trick" as heard in classic songs such as "Imagine" (John Lennon), "Brown Eyed Girl" (Van Morrison), and "Blowin’ in the Wind" (Bob Dylan). It takes a moment to learn this trick, but knowing this can give you a lifetime of musical power. (Page 42).
  • An obvious way to understand the once daunting “note circle” and put it into practice using just two basic 'rules' anyone can understand right away. (Page 11).
  • My complete dislike for the traditional, overly complex way theory is taught, such as the “do re mi fa so la ti" method, which sounds fancy but confuses most people, especially adults who have no musical background. (Page 7).
  • One crazy piece of music terminology that many beginners get wrong and which can cause big frustration when learning songs via YouTube… but you’ll get this cleared up in less than 30 seconds. (Page 5).
  • The “T/S” Sequence that will teach you how to work out ANY scale and the first scale you should learn on your theory journey. (Page 20).
  • The "beauty and the beast" of music and how this secret superpower explains why some people are drawn to certain bands and styles of music over others. (Page 47).
  • The only two ways you should practise scales (Page 24), the real reason why it's often nonsense when pro guitarists say they never learnt theory (Page 2), and a trick to turn the "ugly duckling" chord in each key into an elegant sounding musical "swan". (Page 37).
  • Plus... Why you need to first "know the rules to break the rules" (Page 48), unusual chord progressions to create unique music (Page 41), and the time-saving "relative" Major and minor trick (Page 44).
discover How To Remember and use the notes on the fretboard... in a clear and logical way!

This book is not just theory - it's all about putting it all into practice too. 

If you want to discover and unlock the fretboard in a tried and tested way that does NOT use silly "hacks" that rarely work in the real world, this book will show you how.

You'll discover how to take the theory and apply it all over the fretboard in a practical way...

  • My tried and tested "pattern system" allowing you to play up and down the fretboard with clear visual diagrams, making it easy to understand.
  • Triads unleashed - discover exactly what they are, how they are created, and why finding them can help you "connect the dots" of the fretboard.  (Page 31).
  • Why the bass notes are essential in helping you to play more scales, melodies, barre chords, and more in a variety of keys (Pages 17-18).
  • The essential "five-fret pattern" all beginners should know and the one pitfall many people struggle with when using it (Pages 15-16).
  • A "Layman's" guide on exactly how to use the fretboard AND theory together, like a recipe book for a beginner chef (Page 23).
  • My favourite little pattern that takes seconds to learn and will help you play "octaves" up and down the neck, which is more useful for finding notes than almost any other fretboard pattern (Page 16).
  • An instant way to see every single note on the fretboard from the most popular key in music (Page 27). 
  • Plus, an obvious "rule" to help you get playing on the "dusty" end of the fretboard without confusion (Page 17) and a simple diagram for absolute fretboard clarity (Page 18), and more...

...And to help make sure you understand all of this, at the end of each chapter, I have put together some "quizzes"...

These are designed to test your knowledge, spot any holes, and help give you a deeper understanding. Quizzes and tests are a proven way to help with this.

...Plus, they are fun!

"Best Book I Have Read On Theory, Fun Too. A Great Step By Step Guide. Theory Used To Boggle My Mind But Now I Have A Much Better Grasp Of It."
Order today and get the...
Exclusive never-before-released guitarists Get Theory Online Bonuses

The above is just what is inside the book. 

...But let's talk about the brand-new video and online bonuses that you will get when you order today.

Place your spiral-bound version of Guitarists Get Theory on your music stand and use it alongside the bonuses for a deeper understanding of the theory and fretboard knowledge as taught in the book.

#1 - The Guitarists Get Theory "Walkthrough" 

Page by Page Video Bonus!

If you like to hear and see how things work, you will love this bonus where we are bringing the book to life! 

In these 11 videos, I'm taking you through the Guitarists Get Theory book page by page, giving you extra insights, bonus tips, and musical examples so you can hear how the chord progressions, scales, and patterns all work in real life!

This mini course will help give you a more in-depth understanding of everything from the book. The videos are split into easily digestible short videos that you can use at your own pace. 

In short, this bonus is like turning a picture from black and white to full colour.

Open up your copy of Guitarists Get Theory and go through the book with me like you are in my studio!

#2 - Fretboard Hopping!

The Secret To Playing Simple Riffs and Melodies Anywhere!

One of the most exciting things about "unlocking" the fretboard is being able to play anything you know on any string and any fret. 

This training will give you the one simple secret that will remove the randomness of the fretboard. It takes a little practice to apply, but the secret is a very simple, yet rarely taught tip that is as close to a "hack" as you will find on the fretboard... 

...But in reality, it's simply a tried and tested fretboard technique that will help you apply the core lessons from the book in real time. 

I have only ever taught this inside my teaching studio and the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy before, but have now filmed the lesson specifically as a bonus that can save you time!

#3 - Chord Progressions Come Alive!

Strum, fingerpick, and jam the 5 most popular progressions!

Chord progressions are the backbone of most music.

...Yet most people only know a few chord progressions or struggle to use them. Here's what's inside of this bonus:

  • A fun and extremely practical video lesson that will teach you how to fingerpick and strum the must-know chord progressions from the book.
  • How to take popular progressions such as I-IV-V and I-V-vi-IV and make beautiful music with them.
  • Improve your fingerpicking and strumming while having fun and applying the theory!

You'll get step-by-step video tuition and full TAB and notation for every note played. 

#4 - Substitution Secrets 

How To Write, Jam, And Learn Songs Faster!

Have you ever wondered what makes some songs so special?

Well, in my opinion, it is because some songwriters like to "break the rules"... and when done well, that can create amazing music.

Problem - Many people don't understand that you shouldn't try to work out or write songs using random chords. Do that and it can take a long time to see results. 

Solution - After studying 1000s of songs over the years, I've realised many great songwriters use three specific chord substitutions when writing interesting songs. If you discover these three little things, it can help you understand songs better, learn songs faster, and even help you write unique songs of your own... now or in the future!

Just some of the songs we talk about in this bonus include the likes of "Space Oddity", "Half the World Away", "You've Got It", and "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay".

#5 - Capo Theory Explained!

How to know exactly what you are playing when you use a capo!

Do you know the theory behind what is happening to the chords you play when you use a capo?

For instance, if you place a capo on fret 4 and play a G Major chord... did you know that the "real" chord you are now playing is a B Major chord?

If that doesn't make sense yet, you are not alone... but this bonus is for you.

Not only will we demystify the capo, but with this training, you will know how to change keys quickly, play easier "alternative" chord shapes to barre chords, and even jam with other musicians with poise and in the correct key.  

This simple video lesson and downloadable capo chord chart will help you right away... so you can make total sense of what you are playing every time you use a capo!

But That's Not All!

I want to make this a no-brainer so here are more FREE Bonus Gifts You’ll Receive When You Get Your Copy Today.

Special Extra #1

The Ear Training Podcast 

FS PodCast

In my experience, there are two types of guitar students out there:

  • Students who try to learn everything by ear.
  • Students who never train their ears. 

I truly believe every guitarist should learn theory AND develop their ears. Doing so can be like dynamite for your playing.

That's why I've created this special two-part podcast that will help you develop this skill.

  • Part 1 will give you the exact tools to train your ears in a simple way.
  • Part 2 will test you on your aural skills in a fun way.

The best musicians have great aural skills AND a good strong understanding of the basics of theory. Some people use "apps" for ear training but personally, I find using your guitar to train your ears is far more practical... and this is what we cover here. 

You can use the audio training as many times as you like, and just like everything else, the more you use it, the better your results will be.

Special Extra #2

The Cheat Sheet Bundle

Cheat Sheet Bundle v1

Having on-hand and easy-to-refer-to "cheat sheets" can save you a tonne of time and will give you many powerful refreshers. The cheat sheet bundle will give you all this and this includes:

  • The 'Key of G Major' Cheat Sheet - Cement the core information from the book. It comes in colour, an ink-saving printable black and white version, and even a blank version so you can test yourself!
  • The "Bullseye" Cheat Sheet - A dartboard-like mini guide to help you create songs of your own and work out how to play other people's songs in less time.
  • The "Big Cycle" for practising your scales! It's a unique but well-loved lesson of mine that will get you playing a super popular scale all over the fretboard in one big giant musical loop!

...Plus more, such as in-depth bonus training on learning the notes on the fretboard on a deeper level, my exclusive 32 chords infographic that will help you "organise" your chords, and more...


There are only 50 copies of this book in print right now.

The reason for that is simple. A LOT of people have either got the digital version or the original paperback version of the book... And I don't know exactly how many of them will want this new version.

To avoid having excess stock sitting around, I asked my publisher to print 50 copies for now.

Once this limited supply of copies sells out, I won't be taking any more orders for a while - probably a few months. 

If you really want this book and the exclusive bonuses, it is best not to wait around.

Remember aNYONE can learn Theory
...It can be fun, Save You Time And Help Improve ALL your playing!

To sum it up, when you "unlock" the world of music theory... 

You'll see just what it's like to understand music, develop your fretboard skills, spot patterns in music...

...And confidently communicate with other musicians, create music of your own, and be part of the musical "inner circle" so to speak.

This means when you watch your guitar heroes perform or you listen to their songs, you'll have a much better understanding of just what they are doing.

And perhaps most excitingly, you'll be able to sit in your practice room or out in your garden on a hot day and let the music flow from your fingertips with confidence knowing that whatever you play will sound more musical than ever and not like a random "mish-mash" of notes.

Learning anything takes time, effort, and patience, but don't forget we are on this ride of learning guitar for a lifetime, so...

Enjoy the journey and watch as your motivation increases. 

Guitarists Get Theory and the exclusive online videos and bonuses are here to help. 

Here are some Reader Reviews Showing you just how simple and straightforward this book is...

Larry A. says…


"This is a goldmine of well explained information!"

"I purchased other books by Dan Thorpe and was so impressed with how well the material was explained and how I was able to improve my playing.

You may think this will be a dry read and have the feel of a textbook, not so! It is very well written, easy to understand and fun to understand what it is we do. 

I believe having knowledge of music theory and really understanding how it all works can only make you a better musician. This is information that you will use and certainly benefit from.

I would also like to add that I contacted the author with a question I had while reading this book and received a prompt reply. It is clear that he has a passion for what he teaches and truly cares about your success as a musician.

This is a goldmine of well explained information!"

John White says…


"Simplifies guitar music theory!"

A great book that simplifies guitar music theory for beginners. Just what I was looking for.

Kerry Piers says…


"Explained in laymen’s terms!"

The writer helps you through with shuttle humour. Explained very well and in laymen’s terms.

An anonymous reader says…


"In the span of an hour has taught me more than I've learned in the last decade"

"I have been playing guitar for years, but theory has always eluded me as a self taught player.

This book, in the span of an hour has taught me more than I've learned in the last decade. So simple, but so clear and easy to get. 

I can't wait to read it again and begin to finally grasp the guitar, instead of fumbling around for hours waiting for "my ear" to find the right notes.

 This is a must read for anyone beginning the guitar. 

Learn this now and save yourself the pain, for experienced players, take the time to look this over if you have questions about theory. It's better than a year of lessons."

G.C. Smith says…


"Makes it fun and simple!"

Awesome book. Dan takes a complicated and boring topic and makes it fun and simple.

This three chord aficionado is now a six chord aficionado.”

G.S. Lynch says…


"Very informative book!"

Dan is a no nonsense kind of guy who gives you critical music theory that a guitarist needs. Very informative book. 

"Grom" says…

"This book is one of the best things I’ve read on the subject"


“I’ve been searching around on the net for some decent music theory related to the guitar. 

It manages to teach theory in a really practical way for guitarists. I found the bit about chord progressions useful for my songwriting, and the patterns for learning the notes on the fretboard makes a lot of sense too”.

This book is one of the best things I’ve read on the subject.

Guitarists Get Theory Readers
My "Alternative" Money-Back Guarantee

I'm not offering a least not in the "traditional" sense.

A typical money-back guarantee gives you a way to back out from achieving what you want. It allows you to give up on something that you want to achieve.

Not having a guarantee means you MUST take action and get on the road to achieving your goals ...BUT here's what I am offering...

90 Day Guarantee

If you actually DO the exercises and give the lessons your time and effort (and you can show me you have), I'll gladly refund you once you return the book via post.

Since implementing this on other products, I haven't had a single refund request yet.

I'm doing this because I truly believe it's the best way to ensure you succeed. I know it's easy to just refund something because you're "too busy", but I offer this type of guarantee because I KNOW you can succeed with this.

Limited Stock

Guitarists Get Theory (Spiral Bound Edition) + Exclusive Online Bonuses

Guitarists Get Theory Bundle
Let me show you EVERYTHING you get when you order Guitarists Get Theory Today!

✔️ Guitarists Get Theory - Limited Edition Spiral-Bound Edition

✔️ The Guitarists Get Theory Video "Walkthrough"

✔️ "Fretboard Hopping" Bonus Training

✔️ Chord Progressions Come Alive Video Bonus

✔️ Substitution Secrets Bonus Video Tutorial

✔️ Capo Theory Explained Bonus Lesson!

✔️ Special Extra #1 - Ear Training Podcast

✔️ Special Extra #2 - The Cheat Sheet Bundle

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