Attention: Fingerpicking Guitarists Over 50! Are You Frustrated, have no clear plan, or worried your playing is going backwards?

Discover A Proven Method That Will Transform Your Fingerpicking Skills

...Even if You Think You're "Too Old" or You Lack Musical "Talent"

  • Master The 10 Most Important Fingerpicking Patterns: Unlock Thousands Of Songs Effortlessly And Rediscover The Joy Of Playing Guitar
  • Avoid Months Of Frustration And Experience Rapid Improvement: Follow this System, Trusted By Over 30,000 Guitarists, To Quickly Fix The "7 Deadly Sins" That Keep Beginners Stuck
  • Guaranteed Results in Just 20 Minutes a Day: Achieve better technique, increased confidence, and more fun with your guitar

Think you're "too old" for guitar?

Do you struggle with sore fingers, arthritis, or have small hands? My student's average age is 67... And they saw results on Day 1.

Join them to play popular songs including "Amazing Grace", improve your motivation, memory, and get the holy grail of playing... "Unlocking" the fretboard in just 20 minutes per day.

No boring theory, complex scales, or brutal chords needed

From the studio of guitar teacher, Dan Thorpe:

Dear Guitarist,

Are you struggling with your guitar playing? I understand. That’s why I’ve crafted the Amazing Grace Masterclass. This timeless song is so simple that anyone can play it, even with just one finger.

I'll show you in a moment how you can learn it today. First, let me share Mike’s story with you:

Mike came to me desperate for help. He had a small tremor in his right hand and mild arthritis. Despite his successful career as a top engineer, he felt "too dumb" to learn guitar.

He joked that when he tuned his guitar, even the family dog would run upstairs to hide!

I'm Dan Thorpe, I'm not a world-famous guitarist and I don't have a degree in music 

However, I've tutored over 120 beginner students (both male & female) in person and....

...Transformed thousands more worldwide into skilled, confident intermediate guitarists ...guiding them from being "stuck" to playing beautiful music.

a couple of hours a day Of Practice... BUT He Felt Like he Was Getting Worse

He spent $1000s on books and courses - most would just leave him feeling more confused. 

And to make things worse, Mike's previous teacher...

...NEVER once taught him a single lesson on playing with proper technique.

Yet in our very FIRST lesson Mike discovered...

The game-changing secrets Most guitar teachers...
Do Not know

...This included how to instantly end finger soreness, reduce pressure by 10x, improve the tremor...

And make his fingers move and "flow" freely.

Over the weeks, I showed him more "lightbulb moments".

He even cONFIDENtly jammed with an old buddy and he told me our lessons gave him...

"more breakthroughs in 7 Weeks
than in 7 years"

Mike's pinnacle moment came when playing "Amazing Grace" for his wife...

When he finished, he could hear a pin drop... and then he saw her eyes well up with tears.

She proudly saw his transformation as joy "oozed" from him when he played.

He's now "hooked" on practice and these days even the pooch loves his playing.

Mike even regularly performs at his local open mic but mostly LOVES playing guitar purely for himself.

Classical Guitarist

The truth is, teaching Mike made me realise The Importance Of teaching:

a crystal clear, Simple step-by-step method... That Erases confusion and overwhelm

...And after teaching guitar to other adults over the last 11 years...

I've refined my teaching methods into a tried and tested system which is now known as...

The T.E.S.T Method
a trusted Roadmap Used By THOUSANDS of acoustic guitarists worldwide

This is the exact tool that will help you beat the "7 Deadly Sins"

...And cherish your practice time, increase your motivation, and give you rock-solid reassurance you are making real progress.

It just takes 20 minutes per day to apply.

And it's why 9/10 of my students are now HAPPY and CONFIDENT guitarists.

This method provides a clear path to playing guitar with true freedom and increased musicality... Even if you've tried before but "life got in the way".

And if you're an "empty nester" with more time, you need clear, relaxed instruction.

Let me show you how...

Book Pages Bundle

"If you can tune up... You too CAN get these game-changing results"
 Fingerstyle 101
(the New and Updated 2nd edition)

Fingerstyle 101 is an easy-to-follow course created for adult guitarists...

Order this step-by-step framework Today And Get A Series Of Special Bonuses (worth $289)

...Including The Exclusive "No Chord Fingerstyle" Amazing Grace Masterclass

"I needed this book 60 years ago"

"Following Dan's teaching has become a daily pleasure. Anyone young or 80 like me can use this with confidence."

Ian Laing 

Here's a snippet of what's inside of the Fingerstyle 101 book and video course
  • How to play the TEN beautiful fingerpicking patterns as used in 1000s of songs from folk, pop, and Travis picking classics allowing you to feel the joy of playing the music you love.
  • How to end the "Death Grip" within 20 minutes of starting using the "MPR" Technique... so you can play without pain or sore fingers - essential if you suffer from arthritis. (Page 7)
  • The secret to expressing yourself through music and without words... and embrace the endless joy this can bring to your soul (page 23).
  • The rarely talked about fundamental techniques of legendary guitarists such as Paul Simon (page 66) and Eric Clapton (page 58).
  • The 7 "Deadly" sins of fingerpicking and and how to break bad habits, play with accuracy, and move forward with confidence (page 36).
  • Play your favourite songs and discover... The exact patterns used in legendary songs... such as "Hallelujah" (p43), "Dust In The Wind" (p73), and "Unchained Melody" (p43)
  • Proven Technique Builders such as the "3-Step Method" to speeding up chord changes (page 29), a trick to stop plucking wrong strings, (page 13), and how to improve your tone in minutes (page 14).
  • How to confidently jam any place, any time... in a variety of time signatures using the sophisticated "Cascading", "Ballad", and "Romanza" patterns.
  • The secret to developing tight rhythm without needing one single complex metronome exercise (page 33.)
  • How to play chords and melody at the same time with the two most useful and exciting Travis picking patterns of all time allowing you to play countless blues, folk, and country songs (pages 103 & ).
A handful of reader reviews...
John Philcox

John Philcox

I've tried many books and this is more concise and really motivating.

G.L. Lynch

G.L. Lynch

A gold mine of fingerstyle technique for all levels.

A. Davies

A. Davies

Easy to follow. It's like having a one-to-one lesson with Dan.

Mike Barron

Mike Barron

The 1st edition was a bestseller. The 2nd edition is even better. It's ridiculously good value.

  • Plus, "pro secrets"... including the "4 Golden Rules oLearning" (p101), how to coordinate both hands properly (p23), and a trick to help end buzzing chords for good (p25)
  • ...And the tools in your trick bag skills such as how to fingerpick beyond the first five frets (p73), play the most "flexible" fingerpicking pattern ever (p57)and an ancient Greek trick on remembering more!  
  • Finally, it all comes with a simple "10-Step Plan" to keep you on track putting an end to inconsistent and random practice... for good (page 86).

If you don't know "how to read TAB"... You'll get my clear guide to get you up and running in no time

Fingerstyle 101 is perfect if you love playing folk, pop, rock, blues, and Travis picking. It will bring you years of joy by improving finger independence, breaking free from boring strumming, and jamming beyond the first five frets.

  • 80+ downloadable audio examples recorded at both full and SLOW tempos (making everything easier to learn)
  • FULL TAB and NOTATION for every musical examples as taught in the course (giving you hours of fun!).
  • Detailed and clear instructions so you can have rock-solid confidence as you go through the course

You will ONLY make a one-time payment.

You also get my 90-day money-back guarantee

As You Can See...

No stone is left unturned in helping you overcome the hurdles that can come with learning the guitar as an adult

The Question Is, Are YOU Ready?

Get your copy today...

Order the paperback, the pDF, or the "Deluxe video Bundle"

...and begin today

Book Cover v2

I've made this book and course as inexpensive as possible. I want to get it in the hands of as many fingerpicking guitarists as possible.

Today, you can get the:

1) Paperback version with FREE delivery in the U.S.

2) PDF version and begin reading it instantly.

3) New: "Deluxe Video Bundle" If you prefer to learn via video you can also get the new bundle featuring the Fingerstyle 101 HD video course...

...The Fingerstyle Collection course teaching you 18 stunning songs, my Tom Dooley Travis Picking Masterclass, and more.

Everything in Fingerstyle 101 is organized from the Ground up So you can... just "Pick and play"

There are three specific parts to the course.

...And each section builds steadily on top of each other...

  • Part I - The fundamentals of fingerpicking: Discover the little-known secrets to fixing your bad HABITS quickly and playing with silky smooth technique. 
  • Part II - Play 10 beautiful fingerpicking patterns: The unique tips, tricks, and patterns used by the legends of guitar. They start off EASY and get progressively harder.
  • Part III - Intermediate Skills: Discover tried and tested lessons on how to learn faster, play more advanced techniques, and erase mistakes quicker... to almost guarantee your consistent, daily progress.

The bottom line: You will get real results today and every day you use it going forward... and if you think it will take hours more practice per day rest assured all it takes is...

20-Minutes per day To success

Yes, follow the simple 20 minute per day routine and you'll see a big transformation in your confidence, skills, and ability...

To not only fingerpick beautiful music, but improve your all-round guitar skills.

...But you might wonder for how many weeks or months you will need to make progress? Well, here's some typical results for students who do 20 minutes per day of practice.

Day 1 - Robert Camm says...

"This is a revelation!"

Day 2 - Nancy Saber says..

"I'm Starting To Feel Things Coming Together"

Day 3 - Charles says..

"I've never heard anyone breakdown

a Course To Such Simplistic Steps"

...And here's some other quotes from inside the video version of the course... 

"I'm already learning more than I Ever did with other lessons"

"Exactly what I'm looking for so I'm not feeling too pushed"

"amazed at how little pressure it takes to play a clear note"

"The best investment I've ever made"

The above are real comments left on my website (where the video version is hosted).

There are hundreds more like this on my website and you too can interact and ask questions and leave your thoughts when you get the course on the link below...

Fingerstyle 101 is for you if you are... Male or female
...And new to fingerpicking or you have struggled in the past

Caution: I won't beat around the bush and tell you this is for EVERYONE.

In fact, Fingerstyle 101 is NOT for very advanced players and it's NOT for you if...

  • You want a quick fix or "hacks"! Remember, everything takes practice 
  • You want to learn complex theory! I do cover the basics but remember this course is all about getting you having fun right away.
  • You don't like folk, pop, acoustic rock, or Travis picking! The musical examples are based on the styles of Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, John Prine, Ed Sheeran, Mark Knopfler and other great players. If you like their styles, you'll love playing the examples from the course.
If you ever feel like you are 
"Playing the right notes in the right order"
...but you wonder 
"where is the tune hiding?... 
Fingerstyle 101 Will Help today

Many of my students tried learning as a teenager/child but life got in the way.

If you're like them, DON'T hesitate.

If you love the sound of fingerpicking, BUT have had a hard time of it, or you have never really had an instruction... 

...And you are willing to invest a little time and you want an enjoyable and easy-to-follow guide.

...Then Fingerstyle 101 is for you - no matter if you only want to play for yourself, around the campfire, or even play open-mics. 

The fact is:

if you follow the structure... you cAN learn to fingerpick Beautiful Music
...And here's an interesting fact...
Did you know...  playing Guitar can even Help to reduce your brain age by 6 years in just one month?

In fact, in 2020, there was a BBC study* on identical twins that proved this.

And guess what?

Being a musician is perfect for this sort of creativity!

You'll discover the keys to "unlock" your creativity and reap these game-changing benefits starting today. Not only that but the in-depth lessons will help you improve your finger dexterity.

...and give you a more enjoyable practice experience... every single time you pick up your guitar.

Build confidence in yourself

Many of my older students were initially worried they were "too old" to learn... BUT those who persisted became confident musicians—and YOU can too!

Learn at your own pace

There's nothing worse than lessons that quickly lose you... BUT that's why everything is clearly explained, in a step-by-step way so you NEVER have to worry about overwhelm!

Impress yourself and loved ones.

Imagine creating music with your kids or grandkids and forging lasting memories... Just like me and my son Archie, who transformed from grumpy to JOYFUL with just a few notes!

More 5-Star Reviews

Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall

Exactly what I need to boost my fingerstyle technique and motivation.

S. Denton

S. Denton

A terrific book.. A positive force in keeping those of us over 50 to keep pluggin away and having fun.

Cecil N.

Cecil Meyer

I have stubby, arthritic fingers... and I'm having the time of my life. I won't quit because of courses like Dan's. 

How many of these deadly mistakes are you making right now?

Quick question: Can you spot the specific errors this guitarist is making???

  • A tense shoulder (creates tension)
  • "Floating Fingers" (causes wrong strings to be plucked)
  • A Rigid pinkie (makes playing harder)
  • A crooked thumb (can cause pain in the hand)

There are actually SEVEN common mistakes ..And I'll show you EXACTLY what they are...

What are the 4 specific errors this guitarist is making?

Select Dynamic field

And most importantly... give you detailed instructions on precisely how to fix them.

Listen to a Few Snippets of Some of the "beautiful" Examples from the course

Here's a little "medley" of some of the audio tracks you can get playing today...

Claim Your Copy Now and Enjoy These FREE Bonuses...

Bonus #1 - The Amazing Grace No Chord Fingerstyle Masterclass

play one of the most Beautiful  songs of all time in a unique way 

Amazing Grace

Total Value $47.00

Discover my unique method on how to play one of the most beautiful songs of all time - Amazing Grace.

My unique "No Chord Fingerstyle" method is pure fun and it's a quick start guide.. 

If you want to learn a stunning song in minutes rather than weeks and months, this is for you. 

Watch A Snippet of it Below

In this masterclass, you'll use two key secrets to unlocking the fretboard, playing elegant melodies, and filling out the sound with a "richness" that most beginners would love!

It sounds stunning, it is easy, and you can get instant access to this confidence building bonus today.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Fingerstyle 101 Today!

Bonus #2 - Private Facebook Group

get support, Help, and join a passionate community

Bonus #3 v2

Total Value $47.00

Ever wanted to get support, motivation, and encouragement from like-minded others? 

Now you can inside our exclusive Fingerstyle 101 Facebook group where you can ask experienced members for advice and get ALL your questions answered.

Not only that, the group has 2,500 members who have bought the book and who are probably just like you...

Guitarists who are 40-92 years old and who will be rooting for you to succeed too!

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Fingerstyle 101 Today!

Bonus #3 - The Ultimate Warm-Up

How To Prevent Injury and improve dexterity

Bonus #2 v7

Total Value $47.00

A proper warm-up is essential.

Repetitive Strain Injuries are more common than most people realise... And if you have small hands, suffer from arthritis or you worry about this later on in life... you MUST be EXTRA careful to warm up properly.

The good news is when you do a simple warm up, it will welp you AVOID injury, IMPROVE your focus, and even help with finger DEXTERITY.

This simple video lesson will show you exactly how to warm-up like a pro!

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Fingerstyle 101 Today!

Bonus #4 - Fearless Fingerstyle eBook

How to play 8 stunning intermediate fingerstyle techniques

Bonus #1 v3

Total Value $47.00

Discover how to add bass runs, play stunningly simple two-finger chords, "legato" techniques, and fast scale runs.

This easy to read eBook is perfect for helping you to get to the NEXT level, turbocharge your songs you already know how to play!

...And play even more beautiful music on the guitar while having even more endless hours of peaceful jamming fun...

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Fingerstyle 101 Today!

Bonus #5 - Supercharge Your Chord Changes

rapidly Improve Your songs and end slow chords change for good!

Bonus #5 v2

Total Value $47.00

Did you know that slow chord changes are the main reason why most people ultimately end up QUITTING the guitar?

That's why I've created this special extra training.

It features the quick alternative tips you've probably not come across before. Each tip will unlock your fingers and give you the tools to rapidly SPEED up ALL your chord changes. You'll see results from day 1.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Fingerstyle 101 Today!

But That's Not All!

When You get your copy of Fingerstyle 101, you will also get my video tutorials for three of the most stunning beginner friendly songs I've ever taught...

3 Songs Bundle

I Want To Make This The Easiest, No-Brainer Decision Of Your Life... So You Can Sign Up Today And Start Transforming Your Guitar Playing Right Away!

...And to help answer any questions you may have, I'm adding in an exclusive "Fingerpicker's podcast" I recorded a while back.

In this training, I answered dozens of fingerpicking questions to help students quickly fix their most frustrating issues with immediate effect.

Podcast v2

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There is no catch

We all know there are websites promising you "freebies" or a 1-month free trial, but then they secretly stick you into a program that charges your card every month.

This is NOT one of them. 

There's NO hidden "continuity program" or anything like that.

You will just make one simple payment today and you can order it when you click the button below...

And I've kept the price for this as low as possible and in case you're wondering why, well, there are actually three specific reasons...

  • I've taught 120+ students in person over 10,000s of hours of lessons. Most were over the age of 50 so I know what it takes if you're learning a little later on in life. I want to help you succeed too.
  • My hope is that you will love this book/course and then try out my other products and resources further down the line. 
  • It's my way of giving back. Originally, this was going to be a video course costing $197, but I know not everyone has that sort of money, so instead I put those lessons into an easy-to-follow course that EVERYONE can enjoy. I love teaching and want to help as many guitarists as I can.
It's important you take action today!

Here's why...

I only get 1000 copies of this book printed at one time. 

And when they're gone... well, they're GONE. I will eventually get more copies printed, and... If this page is still here, then the offer is live. 

But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

You could pay me thousands per year in person to learn these things just like my private students do OR you could begin today for less than the cost of a pack of strings.

...And with this course, you'll save yourself so much time and money as you will get a proven, step-by-step fingerpicking plan that is full of years of hard-earned lessons...  

If life has got in the way of your playing so far, let's begin today and get you enjoying this wonderful journey.

Here's My Crazy Guarantee...

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this course, or I'll return your money

If you do not like it... Just email me and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sound fair?

Bundle FS v1
Let me show you EVERYTHING you get when you order Fingerstyle 101 Today!

✔️ Fingerstyle 101 (Paperback or PDF)

($17.95 Value)

✔️ The Amazing Grace "No Chord" Masterclass

($47.00 Value)

✔️ Private Facebook Group

($47.00 Value)

✔️ The Ultimate Warm-Up

($47.00 Value)

✔️ Fearless Fingerstyle eBook

($47.00 Value)

✔️ Supercharge Your Chord Changes

($47.00 Value)

✔️ Plus... 3 More Classic Songs to Learn

($37.00 Value)

Total Value: $289.95

Get Your Copy Today 




*Free Shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Get the best-selling book delivered for free




*Instant Download

Access Immediately And Start Making Progress in just minutes!





*The new and exclusive bundle

The Deluxe Bundle Features...

🔲 The HD Video Version of Fingerstyle 101..

🔲 Plus the Paperback and PDF versions

🔲 The Fingerstyle Collection (18 Stunning Songs)

🔲 ...And The "Travis Picking Masterclass.

**One time payment. No hidden charges.
(I reserve the right to end this introductory price at anytime without warning)

Fingerstyle101 Books v1
Once you hit the "YES!" button, this is what will happen...

If you choose the:

Paperback version... On the next page simply fill out your details and your order will be dispatched within 1 working day (if you order before 3 PM EST on a weekday we will ship out today).

PDF version...  Simply order it now and you will get an email with instant access to download the PDF.

"Video Deluxe" Bundle...  get instant access to the HD video version of Fingerstyle 101 and the other courses (which you can download)... We will ship out your paperback book via PRIORITY delivery. You will also get the PDF, plus exclusive extras and bonuses all in your members area in one handy place... 

The "Video Deluxe" Bundle features everything you need to be a confident fingerpicker all in one place. Learning via a combination of video and books is proven to help you learn faster. 

...But whichever version you order you will get instant access to the ALL the bonuses including the Amazing Grace Masterclass which you can learn TODAY. 

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So...
Act today while this offer is still live

Let me take a moment to say, thanks for reading. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy every moment of your practice and remember, you can do it!

Dan Thorpe

P.S. In case you do what I do and you scroll to the bottom to get the lowdown, here is what I am offering you today...

A copy of my 5-star rated course Fingerstyle 101 that will give you the exact steps to play beautiful music on your guitar today.

You can get the paperback with FREE shipping in the U.S.

....Or you can download the PDF version in an instant

...But if you prefer you can get the exclusive video "Deluxe" version. 

There is absolutely no catch or gimmick and you will not be signing up to a monthly "trial" program or anything like that. 

This is a one-time payment.

If you don't like, use, or want the course for any reason, you will get your money refunded.

What Others Are Saying About Fingerstyle 101

Gibby H.


"I look forward to working through these lessons and I am finally seeing a progression.

Includes the TAB, notes, audio. There's nothing left for him to do other than sit down beside you in person."

— Gibby H.



"Well structured and clear. It 'speaks' to you almost as if Dan is in front of you giving you a lesson. 

Each chapter flows logically into the next. The building blocks soon start to stack up and you get visible results. Can't get enough of this author's books."

— Anne S.

Charles McGrother Jr


"It's deceptively simple, but full of the basics needed to play fingerstyle.
The exercises are entertaining.

Not only that this is definitively making me a better player, but also a better composer and performer.

— Ulric B.

And Here's An Honest Review From Pete (Age 74)

This is what he said after a 40-year guitar playing absence!

Join the community and get support and all your questions answered...

Just A Handful of the 100s of five-star reviews of the 1st Edition For Fingerstyle 101

Dan Thorpe


Finally, I want you to know I used to struggle with the guitar. I don't want you to struggle like I did.

Teaching guitar to those who are learning later on in life is something I am passionate about. I have taught full-time since 2013. 

I want to teach you how to play with better technique, reduce tension and pain, be comfortable on the guitar, and learn songs FASTER.

Ultimately, my mission is to help you have much more fun playing your guitar, fingerpicking beautiful music, and enjoying the countless health benefits of being a musician.

...All with a big, hearty smile on your face.

Get Your Copy 
Begin Today

Get a copy of the paperback or get the PDF of my best-selling book and video course, Fingerstyle 101.

....And when you order you get INSTANT access to the bonus lessons including my well-loved version of Amazing Grace that you can play in a day.

Dan Thorpe

Dan Thorpe_P3

Your Questions Answered?

What exactly am I getting when I order Fingerstyle 101?

You can either get the Fingerstyle 101:

- Paperback book (with free shipping).

- PDF which you can download in an instant. 

- The "Deluxe Video" bundle which comes with both the above, the HD video version of the course, and loads of great extras. 

Whichever version you order, you're also getting a series of bonuses (worth $289.95) to help you play stunning songs and have fun immediately. Plus you get free lifetime access to the Fingerstyle 101 Facebook group.

Finally, there is a no-questions-asked 90-day money-back guarantee to put your mind at rest. You don't even need to return the book to get the instant refund.

I’ve bought lots of books and courses, but never seem to finish them, how is this different?

This is like no other course I've come across. You only have to see the countless testimonials on this page to see how this book can transform your playing. 

You will find highly motivating lessons, a focus on REAL technique in detail (which sadly most teachers gloss over), and a solid step-by-step plan on improving your fingerpicking, rhythm, musicality, and more.

The bottom line is the course will give you results so that once you get up and running, you will truly fall in love with playing the guitar.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

Simply try the book/course, enjoy the bonuses, and if you don't like it, just contact us and we will immediately refund you.

Honestly, I believe in this so much and know it will be a game changer for you, but if it is not for you for any reason, we will ensure you get a prompt refund.

How safe is your site when putting my card details in?

Our website is as secure as can be. You can pay via PayPal or credit/debit card and we use ThriveCart to process the orders.

This is an established payment processor used around the world to process millions of dollars of payments so you can rest assured your private details are safe.

I'm 72, the course sounds great, but I’ve only played for 8 months and still struggle with chords. Will I still find it useful?

Yes. I do not promise miracles (I will leave that to others), but I am vastly experienced at turning frustrated guitarists into real guitar players.

This is a step-by-step course and the bottom line is this...

As long as you practice and do exactly as I teach, you will make progress in every area of your playing... meaning clearer chords, faster chord changes, better tone, fewer mistakes, a stunning repertoire of fingerpicking patterns to play, and the ability to play beautiful songs and music.

It takes practice, of course, but simply follow the instructions and you will see these results. 

How long will it take to see results?

The lessons will help you get results and start building up good habits immediately.

In fact, the very first tip will help you instantly end the "Death Grip", meaning your fingers will be less sore right away.

In terms of big results, I ask students to practice these methods for 20 minutes per day, 5-7 days per week. If you do that, within one week you'll see a noticeable difference in all your playing, and over the coming 2-3 months, you'll feel like a new guitarist.

Remember, though, you have to use the lessons to make the progress you desire. 

Who is this course for?

Although this course is for all guitarists, my steady, step-by-step approach really resonates with those who are aged 40+.

We focus on beautiful fingerpicking music and how to play styles such as 60s folk, classic pop, Travis picking, acoustic rock, and many other wonderful fingerpicking styles.

If you are learning a little later on in life, and want a confidence-building clear and concise method, this is for you.

© 2024 Dan Thorpe Guitar Ltd.

*The BBC study on brain health was created as part of The Twinstitute series - Episode 4 of Series 1, first aired in 2019