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Secret #1 - How To Avoid A Super Common And Deadly "Musicality Destroyer"

Secret #2 - A Simple Exercise For Improving Your Finger Dexterity Quickly

Secret #3How to have more fun playing a super simple and famous 8-note riff 

A quick summary of the Above three guitar secrets:

  • Secret #1 - Why you must stop looking back and forth at each hand as you play, and how the "3-Step Method" as taught in video #1 will give you more fluency, faster chord changes, and more all-around musical playing. (Just make sure you apply it!)
  • Secret #2 - Use the "Bindex" exercise to improve your finger dexterity. Remember, this is where you play chords while NOT using your index finger. It's fun, challenging and incredibly powerful - do it for two minutes per day and you will see improved dexterity.
  • Secret #3 - Have fun playing real tunes. Simple melodies such as "Beethoven's Fifth" are a blast to play and will help you improve your technique without needing boring exercises. Play it on the A string (string 5) and on frets 10-10-10-6 and 8-8-8-5.

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