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You’re only going to see this page once (ever) so please read it very carefully. It’s really that important…

How to "fast track" your guitar transformation starting today

Play Barre Chords With Ease, Fix Slow Chord Changes, Jam the Blues, and Play Beautiful Songs...

Thank you for your purchase of the Fingerstyle 101 eBook.

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Let me just take a quick moment to say, well done, you did it!

You have just made a great decision in terms of your guitar playing...

The Fingerstyle 101 course will help your guitar playing in so many ways

All you have to do is...

Follow the step-by-step instructions inside the course...

...And practise the lessons for 10-20 minutes per day (more if possible for faster results).

If you do this, you will learn fingerpicking guitar the proper way and make fantastic progress.

...Just like the many beginner students who all stepped into my teaching studio over the last 12+ years...

...And just like them, you too will go on to become a highly skilled guitarist.

This means you will improve your guitar playing using a clear plan, you will learn good technique, and gain confidence on the guitar...

No matter if you're brand new or if you've been struggling on the guitar for decades. 

With this confidence, you'll "unlock" the fretboard, enjoy every moment of your playing, and impress your loved ones.

Speaking of which...

Would you like to make even faster progress 

...And get a complete short- and long-term guitar-playing transformation?

I know you probably do NOT want to play on stage in front of 1000s.

If you're like most, you probably just want to relax with your guitar and play the music you love - mostly for yourself.

...And if you follow the Fingerstyle 101 course, you will be able to do this.

You see, 9/10 students are having big success with the Fingerstyle 101  course...

...BUT every now and then, some students take the course, make lots of progress, but then progress stalls.

It’s like when someone hires a personal trainer.

They often lose a tonne of weight, then they STOP seeing the personal trainer and the weight goes straight back on. 

For guitarists, this means they make a good start, but then stop using the lessons and end up getting back into bad habits.

...That usually means frustration and the guitar possibly even ending up in the attic gathering dust. 

But what if we can ensure you make progress and NEVER slip back into old habits?

After teaching 10,000+ hours of lessons...

I've found there are four keys to guaranteeing your long-term success on the guitar. 

I call these the "Four Pillars of Guitar Success" and these are based upon:

  • Fast chord changes that will improve all your songs
  • The ability to play barre chords at ease and with ZERO pain
  • Jamming the blues with a variety of rhythms, riffs, and licks
  • Playing a stunning repertoire of popular songs

These are the four things that ALL of my most successful students have developed over the years. 

...And they're the secrets to you being able to stick with the guitar...

...And to you having hours of fun every day.

So I've created four game-changing courses on these exact subjects. 

If the Fingerstyle 101  course is like the roadmap helping you find your way... 

These four courses are like the high-powered performance sports car driving you there.

...Before I tell you about these courses, I want you to know this...

Anyone can achieve guitar-playing success.

Why? Because of this ONE reason...

Getting good at guitar is not about "talent".

It's about focused practice, building momentum, and having the right lessons for you.

If you have those three ingredients, your long-term transformation will almost be guaranteed.

These four step-by-step video courses are easy to follow and simple to use.

They are specifically designed to ensure you will become the guitarist you want to be. 

Just imagine your fingers gliding up and down the fretboard as you play the music you love with confidence.

You pick up your guitar while relaxing in your garden on a hot day.

And you take a sip of a cool drink, smell the freshly cut grass, and hear the birds chirping above you.

Now you feel your heart beat with joy as you confidently strum, fingerpick, and jam without a care in the world.

For the first time, you don't even mind if your neighbours hear you play, and truth be told, you even secretly hope they will hear you...

...Because you know they'll be in awe of your new musical skills now that the shackles of being a frustrated guitarist are behind you for good.

You feel truly vibrant, energetic, and youthful with your guitar in hand.

This is all possible for you right now, and because I want an amazing transformation for you...

On this page, you can get these four "pillar" courses today at a discount price.

It's called the "Fast Track" bundle.

Inside this special bundle...

You'll discover the most impressive and rarely taught techniques that will make playing guitar an absolute joy for you - for years to come.

And you'll discover and apply these techniques in a fraction of the time most guitarists do (if they ever do). 

So, read on to find out how The Fast Track Bundle will help you...

Get Possibly The Biggest Breakthrough You've Ever Had On The Guitar

...Here's what's inside these game-changing courses...

Fast Track Bundle Course #1... 

Ninja Chord Changes

Rapidly Transform, Improve, And Speed Up Your Chord Changes Once And For All

Regular Price $97

Struggle to play songs smoothly? Are slow chord changes killing your progress?

Now you can quickly master the "dark art" of chord changes once and for all using these unusual but simple tips which include:

  • How to fix the 7 Deadly Sins of Chord Changes which most people have no idea they are committing!
  • How strange yet simple techniques the pros use, such as the "Pivot" method, "Air Changes", and "Chord Anchors" will rapidly speed up your chord changes. 
  • Why the 'Three Ps' is the secret to unlocking faster chord changes without soreness, pain, or frustration.
  • Get all this in a step-by-step course based on what legends such as Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, and Mark Knopfler all do to make their songs sound highly musical.

Join 1000s who have used this course to make rapid progress and ensure no song or slow chord change trips you up - ever again. 

"I'll get right to the point... I have struggled with chord changes for years. This course though is fun to practice and you will get results. You will learn more in this course for less than you would spend for a professional lesson or two. Very well taught, easy to understand and highly recommended!"

 - Larry Arsenault

Fast Track Bundle Course #2... 

The Ultimate Guide to Barre Chords

Discover the simple secrets to playing barre chords without pain, frustration or hours of toiling away!

Regular Price $187

Mastering barre chords is NOT about pressure, power, or even perseverance.

Most guitar teachers NEVER understand this and that's why their students often struggle with pain, soreness, and even injuries.

The good news is ANYONE can play barre chords - even if your fingers are short, stubby or arthritic.

It's all about the right techniques and in this course, you'll discover:

  • An unusual system for how to master barre chords in far less time.
  • How to play the four key barre shapes, giving you 48 new and "movable" chords you can use in 1000s of classic songs.
  • The secret "4 Golden Rules" of learning barre chords quickly (break these rules at your peril).
  • The "Anti-Tension" exercises to instantly reduce pain and soreness, and the strange "Crooked Finger" technique that is like a barre chord "cheat code"!

Barre chords take focus but this detailed step-by-step HD video course contains the exact lessons you need to play them properly.

"I began with the F chord 4 months ago, but within a week of doing this course, I now need less than half the pressure needed to make it sound clear. I can't believe it. Working with your course gives me great pleasure!"

- Brigit Denker

Fast Track Bundle Course #3... 

The QuickStart Blues Collection

How to play stunning blues guitar that anyone can learn and that will give you hours of endless fun

Regular Price $171

Most of my students love to play the blues... Even if they never listen to the blues.

That's because the blues is fun to play and is instantly recognisable. Plus, many blues techniques crossover to other styles of guitar playing, such as country, folk, and rock.

In this course, you'll discover:

  • How to master the basics of the blues quickly and unlock the structure to being able to play 1000s of classic tunes.
  • How to play stunning lead blues guitar using a four-note scale that you can learn in seconds.
  • The secrets to playing in the styles of legends such as B.B. King, Mississippi John Hurt, Eric Clapton, and many more.
  • Plus, play the blues styles of Delta, Mississippi, Chicago, and more, all without having to hunt around on YouTube for hours on end.

Blues guitar is impressive to anyone who hears it. It's a joy to play and will give you hours of fun. 

"The 12-Bar Blues shuffle really moves my soul…eagerly awaiting next lesson" - Barry

Fast Track Bundle Course #4... 

The Most Stunning Songs Collection

How to play 10 wonderful songs that anyone can learn to give you confidence and stun any audience

Regular Price $217

I tell my students that learning five songs is the first big goal everyone should aim to achieve.

In this course, you'll learn to play ten stunning classic songs - all taught in a super beginner-friendly way, 

These are NOT boring strumming songs. 

Instead, you'll play the stunning melodies, fingerpick the songs, embellish them with confidence, and do so in a way that doesn't require any singing or hours of painful practice. 

These songs have been road-tested with my private students, so you can say goodbye to having to browse YouTube for good songs to learn. 

Here's just a handful of the stunning songs you will learn in HD video and with complete TAB and notation:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Whiskey in the Jar
  • Wayfaring Stranger
  • House of the Rising Sun

Plus, there are more classic and incredibly popular songs. This is what a few students have said about the songs taught in the course...

"This is so lovely. Really going to enjoy this one. Well done Dan another fab lesson." - Angela

"Love it, I’m learning it by each section as you describe it. Well motivated. Thanks. I can hear myself getting better." - William

Today, you can get all four of these game-changing video courses in this unique bundle at a big discounted price.

I'll take you by the hand and show you how to use the bundle for maximum results.

And just so you know...

There is NO catch!

Just a simple one-time payment

This is NOT a sneaky trial or anything like that.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" or anything like that.

It's a simple one-off payment, and it comes with...

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee you will love it

If you don't like it, you get all your money back...

Simply ask in 90 days and my team will give you an instant refund. 

The way I see it, most guitar courses are like being given the keys to a Ferrari.

…But the Fast Track Bundle will help you drive the Ferrari smoothly, joyously, and confidently for the long term with less time and effort. 

So if you want to play the blues like Clapton, jam barre chords as smoothly as Hendrix...

Change chords like a pro and learn some of the most stunning songs ever…

Then these four courses will give you this.

Each course reveals lessons that are not taught anywhere else out there.

To buy these courses separately, it would cost you $699...

...but for a very limited time, you can get them with lifetime access for just $87


Simply because I want to guarantee your current and future progress.

So if this sounds like something you want...

don't hesitate!

this offer is not available anywhere else 

Join 1000s of my other students, enjoy these unique courses and change the path of your guitar playing today...

You get years of fun with simple techniques you can apply at the drop of a hat...

Watch as your loved ones' eyes grow wide in proud surprise when they hear you play.

Discover the techniques most guitar teachers NEVER teach their students...

...And see noticeable results to your playing almost immediately...

If you want all this, then click the button and say "Yes, upgrade my order now"...

...Because the results you will get will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up...

And if they don't, you have my 90-day instant no questions asked money-back guarantee. 

Yes, I want Instant Access To

 The Fast Track

 Bundle NOW!

YES DAN! Give Me Instant Access To The Fast Track Bundle

 RIGHT NOW for Just $87

  • Ninja Chord Changes (Value $97)
  • The Ultimate Guide To Barre Chords (Value $187)
  • QuickStart Blues Techniques Course (Value $171)
  • The Most Stunning Songs Anyone Can Play (Value $217)
  • Plus... My Plan To Guarantee Your Success (Value $27)
  • 90-Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee 

Total Value: $699:

 You get it all today for:


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