Attention: Fingerpicking guitarist over the age of 50...

Are you tired of YouTube, being frustrated when you fingerpick, and having no plan to follow?

Learn How A Simple Yet Rarely Known Teaching Method Transformed A Fingerpicking Guitarists Playing In just...

20 Minutes Per Day

You too can finally play guitar with great technique, more confidence and actually have fun on the guitar

...even if you have "no ear for music", you "feel too old to learn" or you have "no natural talent".

This simple but secret method is helping hundreds of frustrated guitarists up and down the country achieve their guitar playing dreams.

  • Learn 10 of the most FUN, exciting and useful fingerpicking patterns that will allow you to play 1000`s of songs, and have more fun on the guitar
  • Discover how to fingerpick your guitar using a simple, STEP BY STEP method that will save you months and maybe even years of frustration
  • Play without pain, no more sore fingers, less discomfort and actually make music that you enjoy... for YOU

From the studio of guitar teacher, Dan Thorpe

Dear fingerpicking guitarist,

If you don`t already know, I`m Dan Thorpe, I’m NOT a world-famous guitarist. I don’t have a degree in music.

I`ve never released a big hit, and I`m not even the best guitarist I know. 

Dan Thorpe is an RGT qualified tutor who has taught over 100 50+ year old beginner fingerpickers

What I can tell you though, is that I am very experienced in teaching struggling beginner adults...

....aged 50+ how to fingerpick properly, play with great technique so they love every second of their playing.

I`ve done it over thousands of hours and many years. 

It does take practice to get good.

Yet, if you practice in the way I`ll show you, it will take you far less time you were probably led to believe.

I`ll also explain the four key things that can possibly change your playing for good that most people don`t know about.

I also want to share with you a quick bu shocking story that you will no doubt relate to.

A few years ago, a recently retired 68 year old firefighter called Mike, came to my studio for guitar lessons.

He came to me as was absolutely desperate for help with his guitar playing and fingerpicking in particular.

He had a little arthiritis but his fingers were still very mobile, yet...

When he sat there trying his best to fingerpick a version of "Unchained Melody"

...beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

...His face was turning red he was so tense.


His fingers were so sore they looked like they were about to bleed

To make matters worse, the music was stilted, awkward and didn`t sound good.

I felt bad for him. 

He said he wished he started 40 years ago but... he had already played for over a year, and he hated how hard he found learning guitar.

Buzzing AND slow chords changes, sore fingers, no complete songs but it ultimately led to a wonderful discovery which made fingerpicking for him so much more fun

So you can see, it was really hard for Mike.

Before I met Mike, he had spent months trying everything and he bought books but they were too advanced for him  

He found YouTube videos quickly lost him  

He also Searched the net but that had no specific plan to follow.

Mike was lost.

It was so bad that Mike practiced super quietly at home, hoping his wife would NOT hear him play.

Mike told me he had knots in his stomach when he thought about playing.

All he wanted to do was have some fun, keep his brain sharp and enjoy life now he was retired and his kids left home.

He was NOT bothered about joining a band or anything.

He couldn`t take it any longer, especially when he saw others playing amazingly on YouTube and reading all the comments of everyone else who has done so well.

And watching his friend learn guitar in just a few months.

As you will see, there was a solution but at this stage Mike thought he was doomed.

Mike got himself a local tutor, and at first, things looked up, but after a while, he realised, he just wasn`t improving.

Admittedly, Mike`s memory was not what it once was, but was trying...hard.

Yet he felt he was going backwards.

What this guitar teacher did to him - floored me!

And, it got worse, his tutor was getting more and more frustrated with Mike until one day, the tutor sat down with Mike said...

"Mike, I`m sorry, I like you, you`re a good guy but this isn`t working out. I can`t teach you anymore".

It was like a huge kick in the teeth to Mike.

"What is wrong with me?", Mike thought

Shocked and embarrassed, and having the last bit of confidence and pride in his guitar playing ripped away...

Mike went home, and was so angry and upset he wanted to smash his guitar up

Instead he quietly packed it up and stored it away in the attic - never wanting to play again - ever!

Learning guitar had become too painful and fingerpicking like Paul Simon, James Taylor and his folk heroes was never going to happen.

His wife had already paid and booked him a block of 5 lessons for his birthday.

He had no idea.

Mike really didn`t want to come but couldn`t let his wife down, so gave he it one last try. 

Mike felt like he had zero talent and no ear for music and he had. bought other products but nothing worked.

He didn`t expect much and I could tell.

Yet, after hearing what you are about to learn too, Mike realised that it was indeed possible for him to succeed. 

In his first lesson, I got Mike having fun right away using a few simple but specific techniques.

At the end of the first lesson, he felt re-motivated and as he walked out the door of my studio, he made a commitment.

He said: "No more messin` about - this is now or never, I`m going to do this properly, have fun and learn 3 songs on the guitar in six months".

I told him to practice with focus in this specific way for 20 minutes per day and he would see big improvements.

He was skeptical but...

Mike knew real progress takes time and patience and that there would be hurdles. 

As I was an inexperienced teacher at this point, I knew I had to do more research to help Mike. I studied a wide variety of guitar teachers

Most of which were clueless (who were teaching everyone in the same old way)

Yet, in my research, I discovered something special....

A method that was unheard of, rarely known and rarely taught in 200 years. 

I made Mike a specific plan of action using this "hidden" knowledge using an early version of the "T.E.S.T method".

I did it in a way that was designed to improve his playing in just 20 minutes of practice each day.

...So he could spend the rest of his playing time enjoying himself.

You see, real progress does NOT need to take a long time. 

Together, we got Mike to have more fun, and play with proper technique meaning no more pain or sore fingers when he played.

He learnt real songs all the way through.

He improved his memory so he could retain more information and keep his brain sharp.

We made him a specific plan so he knew exactly what to do and when to do it, and he stopped wasting precious time. 

Over the next few months I kept seeing little breakthroughs.

You see, there was hope and little by little, I could see Mike was starting to have more fun.

This was the special moment when he realised he could actually fingerpick like he always wanted to 

It obvious that Mike was rapidly getting more confident and skilful by the day.

Mikes story had an amazing ending which ended with him confidently playing in front of his wife.

Finally, the special moment came when he learnt how to play a fingerpicked version of The Beatles song "I will", which was his and his wife`s most treasured song.

It was a romantic moment and bought tears to her eyes.

He said it helped them reconnect like that hadn`t for years. 

These days, Mike is now a much happier and more confident guitarist.

He can now play multiple fingerpicking songs from start to finish.

He even jams outside of his holiday sitting on the patio by the beach, without a care in the world, and is even jamming with and teaching his grandson a little. 

This is what he always dreamed of being able to do.

For Mike, guitar playing is now what he always dreamed it would be - tonnes of fun.

I want to show you how YOU can have this too.

The solution for your fingerpicking success is to have an easy to follow, simple step by step plan all laid out for you

There is nothing difficult about learning guitar and learning to fingerpick.

The truth is you just need a plan and proper technique.

It all changed for Mike when we used my "T.E.S.T. Method" which is a hybrid of multiple proven techniques for learning guitar - yet they are rarely taught.

Whether you are busy at work and short of time or retired, the T.E.S.T. Method is a simple, easy to apply, step by step method that combines four key ingredients.

The first part of the T.E.S.T. Method is "Technique".

I taught Mike to play without pain AND without sore fingers.

He was completely unaware that he could fingerpick beautiful music in this natural, comfortable manner.  

How shocking is that?

You may have never been told you can play with complete freedom and zero pain too. 

If that is the case for you, read on to find out why most guitar tuition is nonsense.

This way of teaching is actually an updated method that was used only by those who taught the maestro classical players from the 18th and 19th  centuries.

I know that learning the fundamentals of technique can be about as sexy as watching Keith Richards polka dance in a bikini.

That`s why we have the "E" in the T.E.S.T method which is for enjoyment.

You must have enjoyment when you play - for my students, enjoyment is mandatory, especially if you are learning later on in life. 

Combine enjoyment and good technique you have dynamite. (and we haven`t even covered the rest of the T.E.S.T. Method yet - (those are powerful too).

Imagine making little improvements each day so that in a year you are able to effortlessly fingerpick like Paul Simon and James Taylor.

You are probably thinking "this sounds be too good to be true".

To be fair, Mike was unsure at first when I told him just how good he could be.

I even thought the ideas I used with Mike might be a fluke.

I had to test these ideas out on more students. 

The results were nearly always the same.


All those who applied the methods had more fun and learnt much faster. (The key is they practiced these methods).

It got to the point, people such as Mike and other students would say to me "you should write a book on fingerpicking"

At first I dismissed it as I lacked the confidence to put it out there.

Eventually, after teaching 100+ students who were over 50 and beginners in person, I had the confidence to write the book.

I put it all together as a specific method that takes you, the fingerpicking guitarist...

Every step of the journey to becoming a wonderful fingerpicking guitarist.

Now, thousands of other guitarists over the age of 50 and beyond are enjoying this book already and learning every day from it.

They are also learning how to fingerpick with joy, expression an freedom - things they thought they would never be able to do.

Particularly when they thought they were "too old" or "not talented enough".

In the book are the exact methods I taught Mike and the others. 

It`s a simple, easy to follow plan all laid out for you in an easy to read guide with straightforward no nonsense advice.

Just imagine how useful it would be to get a a simple book with all the answers laid out in order, specifically for you

This book is literally everything you need to know about fingerpicking guitar step by step all the way.

It `s the brand new and revised second edition of Fingerstyle 101.

If you are over 50, have practiced hard, and have slogged away for ages YET the guitar is still a struggle, you will find this a breath of fresh air.

Here`s just a glimpse of the fingerpicking secrets you will discover

Fingerstyle 101 is a simple, step by step and east to follow guide for those of you wanting to learn fingerpicking guitar in just 20 minutes or less per day. ​

  • Learn 10 stunning fingerpicking patterns that you will allow you to be able to play 1000`s of songs. These are probably the only patterns you will ever need to know, yet half are rarely taught.
  • The unique "T.E.S.T. Method" of learning fingerpicking guitar - a hybrid best of the best method, combining essential techique with a modern, scientific yet laid back approach with a focus on enjoyment.
  • Discover a rarely taught classical guitar method that will erase tension, allow you to enjoy your playing and allow you to move your fingers with proper freedom possibly for the first time. 
  • How to practice these idea in just 20 minutes per day so you can spend the rest of your playing time using them and simply having fun.
  • A collection of unique beautiful and enjoyable fingerpicking arrangements. These will give you years of enjoyment and teach you many new skills that are applicable to the songs you love.
  • The 7 deadly fingerpicking mistakes and how to fix them - these are 7 big issues that all fingerpickers struggle with, but are all quickly fixable within a few hours of practice. I`ll show you how.
  • Learn the two most useful, common and best sounding "Travis picking" patterns you likely only ever need to learn.
  • The most destructive thing that 99% of beginner fingerpickers struggle with, and the specific steps to fix it.
  • Learn my favourite "simplifications" from the book - where you get a simplified version of each pattern so you can play it no matter what your skill level
  • How to reduce your brain age - do this simple fingerpicking exercise each day and science has proven that it could possible reduce your brain age by up to ten years (you will have fun doing it too).
  • The only practice routine you will ever need - it takes five minutes to setup, is unique to you and will save you months of frustration helping you get over ALL your hurdles.
  • The secret things that the pro`s do which allows them to never have to look at the strings or look back and forth at each hand when fingerpicking.
  • Why good guitarists don`t need lots of chords - in fact, most pros do amazing things with just a handful of simple chords. You too will learn this skill.
  • A simple scientifically proven way to improve your memory as used by the ancient Greeks 
  • A powerful trick that will help you learn to fingerpick faster... and you don’t even need a guitar for it to work!
  • Why most guitar teachers, even YouTube gurus will rarely make you a better fingerpicking guitarist (it`s not actually their fault but they all make one big mistake that cripples students progress)
  • How to quickly adapt these fingerpicking patterns to ANY chord you know or ever learn - giving you the ability to have endless fun out of them.
  • Over 80 audio tracks played both normal and slowed down speeds making them far easier too learn than most books out there.
  • A unique easy, medium and harder way of learningthe  fingerpicking patterns making them much easier to learn than the way most people teach
  • All the examples taught in both tab and standard notation along with detailed tips, tricks and key takeways for each pattern - making everything simple to learn.
  • Possibly reduce, improve or prevent arhthitis with a series of finger and hand exercises all while improving your playing.
  • Why "talent" is overrated - I wasn`t a "natural" and I don`t believe in "natural talent". I had no rhythm, a bad "ear" and was hopeless. You may feel the same but don`t worry, everyone including you can learn this.
  • A huge variety of patterns taught from "Travis picking", 60`s folk, vintage pop, classical picking,  and more meaning a wide variety of fun and exciting things to learn.

This is the only step by step fingerpicking guitar book as an adult beginner you will need AND... it`s specifically written for fingerpickers who are learning guitar later on in life.

Learn the 10 fingerpicking patterns that will allow you to play 1000`s of songs and never run out of ways to have more fun

With just a handful of chords and some of the best fingerpicking picking patterns out there, you will get more pleasure and joy from playing the guitar for yourself.

These are the patterns as used by great guitarists such as Paul Simon, James Taylor, Lindsey Buckingham and many, many more...

This is just a taste of some of the patterns you will learn...

  • Discover my favourite fingerpicking pattern of all time (it uses just four plucks which are repeated) - yet you probably won`t have seen this taught before!
  • The stunning "Cascading pattern" - which will allow you to build up rapid fingerpicking speed giving your music a wonderful professional sound
  • Learn how to fingerpick in "ballad time" which is much easier than you think - so you can play songs such as Unchained Melody, Everybody Hurts, Hallelujah and many more...
  • Discover the alternating bass "London" Travis fingerpicking pattern as inspired by Ralph McTell, Paul Simon and the must learn classic Kansas song "Dust in the wind"
  • The "Outside-in" Travis picking pattern which will allow you to play beatufiul songs such as Fleetwood Mac`s "Landslide"
  • My unique classical inspired fingerpicking pattern that evokes images of a 19th century ballroom waltz!
  • Learn to combine chords, bass notes and melody with he "Sweet melody" pattern giving you an exciting sound that sounds like multiple guitars all played at once
  • The "Ultra-flexible" pattern which can be used on almost any occassion which will mean you will never get stuck for which fingerpicking pattern to use again
  • Learn how to fingerpick the 3/4 time "Romanza" pattern which uses triplets time - giving your more rhythm skills and a classic pattern that`s over 200 years old
  • The rarely taught "D chord" fingerpicking trick that all the great Travis pickers use and how it will allow you pick faster, smoother and make less mistakes
  • Specific steps on how to adapt all 10 of these fingerpicking patterns to all the other chords you know how to play so you never run out of things to play.
  • Discover the fingerpicking secrets needed to play the folk, pop and acoustic rock music from the mid-twentiefth century when music was simply better and more interesting than the bland candy pop of today!
  • Learn some of the most exciting chord progressions around in popualr music giving you a wide variety of beautiful music to play whenever you feel like it.
  • Have the ability to play 1000`s of songs at a "push of a button" - just like a vintage jukebox

If you are like most of my students, you probably practice quietly in a room hoping no one will hear your mistakes and your playing. 

I used to. 

I had zero confidence in my playing skills and was bit embarassed but this does NOT have to be the case for you any more. 

Everything in the book is ordered from in levels of difficulty from the absolute basics ...making the journey for you more fun!

The book is broken up into 3 in-depth parts that will teach you everything you need to know about fingerpicking. These are...

  1. 1
    Part I - will teach you all the fundamentals of fingerpicking which includes playing with great technique, learning the essential terminology, fixing the most common mistakes (most of which are very hard to spot) and getting a solid foundation for all of your playing
  2. 2
    Part II  - learn the 10 exciting, fun and beautiful fingerpicking patterns. All with three are taught with varied examples (from levels 1-3, a "simplification", a stunning ral world example, all allowing you to play beautiful music for your current skill level. 
  3. 3
    Part III - will help you learn faster, remember more, keep your brain age young, and take all the ideas learnt in the earlier parts of the book and run with them for all of your playing - ensuring you will always develop as a fingerpicking guitarist even when you finish the book..

Specifically written for those who are 50+, new to fingerpicking or have struggled with it in the past

I have taught well over 100 students from scratch and over 90% of them were over 50 when they started with me.

As you will see, this experience has meant I have become a specialist in teaching those learning later on in life the art and science of fingerpicking. 

Adults think kids can learn quicker which is not true. This is nonsense.

Here`s why...

Most people stop learning new things when they get to about 25-30, so they switch off this learning part of their brain.

The good news is, this is not gone, it is just dormant.

You can and will learn faster and faster the more you do it- it is like a snowball effect.

A recent BBC study* on identical twins even showed that doing something creative each day can reduce your brain age by 6 years in just one month!

The guitar is perfect for this sort of creativity.

You are NOT too old to learn, here`s why

Did you know, as an older learner, you have a big advantage over kids?

Kids give up at a much higher rate than adults, so the good news is once you get past the hard part of learning guitar you are extremely likely to play forever.

Imagine getting to the point where all the doubt and frustration is gone.

The point where you can have fun doing something enjoyable and healthy every day for the rest of your life - when and as you choose. 

Get up in the morning and play. 

Go on holiday and sit outside on the beach and play beautiful music.

Have friends round and play for them with confidence.

Switch off from the chaos and politics in the world and escape with the guitar.

You will even be able to play the songs that remind you of loved ones and the special memories of growing up watching your parents play music. 

Most of all, you will no longer want to shut yourself away when you practice for fear of being heard...

You could play guitar with your grandkids,

Have the ability to hear a song on the radio and be confident to learn it quickly and with joy...

Those are all things that are possible for YOU. 

Remember,  if you are like most of my students, you have always wanted to play for yourself, NOT to be in a band or anything.

That`s why I made these methods specifically for you.

A step by step plan is what you need

If you want specific help focused with a step by step plan, then this is the book for you. 

In fact, the "S" in the T.E.S.T. method what I told you about earlier is for - "Specific plan".

You need a roadmap to point you in the right direction, yet when was the last time a guitar teacher gave you a plan?

As a guitarist learning on your own, you`re like David versus Goliath.

It can feel so hard, almost impossible at times BUT it doesn`t have to be. 

Just like David, you need to have a plan to beat the Goliath of guitar.

This book is that plan - full of simple, easy to follow methods that will show you how.

Discover and master the fundamentals so you NEVER get stuck with fingerpicking again

Why is that some students can master amazing pieces in a fraction of the time that modern guitarists do?

Well, one of the reasons is because most guitarists skip the fundamentals.

These are the fingerpicking issues that plague 99% of students out there. If you feel like you are the only one who suffers with your fingerpicking issues, you will discover that you are NOT alone.

Here is what is in the book...

  • Learn the exact posture how you need to sit with the guitar so you never play with pain again - it will help your joints, prevent injury and make playing more fluent.
  • The "Cup" position so you stop picking the wrong string and make less frustrating errors - which probably makes you want to throw the guitar out of the window!
  • A weird way you get use a guitar pick can to improve your fingerpicking tone x 10 - this is a quick test that will improve your fingerpicking tone in as little as 10 seconds.
  • Discover the "Minimum pressure required" technique which will help your reduce finger soreness instantly - you should NOT have big nasty calluses on your fingers. Anyone who tells you you should are wrong!
  • My exact thoughts and advice on fingerpicking with nails or the skin of your fingers instead + the thoughts of classical maestros from 200 years ago.
  • How to relax your whole body, so you reduce tension to actually enjoy your fingerpicking more than you ever have done before!
  • The one thing you must stop doing right now with your fretting hand or you will never play to your full potential and your joints will pay for it later.
  • A super simple method to improve your chords right away especially the tough C Major chord - it’s so simple yet no one teaches it.
  • Step by step instructions on how to read tab properly - with a complete appendix guide (along with examples to practice).
  • Why you should sometimes actually take your thumb off the fretboard when you practice and how this can improve your technique when you put it back on.
  • The absolute must know basics of rhythm which are "sub-divisions" and why they are the secret to being a good fingerpicker.
  • Learn the essential terminology for fingerpickers so you never get confused about musical and fingerpicking terms again.
  • Learn my tricks and tips on playing the essential chords better and how to change chords faster - meaning learn real songs faster and play them so they sound great!
  • Save yourself months and even years of frustration as you improve your technique so you NEVER play in pain or discomfort again.

3 Reasons why most guitar teachers and using YouTube doesn`t really work for struggling beginners

I find that most teachers (both in real life and on YouTube) rarely teach studentsin a step by step way and they rarely teach a student how to play with good technique.

In fact, some people who have studied music a lot, believe guitar tuition is hundreds of years behind that of classical instruments such as violin, piano, and even the flute!

Most teachers are friendly, nice and encouraging but they miss so many fundamentals. 

I know because my students tell me about their frustrating past experiences of learning. 

If you have had lessons or struggled along woth YouTube for a year and still struggle or have found progress slow.

Then, this book will help you.

Learn faster, remember more and even reduce your brain age

Learning guitar is great for keeping your brain sharp and in fact, learning things can create new neural pathways in your brain and even reduce your brain age.

Here are just some of the ways this book will help your brain health.

  • Improve your memory and keep their brains sharper while actually having fun on the guitar and doing something worthwhile
  • Learn “The 3 golden rules of learning” so you can play anything faster than ever and remember new things easier
  • Discover the “Five times rule" - helping you to you play with far LESS mistakes than previously and have more fun
  • A weird learning tricking called on how to use your "Minds-eye" - so you can pick up and remember new pieces of music in a fraction of the time previously.
  • The specific and important words of wisdom from a mentor of mine - they are what helped me keep going through the tough times and they will help you too
  • Find out the important distinction between "practicing" and "playing" and why not being aware of it can slow your progress down (most guitar teachers get this wrong)

Just imagine how good it would feel to know you are improving your brain age and brain health while having loads of fun playing beautiful music. 

You can go from being a frustrated guitarist, to one who has a constant happy smile and cherishes playing 

As well as having fun, improving brain health and playing the songs they love, most of you tell me, you love the idea of playing with family.

How cool would it be to spend some time playing guitar with a grandchild.

Or just the two of you having a jam while you play guitar and they play the instrument they have been learning at school.

They can play guitar, violin, recorder, trumpet, cello, or the ukulele and you can create some special cherished moments with them. 

You too can feel the frown being turned upside down when you start to have more fun on the guitar!

Just like my own son, Archie.

Learn to fingerpick likes these legends

In this book, you will learn the exciting techniques and fingerpicking patterns and styles used by artists such as:

  • Paul Simon and James Taylor (classic folk)
  • Ferdinando Carulli and Fernando Sor (classical)
  • Ed Sheeran and John Butler Trio (modern pop)

As well as these fingerpicking legends...

  • Merle Travis
  • The Beatles
  • R.E.M
  • Bob Dylan
  • Eric Clapton
  • Eddie Vedder
  • Peter, Paul and Mary
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • John Martyn
  • Martin Taylor
  • Simon and Garfunkel
  • Ralph McTell
  • Jim Croce
  • Sungha Jung
  • Crosby, Stills and Nash
  • Chet Atkins
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • And many more...

I can`t promise the book will make you play like these guys overnight but it will guide you on their styles and songs with great technique and in a step by step way.

This the second edition of the book...

...and it is EVEN better than the first

insert# cover

The first edition of this book sold well over 3000 copies but needed a few tweaks. 

The book has been improved and is now the finished article.

I actually took it off sale on Amazon and made it an exclusive product to the really active members of my email list. It didn`t take long for people wanting to know when it would be available again.

I waited until now -  until the book was finally complete.

Now, the book is back and its full of much more of the good stuff. 

More patterns, more examples, more audio and much more...

All of this means more fun for you. 

If you are excited by the idea of playing beautiful fingerpicked music and having more relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable times on the guitar,

Fingerstyle 101 (2nd edition) 
takes you every step of the way from being a frustrated, stuck or beginner guitarist to being a confidenet, skillful and happy fignerpicking guitarist.

Become a confident fingerpicker and have fun on the guitar for less than the price of a pack of strings!

Remember, the small price for “Fingerstyle 101” will save you more than just money.

It will also save you a LOT of your precious time.

If you have waited until later on in life to learn guitar, don`t waste any more time. 

That`s why you would pay over $2500 per year in person to learn these things (just like my private students do).

Yet, instead of paying that, for the price of a pack of strings,

You can have something you will cherish forever, something that money cannot buy...

The ability to play the music you dream of, end your frustrations and have fun fingerpicking!

Remember, you have the peace of mind to know, I have road tested all these techniques on real-life students.

I have refined them many times so that they can be easily digested, so they are practical and most of all, useful to you.

What others have said about Fingerstyle 101

"I can`t get enough of this authors books"

"Another fantastic book by Dan Thorpe - I can`t get enough of this authors books" 


"This is a terrific book for anyone interested in this style of guitar "

” I have fingerpicking books, including a Travis picking book but I must say that this is a terrific book for anyone interested in this style of guitar playing.

I didn't know what to expect from this but took a chance at the price and am glad I did. It is a bargain and I heartily recommend it.” 

Anne  - Amazon Customer

"Has helped me so much in my quest to teach myself fingerstyle.”

“Excellent Book. Just what I was looking for, it has helped me so much in my quest to teach myself fingerstyle.”


"Am very impressed with your teaching style."

"I Am very impressed with your teaching style. You explain everything really clearly and don't lose me  along the way. It is note for note tuition.

This is EXACTLY what I need. 

The method you employ really works - you have obviously taught many students over the years and it comes over.  Brilliant"

Ian Avery

"I just want to say a huge thank you for the excellent guitar books."

I just want to say a huge thank you for the excellent guitar books which you have written. I cannot get enough of your books. 

They are so clear and concise (and interspersed with great humour!). They really have made a difference to my playing and to my understanding of music!"


If you have bought other fingerpicking books or courses before and they haven`t worked for you, Here is why this is different...

Most fingerpicking guitar books DO NOT teach you much, if anything, about fingerpicking patterns,  proper technique and rarely do they teach you in a step by step and easy to follow way.

Many books don`t even come with audio (which is crazy in this day and age) and even when they do often you can`t slow the audio down. 

And, it`s also really frustrating when there is no "count - in", so when you press play you have to start playing your guitar right away.

Even when there is audio examples to learn , most are boring traditional songs that you probably have never heard (e.g. "Don`t tell aunt Rhody"!)

All the audio comes in both normal and slow speeds

Fingerstyle 101 is different and the the attention to detail in this book is second to none.

ALL the audio comes in both normal and slow speeds making them far easier to learn at your own pace

Each piece of audio has a count-in meaning you can play in time without having to rush

Every piece of music you will learn gets progressively harder

...And each piece of music is great fun to play and listen to!

Instead of using a dated, boring that`s no use or uses boring songs... 

Learn from a proven, step by step system that is actually helpful and fun. 

Beware! NOT for jazz guitarists, advanced players, or those who want an "quick fix"

If you are over 50, have struggled or are new to fingerpicking this is for you but it is not for the following.

NOT for advanced players!

If you have played for decades, can play loads of songs and are comfortable with fingerpicking, you may learn a few tricks but the book is probably not for you.


NOT for those not willing to practice!

If you want to play like Clapton, Paul Simon or James Taylor in an hour, let me tell you, that ain`t gonna happen. Getting good takes time, at least 20 minutes a day at 4-5 days a week, minimum. 

NOT for hardcore jazz players either!

If complex jazz is your thing, you won`t find these techniques suitable unless you also enjoy music that is more folk, classic pop, acoustic rock and with a bit of classical.

There Are Two Versions available

You can order either the "Basic" or "Expanded" version of the book. In the "Basic" version, you will get the complete book, all the tab, printable tab sheet, all the audio and everything you need. 

This is exactly what you will get when you order the “Basic” version...

  • Discover the 7 most deadly fingerpicking mistakes and end your fingerpicking frustrations with the unique solutions to fix them.
  • Learn the fundamentals of guitar playing that all good and great players know which includes great rhythm, precise technique, all the basic termibology and more...
  • Get step by step tuition on the 10 most useful, exciting and beautiful fingerpicking patterns ever - the ones that will allow you to play 1000`s of classic songs.
  • Get all the chord diagrams you need for evey example - tab, sheet music, written descriptions, printable tab,t`s crazy at how few books do this.
  • Over 80 examples played at normal and slow speeds making learning them much easier and more enjoyable to learn.
  • Downloadable or streamed audio, with each track featuring a count in on each track too so you know when to begin.
  • Everything you need to learn fingerpicking in just 20 enjoyable minutes per day - get your step by step and simple plan that will allow you to fingerpick and have more fun each day in less time that it takes to change your guitar strings.

The following are available only in the "Expanded" version of the book

In addition to the complete book, if you order the "Expanded" version you will also get the following...

Expanded Extra #1) - 3 Tips To Supercharge Your Chord Changes And Finally Master Them Once And For All

  • Learn the three exact steps needed to change chords faster - making fingerpicking far more fun!
  • How to use the "Blast", "Freeze", and "Mute" methods so you will have NO MORE frustrating slow chord changes ever again.
  • Exactly how to use a metronome even if you hate them and have struggled in the past - this method is so simple even the most un-rhythmic students can do it

Expanded Extra #2) - How To Warm-Up Properly To Get Your Body And Mind Ready For A Great Practice Session

  • Get setup to practice properly and fix tension in your hands, shoulders, body to play with more fun 
  • Learn relax and breathe when your play so it`s actually enjoyable and pain free 
  • Avoid injury and strains permanently by using this quick 5 minute warm up

Expanded Extra #3) - Get my previously unreleased F.A.Q. bonus podcast - specifically for fingerpickers

  • Get all your fingerpicking quetions answered in this fun, encouraging and highly practical podcast
  • Learn from others mistakes, realise that you are NOT alone and that every mistake you make has made been by others before
  • Listen to this easy to use audio file on your computer or on the go - available for the first time and exclusively here.
  • Learn songs faster, be more "in-tune" with the music so you know when something is "off"
  • Start working bits of songs out for yourself - this is a skill that takes time and working on your ear is critical to achieve this
Expanded Extra #4)Get The Fingerstyle 101 “Bonus Pack” featuring Guitar Pro Files and Guide
  • Play along with me on your computer with the Guitar Pro files or using the free software Tux Guitar
  • Features every fingerpicking pattern example in this book making learning the materials even easier and more practical

One single small payment, no recurring fees, you can be reading the book right away - 

You ill just pay once adn once only for this book.

There are zero hidden fees and no subsricptions.

If you want a timeless and proven method, that comes with complete, step by step and easy to follow instructions...

Don`t wait around.

If you have waited your whole life to play guitar, then don`t wait any longer. 

Remember, The Best Time to Improve Your fingerpicking is Now!


The complete eBook taking you from zero to fingerpicking hero!


  • The Complete Fingerstyle 101 eBook
  • Over 80 Audio Tracks
  • Printabl​e Tab
  • Detailed Step By Step Tuition
  • 2 x Exclusive Bonuses

If you don`t like technology, readng the book is super simple and help will be on hand if you need it

if you don`t like technology, there is nothing to fear.

Technology is great when it works but it can annoy some people who lack confidence using computers.

That`s why I made reading the book as simple as possible for you. 

Once you purchase, you can be reading the book in less than 60 seconds.

Simply click on the book to open if it doesn`t automatically and you will be reading it right away.

You`ll also get an email address where me or my technical support team will help you so there will be no issues but if you do have any we will help to solve them quickly.

Even for the biggest "technophobe", it could`t be simpler.  

Join Over 3,000 Happy Customers

"This book represents a gold mine of fingerstyle technique"

“Dan’s second edition finger style 101 has been tweaked  by  constructive customer feedback to develop the finger picking patterns to an even higher level than thought possible.

This book represents a gold mine of fingerstyle technique and advice for guitarists of all levels.Buy it.” 

Gordon Lynch // Harrogate, UK

"This new, second edition of Fingerstyle 101 is another G.R.E.A.T. book"

“Dan has done it again! This new, second edition of Fingerstyle 101 is another G.R.E.A.T. book. This is exactly what I, an old fart, need to boost my fingerstyle technique and motivation to practice. Thanks again, Dan!”

Jim Marshall  //  Pasadena, California

"Succinct and very accessible"

"Over the years, I have seen and attempted to follow several finger-picking guides but yours is succinct and very accessible. The text reads very well and is 'personable' - you get the feeling that you really do want your readers to achieve. 

Reverend Michael Bostock //  Newtownards, Northern Ireland

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Plus, get These 2 Exclusive Bonuses... for a limited time

Order today, and you will get these 2 bonuses 100% free, and they are yours to keep, even if you decide you want to return the book for any reason.

Bonus #1) Learn "Amazing Grace" from my Exclsuive Solo Fingerstyle Arrangement Taught In Video and TAB

  • Learn my unique arrangement of this beautiful piece taught in a simplified way via HD video
  • Download the complete TAB to help make learning it easier and faster
  • Enjoy this beautiful arrangement and learn how to apply the skills you learn in Fingerstyle 101 to a real piece of music!

Bonus #2) Discover The Ultimate “Ear Training 101” Exercise To Improve Your Aural Skills In Just Minutes

  • Improve your "ear" using this video guide and be more "musical" meaning your will make better sounding music
  • Learn songs faster, be more "in-tune" with the music so you know when something is "off"
  • Start working bits of songs out for yourself - this is a skill that takes time and working on your ear is critical to achieve this


These bonuses will NOT be around much longer - they will go back in the vault and even Indiana Jones or the Pink Panther won`t able to break them out.

Get the book today and you will get instant and lifetime access to these bonuses.

This is what other guitarists think..

Take a look below to read what others just like you think about Fingerstyle 101.

"This is a terrific book for anyone interested in this style of guitar "

” I have fingerpicking books, including a Travis picking book but I must say that this is a terrific book for anyone interested in this style of guitar playing.

I didn't know what to expect from this but took a chance at the price and am glad I did. It is a bargain and I heartily recommend it.” 

Anne  - Amazon Customer

"I'm 75 and after wasting a year trying to learn the guitar, you have challenged me the most"

You are the most engaging guy out there and you have my attention.

I'm 75 and after wasting a year trying to learn the guitar, you have challenged me the most and made me realized how little l know.  

I have read all you books on kindle and have learned a lot.  I'm starting to have fun, thank you." 

Edmund Rosario

"I now see that there is daylight at the end of this long dark tunnel"

I probably am just another in a long line of students that simply want to say thank you.

I am 55 and I started a year ago. I was frustrated and my instructor was probably more frustrated. 

Since taking this course I can now say that I am improving because you have somehow just put it all together for me.  

I am now changing G C and D and I really can't believe it is finally happening. I simply want to say thank you so. thank you". 

Greg LaFave

"I just want to say a huge thank you for the excellent guitar books"

I just want to say a huge thank you for the excellent guitar books which you have written. I cannot get enough of your books. 

They are so clear and concise (and interspersed with great humour!). They really have made a difference to my playing and to my understanding of music!"


Don`t waste any more of your precious time! 

Order either version below and you can be reading the complete book within a minute or two.

Remember, this is multiple five star rated book that is made for you, in a step by step way, and is designed to grow with you as you develop. 

Payments are 100% secure, safe and as a company, we are trustworthy. Email me at with any questions and I`m happy to answer.

"My mission is to help guitarists like you have fun, improve and love the guitar like you should, without the frustrations".  -  Dan Thorpe


100% Satisfaction 90-day Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get improve your fingerpicking, have more fun and play with better technique in the next 90 days, just me know and we'll send you a prompt refund immediately, no questions asked.

I have no problem offering this kind of guarantee. Why?

The techniques I use to teach guitar work repeatedly for countless students of my own in real life. I know these techniques work. They’ll work for you too.

Because of this guarantee, there is no risk to you ordering this right now.

If you want to get the book, don`t hang around, you have wanted to improve on guitar for some time,  go for it - you deserve it.

Dan Thorpe


The complete eBook taking you from zero to fingerpicking hero!


  • The Complete Fingerstyle 101 eBook
  • Over 80 Audio Tracks
  • Printabl​e Tab
  • Detailed Step By Step Tuition
  • 2 x Exclusive Bonuses

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Multiple 5-star Amazon Customer Reviews

The new version is even better but here are some reviews of the first edition... Read these but realise this version is even BETTER!

Dan Thorpe  //  Author

I`m Dan from Birmingham UK (not Alabama) and I have wrote multiple books and courses and had over 1 million YouTube views.

I used to really struggle on the guitar. I don`t want you to suffer like I did. 

I’m NOT an expert in many things but after many 1000`s of hours of teaching this stuff to 100`s of real students, I can safely say I am an expert in teaching in a step by step, straightforward and easy to follow way.

Teaching guitar to those who are learning later on in life and struggle is something I am passionate about. That means play with better technique, reduce tension and pain, learn songs faster and have much more fun fingerpicking on your acoustic guitar.

Dan Thorpe

Here are a few more nice words from other happy fingerpickers...

As you can see many of these are  in the same boat as you...

Frequently Asked Questions

"I’ve bought lots of books and courses, never seem to finish them, how is this different?"

"Hi Dan, I had the orginal Fingerstyle 101 about 5 years ago and liked it a lot - whats new in this version?

"How safe is your site when putting my card details in?"

"Will there be a paperback version?

"I`m 72, the book sounds great but I’ve only played for 8 months and still struggle with chords, Will I still I find it useful?"

 I’ve played since I was 48, (56 now), consider myself an intermediate player, do you think I’ll get much from the book?"

"I’m not very computer savvy, is it hard to download/access"

"How long will it take to see results?"

This book is only available at this price and with bonuses for a short period

I absolutely guarantee the book will change your guitar playing for the better. 

You have a choice - be the guitarist you have always wanted to be or carry on struggling like most.

There is no need to struggle.  

Act now, while you can, while you have time to succeed.

Remember, if you don`t liket the book, I will refund every penny, no questions asked. 


The complete eBook taking you from zero to fingerpicking hero!


  • The Complete Fingerstyle 101 eBook
  • Over 80 Audio Tracks
  • Printabl​e Tab
  • Detailed Step By Step Tuition
  • 2 x Exclusive Bonuses

P.S. You can be the guitarist you dream of being, have more fun, keep your brain sharp and many more hours of pleasure on the guitar.  

If you have felt like the ugly duckling of the guitar world before - its time to become to beautiful swan and make some stunning graceful music.

Time is sol valuable, don`t waste any more of it trying solutions that might eventually work - instead try this proven method for a few days, and if it doesn`t work, you get all your money back.

In a nutshell, you will learn the exact steps on how to master fingerpicking from the ground up on step by step simple way... and finally have more fun on your acoustic guitar.

David Tatman - Student

Mike Bowker - student

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