Discover how a 45-year-old guitar-playing doctor who was humiliated by playing at a party then...

Delighted his wife and over a hundred guests by playing on his very own wedding

He was at his friend’s party when someone handed him a guitar and said:

"Go on Rick, show us what you can play!"

Little did he know that in about 3 minutes he would experience the most humiliating, gut-wrenching moment in his life.

Rick, a 45-year-old doctor, watched his hand tremble as he put down his Jack Daniels and began to tune the dusty old acoustic...

After 5 years of struggling away on the guitar in secret, he knew this was his chance to impress everyone and be the star of the party.

His friends gathered around him, listening intently as Rick fingerpicked the opening notes to "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel...

The first few notes were clear, perfect, and precise.

"Yes!" thought Rick. "I'm doing it. I am finally playing in front of people!"

His audience smiled in surprise, but no one knew this would happen next...

Rick felt exhilarated until he hit a chord which buzzed.

As he did, he felt the crowd wince.

He was determined not to let it put him off but...

Then he played a wrong note and like a train coming off its tracks...

One bad note led to another and then another until a few awful, painstaking moments later...

Rick played the wrong part completely...

The looks on the faces of Rick's friends quickly turned from delight to confusion and then to sheer horror

Like a train screeching to a halt, Rick stopped playing abruptly. 

Everyone stood silently, not knowing what to say.

You could hear a pin drop.

A smug work friend of Rick's took the guitar off him and started playing simple but musically perfect renditions of "Fast Car", "Wonderwall", and "Blackbird"...

The party shot to life again with everyone dancing and singing along with him.

This guy was the star of the party, but it hurt Rick to say he was jealous - it should have been him. 

He felt like his friends were all laughing at him behind his back.

To make things worse, this colleague, who was supposed to be a friend, bragged that he had only played for a year.

This made Rick feel 10 times worse. 

Rick noticed the look of pity in his fiancé's eyes when she saw him "perform"

He was madly in love with her, but he noticed this guitar playing "friend" trying to flirt with her.

Rick wondered if she was attracted to this guy and feared the worst as she laughed at his jokes. 

He is nothing but a "traitor!" Rick thought. 

All Rick ever wanted to do was perform a simple song for her.

After all, she bought him his first guitar after a trip to Paris, where they walked through the streets, holding hands and kissing under the Parisian moonlight.

Rick was a successful person who spent his life helping others, yet the guitar was his Achilles heel.

He figured he was just too old to learn guitar and had no natural talent, but...

The truth is, as I will show you, age and "talent" have nothing to do with your ability to play guitar well

At this point, Rick had decided he was going to quit for good, but...

Little did he know that his daughter had booked him in for a guitar lesson with me after reading local reviews about my Fingerstyle 101 guitar method.

Rick told me about his past and I told him about a specific way that could help him get over his guitar playing demons, which I will show you too, but first...

He needed a fresh start and to be positive...

To imagine the feelings of joy at being able to pick up the guitar in the garden with a cold beer, play the songs he loves and finally impress his fiancé.

To get to this point, it was essential Rick conquered the "Big Four Factors".

These are the things which most guitarists have no idea about but are total game changers. 

Over 96% of self-taught guitarists out there are like Rick, and they suffer from failing to fix the "Big Four Factors"

There are four exact things that hold back the playing of most guitar students out there.

Rick totally related to the big four factors, but he was hesitant and wondered if this method of learning guitar would work for him too but...

We quickly fixed two of the four factors which were...

"Poor Technique" and not having a "Specific plan". (I'll explain how the other two work which are possibly even more powerful in a moment).

By the end of his first lesson, I made two precise tweaks to Rick's technique.

This helped reduce the massive amount of tension and soreness in his fingers when he played.

It also sped up his chord changes and made the music sound far more musical.

Rick saw fast progress, which excited him.

He then made a vow that he would perform for his wife one day.

Over the next few months, Rick was on a mission...

He discovered a specific 20-minute practice routine that would totally transform his guitar playing

Together we created a step-by-step plan to help him on his journey in a clear and straightforward way...

So he knew exactly what he should do at every stage.

Over the next few months, and with lots of hard work, Rick started to see more and more breakthroughs. 

Yes, there were setbacks and the old negativity sometimes crept in, but mostly... 

Rick could see, hear and feel progress - he was on a roll and was beginning to love playing.

Then, as he grew in confidence, Rick's story had an amazing ending.

The special moment came a few months later at his wedding...

Where the audience was blown away.

Rick stunned the guests by going on stage and playing stunning renditions of three Beatles classics... at his own wedding.

Rick and his wife had hired a Beatles tribute band for the wedding. 

Rick had secretly rehearsed with the band for a few weeks.

As the band played, Rick casually walked up on stage and grabbed a guitar. 

He played the intro to "Here Comes The Sun" as the band joined in. 

Everyone was in shock and awe.

Rick felt unstoppable as the crowd cheered him on with rapturous delight.

Even his "friend" who Rick felt betrayed by, was stunned and silenced once and for all.

He stood tall feeling the power of being a confident musician rushing through his veins as he played each note with perfect tone and feel.

He finished with his wife's favourite Beatles song, "In My Life".

It brought tears to her eyes as she looked at him with pure admiration, love, and delight, just like she did in Paris years before.

These days, Rick plays every day, often relaxing in his garden playing the music he loves. 

He is in a band and he even plays the occasional open-mic as a solo fingerpicker.

Most of all, Rick now loves every moment of his playing... 

The solution for your fingerpicking success is to have an easy-to-follow AND simple, step-by-step plan

None of what I taught Rick was rocket science.

Everyone can learn it.

The truth is, I got Rick to where he wanted to be using a simple plan with just 20 minutes of proper practice each day...

Where we focus on overcoming hurdles, improving technique, fingerpicking with better tone and more...

This plan is what I want to show you, and you can get it in a straightforward and easy-to-follow book.

This book is the culmination of 1000s of hours of teaching guitar to people just like yourself.

Imagine being like Rick and making little improvements each day...

So that in a year you can play with great technique and confidence and be able to play the songs you love. 

Well, now you can...

Introducing Fingerstyle 101 (the brand new and massively updated 2nd edition)

Fingerstyle 101 (2nd edition) is an easy-to-follow book all laid out for you in a simple to follow way.

It has been totally updated and is now ready for you so you can become the fingerpicking guitarist YOU want to be. 

Here are just some of the things you will learn in the book:

  • A brand new and massively updated version that features a wealth of new techniques, fingerpicking patterns, fun tips and more, (over 3 times the content of the original edition) giving you a complete guide to fingerpicking guitar.
  • Learn 10 stunning fingerpicking patterns that will allow you to play 1000s of songs. These are probably the only patterns you will ever need to know, yet some are rarely taught.
  • Specifically written for those over 40 and learning later on in life - this means you will learn the patterns and techniques needed to play the styles you love - e.g. folk, classic pop, Travis picking and more... 
  • Discover my unique "T.E.S.T. Method" of learning fingerpicking guitar - a hybrid "best of the best" method, combining proper technique with a laid back yet scientifically proven method of learning.
  • Learn the exact techniques that the pros use - techniques that legends such as Paul Simon, James Taylor and many more use to fingerpick to a high standard.
  • How to play without pain, meaning no more sore fingers, no more frustration so you can move your fingers with real freedom... possibly for the first time.
  • A 20 minute per day routine to practise these methods -  yes it takes practice, but the plan is here for you so you will NOT need to look at YouTube or random lessons anymore.
  • Learn a collection of unique, beautiful and enjoyable fingerpicking arrangements. These will give you years of enjoyment and teach you many new skills that are applicable to the songs you love.
  • The 7 deadly fingerpicking mistakes and how to fix them - these are the 7 big issues that all fingerpickers struggle with but are all fixable with a little practice, (the first step is knowing what they are).
  • Learn the two most useful, common and exciting "Travis picking" patterns you likely ever need to know to allow you to play loads of classic songs and ideas.
  • The most destructive bad habit that 99% of beginner fingerpickers struggle with and the specific steps to fix it (warning - this habit ruins the day-to-day playing for most guitarists).
  • How to reduce your brain age - do this simple fingerpicking exercise each day and science has proven that it could possibly reduce your brain age by up to ten years.
  • Learn the mostly unknown method that seasoned fingerpickers use, which allows them to rarely have to look back and forth at each hand when fingerpicking.
  • Improve your enjoyment and time management on guitar (the other two of the "Big Four Factors" which are possibly the most important - as you will see).
  • Find out how to build up speed using patterns such as the "Cascading" and "Romanza" patterns.
  • Discover my "three levels" of learning the fingerpicking patterns, making them much easier to learn than the way most people teach.
  • How to combine chords and melody at the same time - like guitarists such as Ralph McTell and Paul Simon do.
  • Over 80 audio examples with notation, tab and full audio (normal and slow speeds) and a printable "tab pdf" - all ensuring no stone is left unturned, so you learn the materials in the most effective way possible.

Fingerstyle 101 (2nd edition) takes you every step of the way from being a frustrated/stuck/beginner guitarist to being a confident, skilful and happy fingerpicker!

For a limited time, get all of the above right now with 50% off.

Simply click the link below to purchase. 

Remember, if you are over 40, have slogged away for ages and YET you still find fingerpicking hard, you will find this book a breath of fresh air.

Everything in the book is organised in order of difficulty in 3 parts from the absolute basics up ...making the journey for you more fun!

  1. 1
    Part I - Learn the fundamentals of fingerpicking - learn how to play with great technique, be comfortable with the absolute basics, fix the most common fingerpicking mistakes and have the tools needed to get a rock-solid foundation to fingerpick to a high standard.
  2. 2
    Part II - Discover the 10 most exciting, fun and beautiful fingerpicking patterns - all taught with fun examples and all starting off in a super simple way and then getting progressively harder. This will allow you to play beautiful music at your current skill level and develop as you go through the book. 
  3. 3
    Part III - How to develop as a fingerpicking guitarist consistently even when you have finished the book. This includes how to learn faster, improve your memory, enjoy your practice sessions more and possibly even keep your brain age younger! Learn all of this in a fingerpicking context.
Fingerstyle 101 is specifically written for those who are 40+, new to fingerpicking or have struggled with it in the past

The good news about learning an instrument is that it is good for your brain.

A recent BBC study* on identical twins even showed that doing something creative each day can reduce your brain age by 6 years in just one month!

The guitar is perfect for this sort of creativity.

In the book I show you how to be creative while fingerpicking so you can get these big potential benefits.

You are NOT too old to learn!

Age is not a barrier. 

Remember, if you are like most of my students, you will most likely have doubts about your playing too. 

Everyone has doubts but you DO have the ability to be a good guitarist and have fun on the guitar.

I have taught dozens of guitarists who started when they were over 60. They doubted they were good enough at first but they made it. 

The only caveats are NOT giving up and using a proper plan/proven method - both certainly make the journey easier. 

If you are fed up of hopping around or using random YouTube videos where the instructor loses you along the way, then this book is for YOU.

It is time to STOP being a frustrated guitarist and instead become one who has a constant, happy smile and cherishes playing

How cool would it be to spend some time playing guitar with your child or grandchild?

A little jam with them if they play an instrument can mean lots of wonderful moments and memories.

If you have struggled with fingerpicking previously, remember, you too can go from frustrated to happy and have more fun on the guitar, both on your own and with your family...

Just like I have with my own son, Archie.

Don`t waste time, don`t waste money - instead use a proven step-by-step fingerpicking plan

This book is full of years (and thousands of hours) worth of lessons and advice. 

You could pay over £2000 ($2500) per year in-person to learn these things (just like my private students do) or you could get the book today at a fraction of that price. 

Remember though, the small price for “Fingerstyle 101” will save you more than just money.

It will also save you a LOT of your precious time.

If you have waited until later on in life to learn guitar, don`t waste any more time.

Listen to a few snippets of some of the audio examples here

Below is a little track featuring just some of the examples taken from the book.

If you like what you hear, you can be learning how to play these pieces, with proper technique and with the proper steps, in just a few minutes. Enjoy!

There Are Two Versions available

You can order either the "Basic" or the "Expanded" version of the book.

When you order the “Basic” version you get the complete book, all the audio, TAB and extras, etc. but if you want a little more, order the "Expanded" version to get the following...

Expanded Extra #1) - 3 Tips to Supercharge Your Chord Changes And Finally Master Them Once and for All (Video Guide)

  • Learn the three exact steps needed to change chords faster - making fingerpicking far more fun!
  • How to use the "Blast", "Freeze", and "Mute" methods so they become fluent once and for all. 
  • A simple method on how to use a metronome - even if you hate them and have struggled to use one in the past. 

Expanded Extra #2) - How to Avoid Injury, Reduce Strains and Make Your Fingers More Nimble With a Simple Daily Routine

  • Learn my easy-to-follow and remember warm-up that will make your practice sessions much more productive.
  • Avoid injury and strains permanently and possibly reduce the onset of arthritis with this quick warm-up.
  • How to improve your finger dexterity and flexibility with a routine you can do anywhere (even without a guitar!)

Expanded Extra #3) - Get my previously unreleased F.A.Q. bonus podcast - specifically for fingerpickers

  • Get all your fingerpicking questions answered in this fun, motivating and highly practical podcast.
  • Fix the most common fingerpicking issues by learning the solutions I give to other guitarists (who probably struggle with the same issues as you).
  • Listen to this easy-to-use audio file anywhere - available for the first time and exclusively here.

Expanded Extra #4) - Get the Fingerstyle 101 “Bonus Pack”

  • Play along with me on your computer with the Guitar Pro files or using free software called Tux Guitar.
  • Jam along, slow down, and even loop every fingerpicking example in this book, making learning the materials even easier and more practical for you. 
  • Watch my quickstart user guide on how to use Guitar Pro or the Free Tux Guitar (this can save you lots of time not having to read any boring tutorials!)
For just one single small payment, and NO recurring fees... 
You can be reading this book in just a minute

You will just pay once only for this book. 

The best time to improve your fingerpicking is now.

If you feel you aren`t where you should be by now, don`t waste any more time, this book will help. 


The complete eBook taking you from zero to fingerpicking hero!

Normally, $9 (for you get it with 50% off)


  • The complete Fingerstyle 101 eBook
  • Over 80 audio tracks
  • Printable tab
  • Detailed step-by-step tuition
  • No monthly fees - just one single payment
If you do NOT like technology, do not worry, reading this book is super simple

Once you purchase the book, you can be reading it in less than 60 seconds.

You`ll get an email address where me or my technical support team will help you, so there will be no issues.

...but if you do have any issues, we will be on hand to solve them quickly!

Here are the first bits of feedback from the readers of the 2nd edition

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed the book to a handful of "beta test" students for review and feedback.

Here is what they said...


Harrogate, UK

Dan’s second edition of Fingerstyle 101 has been tweaked  by  constructive customer feedback to develop the fingerpicking patterns to an even higher level than thought possible.

This book represents a gold mine of fingerstyle technique and advice for guitarists of all levels.”


Pasadena, CA

Dan has done it again! This new, second edition of Fingerstyle 101 is another G.R.E.A.T. book. This is exactly what I, an old fart, need to boost my fingerstyle technique and motivation to practice."


Newtownards, NI

Over the years, I have seen and attempted to follow several finger-picking guides but yours is succinct and very accessible. The text reads very well and is 'personable' - I get the feeling that you really do want your readers to achieve."

I have used several of Dan’s books. In my opinion, the second edition of Fingerstyle 101 is his best yet. The first edition was widely praised and became an Amazon bestseller.

The second edition is even better. It has even more practical tips and advice on mistakes to avoid.

It is ridiculously good value bearing in mind that it comes with downloadable audio and PDFs of all the exercises." - Mike Barron (Southampton, UK)

Beware! Fingerstyle 101 is NOT for very advanced players or those who want a "quick fix"

If you have played for decades, or you can play loads of songs and are 100% comfortable with fingerpicking, you may learn a few tricks, but the book is probably not for you.

If you want to play like Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Tommy Emmanuel or James Taylor in an hour, let me tell you, that ain`t gonna happen. 

The book is definitely NOT a quick fix but if you want an enjoyable and easy-to-follow plan for your fingerpicking success, then this is for you. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If you don't improve your fingerpicking, have more fun, and play with better technique in the next 90 days, just let me know and I will send you a prompt refund immediately, no questions asked.

I have no problem offering this kind of guarantee. Why?

The techniques I use to teach guitar work repeatedly for countless students of my own in real life. I know these techniques work. They’ll work for you too.

Because of this guarantee, there is no risk to you ordering this right now.

If you want to get the book, don`t hang around, and if you have wanted to improve on the guitar for some time, go for it - you deserve it.

Dan Thorpe


Read these reviews for the 1st edition but realise this version is even BETTER!

Dan Thorpe


I`m Dan from Birmingham UK (not Alabama).

I used to struggle on the guitar. I don`t want you to struggle like I did.

Teaching guitar to those who are learning later on in life is something I am passionate about. 

That means - I want to teach you how to play with better technique, reduce tension and pain, be comfortable on the guitar, learn songs faster.

Ultimately, my mission is to help you have much more fun fingerpicking on your guitar so you can cherish every moment with this wonderful instrument...

And do so with a smile on your face.

Dan Thorpe

Here are a few more nice words from other happy fingerpickers...

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*The BBC study on brain health was created as part of The Twinstitute series - Episode 4 of series 1, first aired in 2019