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Announcing: A simple "one-stop" solution to permanently end the feelings of being "lost", confused or overwhelmed with the guitar

if you're a frustrated guitarist Age 40+ And

you're Willing To Practice Daily...

I'll Give You A precise plan to

fix your bad habits

And help you:


...and Now Introducing the brand new '5 Song Club'

Watch These Short Videos To See What The Members Are Saying About The Academy

Logan Hager- Minnesota

Don Mehan- Georgia

Denise Gillard- Washington

Ronnie Kennedy- Texas

Art Stennett- Arkansas

Peter Yuca- Vancouver

Dear guitarist,

If you are constantly spinning your wheels with your guitar playing or you're a frustrated beginner...

Let me tell you a surprising story about a famous guitarist...

Eric Clapton was born in London at the end of WWII and, like most "post-war" kids, he had a tough upbringing.

...But when he saw Buddy Holly playing on TV one evening, Eric's heart raced with excitement...

...And he decided right then he was going to be a guitarist. 

But after weeks of practice, Eric threw his arms up in the air and later he said:

Photo by Ckuhl, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

"I couldn't even tune a guitar, let alone play one!"

He felt overwhelmed and you may know this feeling too.

He struggled to get his hand around the neck of the guitar and slow chord changes and buzzing notes were killing his motivation.

His songs didn't sound like actual songs at first!

Well, after months of long, hard practice, he started to improve, but then...

This shocking moment happened.

Eric took a beautiful girl to a coffee shop to show off his guitar skills, BUT...

Fear grabbed him by the throat, his face turned white, and he froze. 

He couldn't even play a single note.

The beautiful girl was embarrassed, the crowd laughed, and his shoulders slumped as he made the lonely journey home.

Even the "world's greatest guitarist" Was Once HUMILIATED!

That moment haunted Eric, and he even thought about quitting.

If you've ever had a mean comment about your guitar playing, you may have felt the same.

...But of course, Eric didn't quit.

Instead, he practiced methodically with proper technique...

...And after months of practice, he took to the stage.

He saw jaws dropping in the audiences of London's finest venues...

Night after night, Eric passionately played his now iconic signature licks and riffs. 

The transformation was complete. 

And the rest is history.

Imagine your fingers gliding up and down the fretboard as you play the music you love with confidence

Unlike Clapton, you probably do NOT want to play in front of 100,000s.

Instead, you probably want to play the songs YOU love for yourself.

...But maybe you have a secret desire to impress friends & family members, jam at open mics or church...

...Or even play in a band!

Plus, having strangers and loved ones compliment you on your playing is a wonderful bonus.

Well, all of this is 100% possible for you too.

With the right practice, I want to show you how to "connect all the dots" of guitar playing to make this happen. 

You can achieve your guitar dreams...

 Even if you only ever want to play for yourself

If you find yourself saying: 

“I have no ear for music, no plan, no motivation," or "I feel like I'm going backwards!” - 

...Well, let me tell you, one key reason is that guitar tuition is too random. 

Imagine going to the grocery store, but they only sell bananas.

You have to walk across the street to buy apples and go somewhere else to buy oranges. 

It's frustrating! 

That's how guitar tuition is for most of us.

The reason why is that most tutors are great players, but they've never learnt how to teach. 

They use a random scattergun way of teaching, which rarely works - especially with older adults.

So it's no surprise there are 100,000s of guitars gathering dust in attics across the world.

...And if you're struggling or you feel like your practice is going backwards, it all comes down to this one question:

What's your

"primary progress destroyer"?

In my 11+ years of teaching, I've found there are three main problems students face.

I call these the "Primary Progress Destroyers".

Do you suffer from any of these?

  • No Repertoire of Songs - Are your songs boring, hard to play, or don't sound like songs?
  • No Technique - Do you suffer from sore fingers, bad timing, or slow chord changes?
  • No Clear Practice Plan - Frustrated by not knowing exactly what to practice each day?

If your motivation is dwindling or you've hit a brick wall with your practice, likely...

It is NOT your fault.

In my vast teaching experience, I've found it's NOT a lack of ability that is causing your problems.

So be kind to yourself when practicing and watch out for those negative voices in your head.

You're very likely not "tone deaf" (that is statistically rare), you can develop your rhythm, and you DO have the skills to succeed wonderfully on the guitar...

That's why I've spent the last 5 years formulating and perfecting a simple solution called...

The "5G Accelerator System"

a.k.a the '10x Method' and 'Musicality Triggers'.

The five "secret" ingredients most guitarists need (and crave) to be able to succeed

The "5G Accelerator System"  is my unique method also known as the '10x Method' and 'Musicality Triggers'. (They are part of the same system that will help you learn songs faster).

It's trusted by 200+ monthly members who use it to play stunning music and to keep themselves from feeling lost on the guitar... for good.

With this method, you can confidently play your favourite songs and make any "confused" feelings a distant memory.

The "G" in the "5G Accelerator System" represents the word "goals".

These five specific goals are what often make the difference between a student succeeding or giving up the guitar.

In short, the "5G Accelerator System" is the roadmap to help and here it is in a nutshell:

  • #1 - A CLEAR AND CONCISE PRACTICE PLAN - Discover exactly what to practice to make fast improvements without feeling overwhelmed ever again.
  • #2 - PLAY STUNNING SONGS - Perform a repertoire of beautiful and timeless, beginner-friendly songs.
  • #3 - "CORE FUNDAMENTAL TECHNIQUE" - Improve all your technique to make everything you play "flow".
  • #4 - GET MOTIVATED - Guarantee your long-term progress with these proven methods to making practice "addictive".
  • #5 - IMPROVED MUSICALITY - Refine the "hidden" skills needed to play your songs like a pro and with clarity.

Give yourself a score for the above five areas on a scale of 1-10.

1 = awful.

10 = perfect.

Most guitarists are around a 3-6 If I’m honest, but you want to aim to score a 7 for each of the "5Gs".

Because even just struggling with one area can have a massive negative impact on your overall playing.


On the flip side, improving one of the 5Gs will help with the others and this will mean you will improve ALL of your playing.

Think of the "5Gs" of guitar playing like the armour of an ancient samurai protecting you against attacks of self-doubt and confusion.

Now, I'll show you how the "5G Accelerators" can help you improve each of these key areas so you can score a 7 at least, and then build confidently upwards from there…

...Meaning you will be able to cherish every moment you pick up your guitar.

Introducing The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy

The "One-Stop" Solution That Will 

Bring More Joy to Your Guitar Playing (and Life)...

 Almost Overnight

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is all about fun, clarity, and progress. 

Go at your own pace as you transform your songs, musicality, rhythm, chord changes, and motivation to practice...

...And you can make this progress in less time than it takes to watch your favourite TV show each day.

If you can tune up, you can use this to go from beginner to confident intermediate guitarist...starting today.

Here's what you will find:

  • Play your favourite songs with more confidence and musicality while getting rewarded with the brand-new '5 Song Club' Award
  • Fix years of bad habits in 29 minutes - Beat the 7 mostly deadly mistakes I see guitarists make with the new "Kickstarter" video.
  • Join a strong like-minded community of 200+ others keeping their brain sharp while making noticeable daily progress.

Plus, get $391 worth of FREE Bonuses Including My 5-Star Rated Guitarists Get theory book Posted to your door

Zoom Video Strategy Call

Here are just a few happy owners of the Guitarists Get Theory book 

(which is not available elsewhere in paperback form)...

The "Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy" has been specifically created for beginner guitarists aged 40+.

Discover the best of fingerpicking, strumming, folk, Travis picking, blues...

...And other classic acoustic styles.

The academy is ideal if you're new to the guitar or you've been trying to learn for years.

And it will remove ALL the randomness from your guitar playing for good.

In fact, this is the closest thing to one-to-one tuition I can offer you.

However, it is NOT for everyone.

Here's what I mean by this:

The "Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy" is a monthly membership.

It requires your commitment.

There are no "magic bullets" with the guitar.

...But if you're willing to stick with the lessons and trust my methods...

I can guarantee you far more happiness with your guitar playing.


James Nevins


Allan Fowler Sr.

"Enjoying this so much, 'unlocking the frets' is what I’ve been looking for. Finally, someone is taking away the mystery! Thanks so much for connecting things."

Deborah Davis


John Buckland

"Been with the group three months, doing the things I am now is so satisfying. The course and instructional videos are so inspiring."

John Hall

"Thanks for the excellent and achievable plan! helping me a lot! The way you explain it makes it so easy to play something that sounds really cool in a flash!"

Dr. Kim Knock

The 3 Simple Steps To Making Rapid Progress Starting Today

Follow the simple HD Video Lessons and TAB/Notation

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is designed to be very simple to use.

It contains clear and concise lessons you can use at your own pace confidently from Day 1.

There are three easy steps to help you make rapid progress:


Get Started with confidence!

...And Fix Years Worth of Bad Habits in just 29 minutes

Once you join, you'll be sent your login details and you can access it immediately so you can:

  • Begin With Clarity - Log in and watch the short "Welcome Video" showing you how to easily use the membership, slow down the videos, turn on subtitles, and quickly navigate your way around.
  • Introduce Yourself - Join the community and see how others just like you are making progress and how you will not be learning on your own ever again.
  • Fix the 7 Most Deadly Mistakes 99% Guitarists Make - This 29-minute video contains the most important lessons I have ever taught. These unusual tips have helped transform the playing of many students and will help you right away.

The above will get you off to a flying start and give you an instant shot of confidence... but the next step is where the fun stuff really begins...


Go From Beginner To Intermediate 

...At Your Own Pace using the secret

"In Focus"  Essentials Course

Would you like the exact same course I teach to private students who pay me $1000s per year to learn?

Well, you can get it, but only inside the Academy and here's just a snippet of the game-changing lessons inside:

  • Instantly discover how to improve your technique, musicality, songs, rhythm, aural skills, and the other keys to playing songs stunningly and musically.
  • The single most important course I've taught, where everything is organised in a logical, progressive, and clear way.
  • Discover The Secrets of Effortless Technique, how to end tension, pain, and soreness (especially important for preventing arthritis).
  • Get The "Chord-Changing JumpStart" lessons, the Essentials of Rhythm lessons, "Unlock" the fretboard in 7 days, co-ordinate your hands like a pro, and end the curse of buzzing notes, plucking wrong strings, and slow fingers!
  • Plus, you'll discover QuickStart Guides To Strumming, Fingerstyle, and Blues... and even how to improve your memory using an odd 122-year-old simple trick.

Go through the course, one lesson per week.

Yes, it's that simple, but do this and in one year, you will go on the journey of becoming an intermediate guitarist. 

Of course, you can go faster or slower, but doing one lesson per week from this course is a comfortable amount for 99% of students.


Get my latest ground-breaking discoveries

...Direct to your inbox on the 1st of every month

On the 1st of each month, you get three brand-new monthly "5G Accelerator" video lessons (which come with full TAB/notation).

You can use these lessons as and when you like, and they feature my latest discoveries from my teaching studio, the newest techniques, and the most exciting songs taught lately.

You get lifetime access to these monthly lessons so you can use them at a pace that suits you without feeling overwhelmed. Here are the three types of lessons you get:

  • New "Deep Dive" Lesson - Discover a brand-new and exciting song or technique guaranteed to add more joy to your playing.
  • New "Transformation" Tip - Improve a specific problem area with a laser-focused lesson on a new discovery taken from my teaching studio.
  • New Two-Minute Challenge - Make noticeable progress with these highly motivating lessons which are perfect if you're short on time...

....Speaking of motivation, here's one of the most game-changing and motivating things I have added to the Academy. 

Brand-new to the Academy: 

Stay motivated and get rewarded with...

Can you play five songs yet?

The first big goal I give all students is to learn 5 songs from start to finish.

To get you to reach this goal faster, I've introduced the '5 Song Club' Award. 


Learn five songs, and show us how to play them in a video, and you will join an exclusive bunch of guitarists.

The '5 Song Club' is a unique way to motivate you, give you a clear goal, and gain more confidence, prestige, and respect.

The songs can be very simple, and you don't have to play them like Clapton. The "5-Song Club" is about motivation, fun, and supporting you on your journey.

After all, support is key. Speaking of which, in the Academy, you'll:

Get support, 

motivation, and accountability

  • Get Support From Me - Have questions? Email me and I'll answer with specific advice ASAP (this is the only place I do this).
  • Get Accountability - Need help sticking to a practice plan and making time to practice, we will help you here... especially important when the going gets tough. 
  • Get Social - Interact with other members and benefit from a collective community spirit of like-minded others.
  • Get Prizes - Use the lessons and move up the "Leaderboard". Each month, the top 3 members (plus another random lucky member) will get prizes posted to you. This is NOT skill based, but rather it's all about taking part.
  • Get a Learning Buddy - Find yourself a partner to learn alongside. Share tips, communicate, and jam with them on- or offline for faster progress!

The above level of support means you will never again feel like you're learning on your own.

Plus, as a member, you get discounts on my other courses.

You will even get a free month's membership for every friend you refer. 

Yes, there are plenty of perks in the Academy, but don't forget...


Larry Fleeman

"Love it. I’m learning it by each section as you describe. Well motivated. Thanks. I can hear myself getting better"

William Jones

"I like this plan. I’ve been hopping around too much because there are a lot of things I want to learn. This is keeping me very focused."

Martin Felien

"I was feeling the pressure but now I’m much more relaxed! Another really useful lesson of really sensible ideas that I’ve never had the common sense to work out for myself!"

Phil Warrington


Mike Schott

"That is too cool for words, I’m still working to get Part I locked in. New stuff is exciting even to an oldee! Great for my preparation for our special weekend at the Lake House with the family! The kids will love it and so will I!"

Ronald Occhionero (aka "Dr. O.")


Roxanne Hobbs

"Reach improved and shoulder and wrist strain gone…getting used to it and starting to like it…Thanks.."

R.J. Clark

"This is such a beautiful melody. Worth knowing this one for sure! Am getting closer and closer with repetition."

Stephen Russo

"Absolutely loving this, someone heard me practicing and said how good it sounded! I never imagined I would even attempt it but i am getting on really well with it. Thanks Dan for the brilliant lessons."

Joanne Crook

The main thing is, you will learn in a clear and concise way and make real progress without frustration.

Who Exactly Is the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy For?

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is specifically for you if:

  • You're an acoustic guitarist who wants to learn in an easygoing way
  • You like fingerpicking, strumming, blues, folk and other classic acoustic styles
  • You want to learn at your own pace with a clear plan
  • You are an adult learner age 40+
  • You're a beginner or early intermediate guitarist looking to improve
  • You sometimes need more support, motivation, and encouragement

WARNING: Who Should AVOID This...

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is likely NOT for you if:

  • You're already an advanced guitarist
  • You want to learn complex theory, advanced chords, or "modes"
  • You play metal, jazz, "shred" or other non-acoustic based styles.
  • You are not willing to commit time to improving your guitar skills...

Speaking of Commitment... Let's Be Realistic!

If you are NOT willing to put in the time required, this will not work. 

You don't need to practice for hours per day, but...

You do need at least some good practice time most days per week to make proper progress. 

The academy will help, but you have to put your hand up and say:

"I'm ready to give it my best"...

Even if that just means committing a small amount of your time to practicing each day.  

think you're not good enough?

here's why you too can succeed

Every single student I have ever taught doubted their own ability to play the guitar at some point.

Eric Clapton struggled, so did I, and many of my students struggled...

But every student who stuck with the guitar made wonderful progress. They can now play beautiful music and they now have massive confidence in their playing.

...Because they didn't quit.

You can have this too. 

Even Carlos, who had a brain injury, said this:

"I’m turning 50 this summer and suffer from a traumatic brain injury. I love the way Dan makes it so simple to understand. It’s super fun and I absolutely love it.

I don’t even feel like I’m practicing. Yesterday I practiced for almost 2 whole hours and didn’t even realize."

I truly believe from my vast teaching experience that ANYONE can play guitar and that the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy can help you too.

...But don't just take it from me, you can read what other members have said recently:

You will get these bonuses for FREE

Bonus #1 - The Guitarists Get Theory Book - FREE

"The Guitar Theory book is wonderful. It takes away so much mystery about the fretboard." - Deborah Davis

Regular Price $97

Music theory doesn't have to be boring or frustrating. Instead, my popular Guitarists Get Theory book has the answers all laid out for you in a clear and easy-to-understand way. 

You get the paperback version (not available anywhere else) posted to your door for FREE. Read at your own pace and discover how to "connect the dots" in your playing with this book that ties in perfectly with the academy. 

"This book, in the span of an hour has taught me more than I've learned in the last decade"

- John G.

"Well written, easy to understand and fun to understand what it is we do."

- Larry A

"The book is awesome I would recommend it to beginners."

- William J.

Bonus #2 - Free Strategy Call

"Join me on a free Zoom call where I can help you save a tonne of time and give you specific advice"

Regular Price $97

Zoom Video Strategy Call

Got specific questions or issues you need help with? The single best way to solve them is to tap into my vast wealth of experience. I usually charge $97 for a 30-minute call, but when you join, you get a 30-minute strategy call/lesson for free. 

We will get on a call at a time that suits you. I will tell you exactly what you need to do to immediately accelerate your progress. You can use this anytime in the future and it doesn't expire.

Bonus #3 - The Rapid Results Fun Bundle

"Get these FUN fast lessons to learn quicker than ever"

Regular Price $197

Learning guitar should be fun and you should be able to see progress. That's why the Rapid Results Bundle contains over 80 quick lessons featuring my best ear training tests, fretboard "quizzes", Two-Minute Challenges, and more surprise tutorials. 

My one-to-one students love these little eye-opening challenges. Did you know challenges and tests are proven to help speed up your progress? They're also ideal if you want some quick guitar-playing fun on a "rainy day" or when you need some fast inspiration. It's all inside this bundle.

The above 3 bonuses are yours to keep

...Even if you choose to leave the Academy

My hope is that you will enjoy the academy so much that you do not want to leave...

But if you do, you will still have 100% access to the bonuses AND any monthly lessons that were released while you were a member. 

Okay, so you might be thinking:

"Dan, this all sounds too good to be true, is there some sort of contract when I join?"

The answer is a definite "No"...

There is NO contract!

You can quit anytime

Should you ever want to leave the Academy, I make it easy to do so.

Simply send us a quick email or head to the Member's Area and quit with a few clicks of a button. 

Rest assured, we will take care of ending your membership immediately, and the payments will instantly STOP.

How much does it cost?

At some point, I will increase the price of membership for new members to $47, maybe $57 or more.

I haven't raised the price since 2019, yet running costs and inflation have increased massively in that time. 

...But if you join today, you will only pay $37 per month, forever.

Never a penny more.

So for less than $1.24 per day, you will get my huge wealth of experience on hand whenever you need it.

You get the culmination of 1000s of hours of my tuition experience, the ground-breaking "5G Accelerator" method, and a unique support network of like-minded guitarists...

That will pretty much guarantee that you make wonderful progress right away.

A Quick Summary Of How It Works

For clarity, here is how the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy works:

  • Log in, watch the welcome video, introduce yourself and then make rapid progress with the "Kickstarter" video. (Takes less than 45 minutes.)
  • Start your journey to becoming a confident intermediate guitarist today using the clearly laid out "In Focus" HD video course. 
  • Use the new breakthrough monthly video lessons when you are ready (no rush and use them at your own pace)
  • Enjoy all the perks of the membership as and when you like (includes direct support from me, the '5 Song Club' Award, discounts, prizes, and the community.)

Remember, the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is specifically designed for you to use at your own pace. 

The more you use it, the better your results will be...

...BUT... the academy is flexible to suit your busy life.  

The bottom line is this...

The structured lessons and clear plan are designed to remove doubt, fear, and anxiety so you can enjoy your playing with confidence. 

In a Nutshell

Why The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy will help you

Get the exact steps needed to go from beginner to confident intermediate guitarist in one year or less using a clear and highly motivating plan.

  • Get the brand-new and exciting monthly lessons where I share my latest breakthroughs and show you how to play my newest and most stunning songs and arrangements.
  • Fix your bad habitstransform your technique, and turbocharge your musicality with the In Focus course – This is the exact course private students pay me 1000s to learn and is the only course you need that will take you from first steps to confident intermediate guitarist.
  • Get support, accountability, rewards, and join a like-minded community... And brand new to the academy, you can now join the ‘5 Song Club’ where you get on the honours board and you’ll be rewarded for achieving the first goal all guitarists should aim for.

…And just for trying out the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy

Get $391 worth of bonuses to keep foreverincludes a free Zoom coaching call with me, the Rapid Results bundle of exclusive lessons, and my Guitarists Get Theory book (worth $97) posted to your door for free.

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy has been specifically created for adult acoustic guitarists looking to have more fun fingerpicking, Travis picking, and jamming folk, rock, pop and blues, while learning a variety of beautiful but simple fingerstyle and strumming songs and arrangements.

Join today and get on the road to being the guitarist you want to be - starting now.

For a limited time, you can join for just $57 $47 $37 Per Month

YES DAN! I want to join the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy RIGHT NOW for Just $37 Per Month

Please Note:

There are no refunds on this. Most people who join have already purchased other products of mine and know they are of high quality and will help. That said, you are NOT tied into a contract and you can leave at any point.

  • Get started with a clear and concise action plan from day 1
  • The BRAND new Monthly "5G Accelerator Method" Lessons
  • Support, help, and Accountability as and when you need it
  • Bonus #1 - Guitarists Get Theory Book Posted to your door (Value $97)
  • Bonus #2 - Free Zoom Strategy call (Value $97)
  • Bonus #3 - The Rapid Results Fun Bundle (Value $197)
  • The "No Fuss and No contract" Quit any time Guarantee

Special Re-Launch Price: $57, $47 per month

Today Join For Just $37 per month

Get A Discount For A Longer Membership

Join for 6 Months and Get a 
10% Discount





As soon as you say "Yes!" you'll begin this exciting journey right away

Once you hit the "YES, I want to order" button, this is what will happen...

On the next page, you will fill out your details and payment, and then your login details will be emailed to you (please enter your email accurately) along with your bonuses.

You'll get instant access to the academy and bonuses, and the Guitarists Get Theory book will be posted out the same day...

All so you can start making progress immediately.

And you'll also be given a priority email address where you can get support from me anytime, should you need it.

It's Time To Put An End To Browsing

YouTube And Buying Random Courses... For Good

Remember, you will get the following:

A Clear And Concise Plan

build a Repertoire Of stunning Songs

Highly Motivating Lessons 

Improve Your "Musicality" Skills from day 1

Fix Bad Habits and Improve Your Technique 

Here's why I'm Confident you can have great success from me

In the past, you've probably tried books, courses, and lessons from other tutors, which were a waste of money. 

...And you might be wondering... why learn from me?

Great question.

Well, unlike most guitar tutors, I have over 11 years of experience teaching beginner students who are aged 40+.

My methods resonate with older students who want a clear plan and to build confidence while having fun.

I'm also qualified to teach, but far more importantly, I get REAL results for students like you from DAY 1.

My 1st ever Registry of Guitar Tutors certificate!

Just see the 629+ reviews and ratings on my two best-selling Amazon books for proof. 

Those books are great, but a book is not the same as the ongoing help, support, and advice I can give you in the academy (this is the only place you can truly tap into my vast teaching and playing experience).

Just imagine this Happening in the next few weeks

Picture yourself relaxing in your garden. 

You enjoy sipping a cold drink on a hot day, and the birds are chirping above you. 

You confidently strum, fingerpick, and jam...

And you watch in awe as your fingers elegantly play the songs you love. 

Powerful memories are brought back to you. Memories such as the first dance from your wedding, songs that remind you of your kids, or even old tunes a loved one would play on the piano. 

The music washes over you like a waterfall and you play without a care in the world.

And when your neighbours and loved ones hear you play, their eyes will widen as they are stunned by your playing. 

Life is short, and you live it fully, feeling vibrant, energetic, and truly happy with your guitar in hand.

Remember, this can happen for you.

It starts by taking action, so click the button below to begin this new journey today...

you have a choice to make

Choice #1: Put the Random Pieces of the Jigsaw Together Yourself

Sure, you can try to learn guitar on your own.

...But that means spending weeks and even months trying to put together a plan of all the random fragments of lessons out there. 

And who knows, you might get lucky and not waste more time and money than you already have. 

If you want to go down this route, that's fine as most people do...

Remember though, most people end up giving up and letting their guitar gather dust in the attic along with regrets of what could have been.

But there's a smarter choice...

Choice #2: Let Me Put the jigsaw together for you!

Why try to reinvent the wheel when instead you can have the exact blueprint to guitar-playing success today?

This is the quickest, easiest, and smartest way to learn guitar. These are the exact same lessons that have given 1000s of students huge success on the guitar. 

You can get started playing beautiful music with a lifetime of guitar-playing joy. 

Begin in as little as 30 seconds and be on the road to transforming your playing today.

So let me ask...

  • What impact would it make in your life to make big improvements to your guitar playing right away?
  • How would you feel being able to play beautiful music, knowing exactly what to practice, and being 100% confident you are steering your ship in the right direction?

For the price of a 30-minute guitar lesson each month...

You can remove the headaches of trying to learn guitar alone - forever!

Think about all the time, energy, and cost you'll save with this pro advice at your fingertips.

Thanks for reading and remember this...

The guitar can give you more happiness in life and more self-belief in everything you do.

I want to help you because I know how the academy can transform your guitar playing forever just like it has for so many others already.

Thanks again,

Dan Thorpe

See these comments on just some of the lessons from other members

Diane Beatty

Diane Beatty I’m actually surprised, I got this almost down. I like the palm muting, and the finger picking of this piece, not only that the hammer ons and offs are coming along. Really fun to do!


 Jack Edmunds Sr

Jack Edmunds Sr. What I really like about DTAA is it is a structured course. You have specific lessons to work on for the month. I think it is great that depending on one's experience level, they can focus on these specific lessons or find other material to learn if they breeze through the lessons for the month.

 Roxanne Lee

Roxanne Lee Wow! I was just screaming this tune on my Ibanez electric and I surprised myself that I could actually play it! You’re a wonderful teacher and music arranger!


 Nancy Bradnick

Nancy Bradnick Oh my gosh thank you for doing this song! Awesome lesson. Level 2 is perfect for practicing musicality. This makes me very happy😎

Tim Sowell

Tim Sowell One of the things I love about your instruction is bringing up things like the elbow shoulder axis…. all hints like that are really invaluable!!! Thanks!!


James Hooper

James Hooper One of the most beneficial lessons to me in my first year of DTAA!I know you’ve hit these strategies before but the timing here for me is perfect. Really seeing a difference. Thanks!

Peter Roberts

Peter Roberts I’ve watched pro guitar players and always wondered how they can move up and down all the frets. That’s a cool lesson Dan and knocks on a few doors for opening the mind to some lead melodies. Thanks!

Diane Heaton

Diane Heaton I love the comments about the guitar position being against the heart, and has a special meaning for me I want to thank you for the addition of the closed captioning. Since I wear hearing aids, it’s a plus for me.

Your Questions Answered

I’ve bought lots of books and courses, but never seem to finish them. How is this different?

This is unlike anything out there. Most courses are too long, complex, and confusing for struggling beginners. 

Here, you get a "one-stop" solution to learning guitar, the best of both worlds - the power and ease of use of instantly accessible lessons ordered in a clear way AND the support of a real teacher and community but at a fraction of the cost of private tuition.

Is there a monthly fee?

Yes, to be clear, this costs $37 per month. For that, you get the new monthly lessons, over $391 worth of bonuses to keep forever, and all your guitar tuition needs are taken care of quickly and easily. 

Remember, you can quit anytime and there is no contract.

How safe is your site when putting my card details in?

It is as secure as humanly possible. We use the latest high-tech protection and have daily website scans to make sure we are 100% secure.

I'm a brand-new beginner. Will it work for me?

If you've never played before, you will need to begin with my Breakthrough Beginner course. 

You can purchase this course separately or get it for free (upon request) when you join the Academy. 

Just be aware, the lessons in the Academy are aimed at guitarists who have at least 1 month's playing experience. 

Is this for electric or acoustic guitarists?

It is primarily for acoustic guitarists, and everything is taught on the acoustic guitar inside.

We focus on acoustic techniques such as fingerpicking, strumming, Travis picking, acoustic blues, and more. Saying that, everything you learn inside can easily be played on an electric and many students enjoy playing both types of guitars.

Do I need to be able to read TAB?

No, every note is taught in step-by-step video, which you can slow down and watch as many times as you like.

All the lessons come with full TAB and notation and I do teach how to read TAB in a simple and confidence-building way though, should you wish to learn.

I have small arthritic hands and struggle with chords. Will it help?

The “Kickstarter" video will instantly help with your chord changes and technique.   


...But also, the whole membership is designed to help you play beautiful music without pain, no matter how hard you've found playing the guitar in the past.  All in a laid-back and easy-to-follow way.

How do I access the course? Is something posted to my house?

This is an online membership, which you can access immediately, meaning you can begin this new chapter of your guitar-playing journey in just seconds.


Plus, you will get the Guitarists Get Theory book (worth $97 and not available elsewhere) posted to your door for free upon joining.

How long do I get access to the lessons for?

You have LIFETIME access to all the new monthly lessons that are released while you are a member.


You will also get lifetime access to the three bonuses (worth $391) and the Guitarists Get Theory book is yours to keep forever. 

Why do you not offer refunds for this?

Mainly to prevent people from joining to get the book for free and then quitting and asking for a refund.

Most students who join the Academy have already purchased one or more of my other products and know they are high quality. 

Even though there are no refunds, don't forget you can quit easily and anytime. 

Is it true if I quit, I can't come back?

Yes. When I used to teach full time, some students would stop lessons for a bit, come back, and stop again. Ultimately, they were just not committed enough and usually quit for good. 

It's the same with this membership. I used to allow people to come back, but some would blitz my time with lots of questions, quit, rejoin, and then just quit again, and keep spinning their wheels.

Since not allowing quitters to come back, the quality of the membership and the community has risen dramatically. 

For a limited time, you can join for just $57 $47 $37 Per Month

YES DAN! I want to join the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy RIGHT NOW for Just $37 Per Month

Please Note:

There are no refunds on this. Most people who join have already purchased other products of mine and know they are of high quality and will help. That said, you are NOT tied into a contract and you can quit at any point.

  • Get started with a clear and concise action plan from day 1
  • The BRAND new Monthly "5G Accelerator Method" Lessons
  • unlimited Support, help, and Accountability as and when you need it
  • Bonus #1 - Guitarists Get Theory Book Posted to your door (Value $97)
  • Bonus #2 - Free Zoom Strategy call (Value $97)
  • Bonus #3 - The Rapid Results Fun Bundle (Value $197)
  • The "No Fuss and No contract" Quit any time Guarantee

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