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Guarantee #1:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I 1,000% know you will love your incredible free gift, or I will return your shipping fees... and you can KEEP the gifts anyway.

That includes the 'Cheatsheet' poster, Pen, picks, and even the Guitarists Get Theory book. That’s right. You don’t have to send anything back.

Just email the address on your receipt and we’ll return your investment with zero hassle and no hard feelings. I know the likelihood of that happening is very VERY low.

But I still want to make myself crystal clear: there is NO risk to you.

So if you feel the value is just not as promised on this page, then I’ll personally return your initial investment and we’ll STILL part as friends...;)


Guarantee #2:

VIP Support

We guarantee you will get our full VIP support from day 1.

Me and my assistant will hold your hand and make sure you never get lost or stuck using the the Academy.

I want you to know I'm not just some faceless guitar tutor who is here today and will be gone tomorrow. I've been teaching full-time for 10-years+, have built up a loyal community, and have more passion for teaching than ever.

...So if you ever have any questions, you'll receive a response within a 24 hour period.

365-Day Guarantee

Guarantee #3:

My Iron-Clad, 365-Day Guarantee

Use the lessons as much as you like for a full 12 months.

And at the end of the 12 months, if you are still not 100% satisfied with the value we’re able to provide, and if you have not experienced an OUNCE of guitar playing success, then I’ll STILL return your initial investment.

Can you name another guitar tutor that would do that for you?

That just goes to show you how much we care about you achieving the guitar success you deserve. And we’ll make sure it happens, or again... we’ll give you back your initial shipping investment, every penny, and you can still keep the gifts on us.

See These Comments on Just Some of the Lessons from Other Members

 Jack Edmunds Sr

Jack Edmunds Sr. What I really like about DTAA is it is a structured course. You have specific lessons to work on for the month. I think it is great that depending on one's experience level, they can focus on these specific lessons or find other material to learn if they breeze through the lessons for the month.

Ian Avery

Ian Whitaker I am very impressed with your teaching style. You explain everything really clearly and do not lose me on the way. It is note-for-note tuition and this is EXACTLY what I need. You have obviously taught many students over the years and it comes over.


Mike Copeland

Mike Carlson I’ve tried private lessons and online courses as well as You Tube instruction, etc., you know the drill! I wanted a “one stop shop” experience so as not to jump around to different instructors. The DTAA is the right fit for me at this point in my journey. I look forward to being a member of this academy as well as hearing about the successes and challenges of the other members.

Greg Michaels

Greg Bates I am probably just another in a long line of students that simply want to say thank you. Since joining I can now say that I am improving because you have somehow put it all together for me. I now see that there is daylight at the end of this long dark tunnel of doubt I have been down. It is finally happening.


Dennis Sullivan

Dennis Roberts My name is Dennis and I am in my second month with DTAA.I am 75 years old and have been on the stop/start guitar merry go round for most of those 75 years. For the first time ever I look forward to playing each day.

Jim Powers

Jim Knoll Jim here. Retired old geezer living in St. Augustine, FL. Love Dan’s approach and teaching style. Just finishing up my first month in DTAA. Have commented a few times and your support is fantastic. I’m seeing progress and loving the DTAA – thanks!


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve bought lots of books and courses, but never seem to finish them. How is this different?

This is unlike anything out there. It not just some 'course' you use once and never again. Instead, this is a fully fledged "one-stop" solution to learning guitar. You get the best of both worlds....

Easy to follow organized lessons at your fingertips that you can use anytime... AND the support of a real teacher and community but at a fraction of the cost of private tuition..

If you're an adult guitarist who loves fingerpicking, strumming, rock, pop and blues, you will absolutely love the lessons on show.

How does the free trial work?

Let us work with you step-by-step to help tranform your guitar playing life without the heachaches. No gimmicks. No funny business. At the end of your 14-day free trial, once you agree the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy is the key to playng guitar with true freedom, then you don’t have to do a thing, and we’ll automatically enroll you into our monthly Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy subscription of just $47/mo. Cancel anytime without any hassle.

How safe is your site when putting my card details in?

It is as secure as possible. We use the latest high-tech protection and have daily website scans to make sure we are 100% secure.

When will I receive my free gift?

When you sign up today for the 14-day free trial of the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy you’ll receive instant access to all of the free digital downloads on the order confirmation page. For the physical goods including the Guitarists Get Theory book, exclusive "Big Goal" Cheatsheet, guitar picks, etc, then please allow 2 to 3 weeks for them to arrive.

Is All Of This Value Really FREE?! What's the catch?

Yes, it's true! There’s no catch. When you say "maybe" today, you can secure up to $3,857 of ‘guitar playing secrets,’ including step-by-step guidance to help you learn stunning songs, know exactly what to practice, and transform your playing today.

All we ask is that you cover the one-time small payment of just $19.95 for printing, shipping, & handling. This isn't some collection of lame PDFs you can download... I love receiving packages and I prefer physical books and real practical stuff that I can keep next to my guitar over PDFs ALWAYS.

The initial $19.95 printing & shipping fee will seem insignificant, especially when you realise you won't need to spend any money an countless books or random courses, or waste any more precious time searching YouTube for the answers. Everything you need to suceed on the guitar is here in the Academy.

Do I need to be able to read TAB?

No, every note is taught in step-by-step HD video, which you can slow down and watch as many times as you like... And each video comes with optional subtitles which are great if you sometimes struggle to hear clearly.

...Yet all the lessons do come with full TAB and notation. I even teach how to read TAB in a simple and confidence-building way though, should you wish to learn.

I am 65 and have struggled on and off with guitar. I like your teaching, but will this work for me at my age?

Age does NOT matter. 65 years young is good age to learn. You have life experience, passion for music, and possibly a little more time to enjoy this wonderful instruement now. We have a 92-year-old beginner as a member, and he is doing great. If he can do it, you can too!

I have small arthritic hands and struggle with chords. Will it help?

Yes, the Kickstarter lesson will help immediately. Most people are never taught to play with proper technique but this is the first thing I teach my students. Simple technical fixes that work if you have tiny hands or large 'sausage fingers' ...And also, the whole membership is designed to help you play beautiful music without pain, no matter how hard you've found playing the guitar in the past. It's all taught in a laid-back and easy-to-follow way.

How long do I get access to the lessons for?

You have LIFETIME access to all the new monthly lessons that are released while you are a member... And you get to keep all the lessons in the welcome bundle (worth $3,857) forever just for trying out the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy. 

What If I'm Not Satisfied With My Subscription?

This is highly unlikely. However, with that said, if you don't find your Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy subscription useful, including the $3,857 worth of ‘guitar secrets’ given to you for free today... then you can cancel anytime and we'll part as friends. ;)

We'd hate for you to sign up for a Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy account and it just sits there empty. So, if you are part of the small percentage of people that don't find the academy useful, then you can cancel anytime and we won't hold it against you.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

We don't have a guarantee... we have THREE! That's right. We are guaranteeing your order 3X so you can know for certainty this is the RIGHT move to make, today!

We guarantee a 14-day 100% refund, which means you can test drive us for a full 14 days risk free, and if you don't like us, then you can simply email me and we'll refund your initial investment, and you can keep the free gifts on me. ;)

We guarantee your success! Once you sign up, you'll have complete support from me and my assistant who are there to help answer questions you may have..

We also have a rare 365-day guarantee... which says if you do not experience positive business results using Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy for a full calendar year, then I'll still refund your initial investment.

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