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The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy
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I’m so excited to officially welcome you to the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy, and to our ‘Six String Lifers’ community!

My goal with Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy (or "DTAA" as we often call if for short) is to...

Help you 10x your guitar playing progress, and get you playing real songs, transforming your technique...

....So your heart races with excitement everytime you practice the guitar…

Okay, let's get ready to hit the ground running?

Here Are The 3 CRITICAL Access Details You Need To Get Started:

Step 1 - Your Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy Trial Account

To access your new Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy plan, watch for a SEPARATE email in your inbox with the subject line:

(DTAA) Welcome to the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy!

Follow the instructions inside that email. This is how you’ll setup your account and get started with Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy!

Step #2 - Join the Facebook Group

Once you get your Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy trial set up, let’s get you in the Facebook group if you aren't already a member.

There is a whole community inside the DTAA but this Facebook group is a great addition to Academy where you can interact with 1000s of other people who have purchased Dan Thorpe products. 

Coming soon... I'll be creating an exclusive DTAA Facebook group where each day we’ll share tips, tricks and lessons from the DTAA to help you get the best out of it, and so we can answer you questions immediately...

>>> For now, I hope you will join us in the Fingerstyle 101 Facebook group here <<<

Step #3 - Access All Of Your Amazing BONUSES…

You'll receive an email with a link to access your account.

This is where you’ll find all the tools and training that you signed up for, like:

  • The 'No Chord Fingerstyle' Course
  • The Downloadable Version of the 'Big Goal' Cheat Sheet
  • The Rapid Results 'GQC' Trainings
  • Access to the 'Five Song Club' Award
  • ...And of course... The $3000 In Focus Course

Also, note we will be sending out your welcome pack, including The Six String Lifer's Handbook and bundle of goodies, in the post ASAP!!! 

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