Can you play and recognise

this SIMPLE piece of music on the guitar?

Hint: It's one of the most famous songs of all time, and you've probably sang it many times

Try it now, because, if you can pLAY this Tune...

You are officially better than 93% of guitarists out there

Do you know what the above piece of music is?

If not, keep reading to find out the name of this incredibly simple piece of music...

...But, firstly, if you struggle to play it...

Or you can't read TAB...

...Or you find that playing any piece of music is hard, read on.

...Because just like my student Lee, who suffered from arthritis, you too can reach your guitar-playing dreams.

In fact, this is what he once told me:

"My neighbors laughed when I got a guitar, but now they all want to hear me play and learn too!"

..And what happened next shocked me.

You see, in 2021 I authored two best-selling Amazon books with 629 reviews to date...

And a student called Lee purchased one of these books. 

He had been struggling on the guitar for months.

He only wanted to play for himself and maybe do a few open mics, but...

His neighbours joked about how bad his playing was when they heard him practising night after night

Even though Lee laughed with them, and he knew they were joking, deep down, he felt crushed. 

It was like his playing was going backwards and he was playing all the right notes, but in the wrong order!

So Lee bit the bullet and booked lessons with me. 

And as he stepped into my studio, this tough retired firefighter dropped this bombshell and said:

"My wife laughed at me when I tried playing her favorite song"

Lee told me how he would hide away and practise in near silence. 

How he was jealous of his guitar-playing friends.

And how his arthritic fingers were so sore they looked like they were about to bleed.

You may know this feeling.

...But Lee had no idea that all this time he was lacking something, which is...

The ONE critical thing almost certainly slowing down your progress

This one strange solution gave him more progress in 7 days than he had made in the previous few months.

You see, for years, I specialised in teaching those learning guitar later on in life, And I had a really good method...

But with Lee, I decided to try something unusual...

It was a new routine inspired by a simple gym workout that helped me lose weight...

...And this simple 4-minute workout contained the key secrets I'd discovered from guitar legends such as Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, and more...

I showed Lee some easy one-finger chords, instantly recognisable riffs, and simple technique-building exercises. Then I told him:

"Don't think. Just do exactly what I do and I guarantee you will see results."

In moments, Lee was more relaxed.

The burning passion for the guitar was glistening in his eyes, and he grabbed his phone to film me doing the routine.

This meant he knew exactly what to practise each day.

When he came back for his next lesson a week later, I was stunned. 

He excitedly told me how a few days later he bit the bullet...

...And played his wife's favourite song to her again - Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight".

Lee was nervous she would laugh again, but this time...

She was amazed.

The beautiful melody brought tears to her eyes. 

And as this song had been "their song" for 40 years...

Lee said it rekindled a spark in their marriage.

Now fast forward to today...

Lee loves practising, his arthritis is no longer hurting his progress, he feels his brain health is better, and he often jams with his friends.  

And they're now jealous of him! 

He's even impressed total strangers at his local open-mic night.

...But what's more special is him regaining his self-worth and confidence.

Lee said, "I feel like more of a man again. It's like I've turned the clock back 40 years".

One of the pieces of music I started Lee off with was "Happy Birthday" (the piece of music at the top of this page).

But there are simpler, more inspiring, and more exciting songs I have discovered that all my students are loving...

And if you've got 5 minutes, then I guarantee to help you learn guitar, using a simple system that's rapidly helped more than 23,434 guitarists...

...Despite most having never played before 🎸😊. Find out more here.

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