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"The Super Mini Songbook"

Beat Your Guitar Playing Demons With Three Classic Songs Taught Like Never Before

The Super Mini Songbook

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House of The Rising Sun

#1 - No Capo (Full Speed)

#2 - No Capo (Slow Speed)

#3 – Capo 5 (Full Speed)

#4 – Capo 5 (Slow Speed)

Amazing Grace

#1 – Both Parts Combined (Full Speed)

#2 – Both Parts Combined (Slow Speed)

#3 – Melody Only (Full Speed)

#4 – MELODY Only (Slow Speed)

#5 – Rhythm Only (Full Speed)

#6 – Rhythm Only (Slow Speed)

When The Saints Go Marching In

#1 – No Capo (Full Speed)

#2 – No Capo (Slow Speed)

#3 – No Capo (Very Slow Speed)

#4 – Capo 5 (Full Speed)

#5 – Capo 5 (Slow Speed)

#6 – CAPO 5 (Very Slow Speed)

"The Guitar Doctor"

35 Quick Tips to Fix Your Bad Habits, Heal Your Technique, and Transform Your Playing!

The Guitar Doctor

Blues Breaker (Full Speed)

Blues Breaker (Slow Speed)

"Fingerstyle 101 - Free Chapter"

A powerful chapter from my best-selling fingerpicking book!

Fingerstyle 101 v3
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