If you can tune your guitar, you too can:

Make More Progress In 7 Days Than Most Guitarists Make In 7 Years

…Using an easy to follow 4-minute per day routine and all without complex chords, impossible scales, and boring theory.

Sound unbelievable? Not if you believe the 23,434 who’ve made rapid progress

Think you're too old to learn guitar? Struggle with arthritis or small hands? Well, my average student age is 67. In fact, many struggled for years BUT from Day 1 of this course, they saw results that shocked them.

You can join them too and easily play songs people love, improve your "musical memory" and get the holy grail of playing... "unlocking" the fretboard. 

  • How to instantly fix the biggest issue that causes most guitarists to quit (it's shockingly simple)
  • Join 23,434 guitarists who felt they had no "natural talent" and rapidly improve your songs, chord changes, and dexterity
  • A step-by-step daily workout plan that will increase your motivation by 10x,  give you multiple "lightbulb" moments and guarantee you faster progress.

From the studio of guitar teacher, Dan Thorpe...

Dear frustrated guitarist,

If you want to play songs that will stun your loved ones.

If you want to fix your progress killing habits.

...And if you want to know exactly what to practice to make fast progress, read on because...

I want to share a 7 day plan to make this happen for you.

It's called the "Musicality Matrix".

And, if you've tried countless free courses, random YouTube tutorials, or even private lessons.

Dan Thorpe is a certified guitar teacher. He has over 11 years of experience teaching beginner 40+ year-olds from Day 1.

Dan believes in easy-going and simple lessons you can do at your pace while teaching you to play the songs you love.

He's also a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors.

...But you find after all the wasted months and years of practice, you're still at square 1...

Then let me tell you why this is perfect for you.

So this is how it began...

In 2020, I authored two best-selling Amazon books with 629 reviews to date...

What happened next shocked me.

A student called Lee grabbed a copy of one of my books.

After struggling for years with arthritis, small hands...

...And suffering from the "Death Grip", Lee contacted me for lessons.

He heart pounded as he stepped into my studio and as he did...

This tough firefighter dropped this bombshell and said:

"I've been struggling on guitar for 40 years. I can't even play a song. I could cry."

Things got worse.

He showed me his blistered fingers that looked like they were about to bleed.

"I just wanted to play songs that would make my wife happy" he said with a heavy sigh.

Being a firefighter was a dangerous job that meant many long hours. 

His wife made sacrifices to raise their kids and Lee loved her so much. More and more every year. 

She smiled brightly at the sound of the guitar, he said.

So when they got married Lee was determined to learn to play...

...But despite all the years of practice, he was embarrassed to say that...

He still couldn't play a simple recognisable song.

And night after night his blood boiled as resisted the urge to smash it up.

He sat in the background as he watched a guitar playing friend stun others despite only playing for a few weeks.

But Lee's lowest moment was when he tried to play his wife's favourite song for her. 

It went so badly he told me...

"My wife laughed when I  tried to play her favourite song!"

That crushed him.

Lee vowed never to let anyone hear him practice ever again. 

All while night after night, Lee lock himself away and practice in near silence.

Over the years that followed Lee struggled with random YouTube videos, bought countless courses, and even spent $8k on private lessons.

All he got to show for this was watching his "teacher" show off while Lee's fingers just got more and more sore.

Lee felt his heart getting heavier by the day as he imagined his wife and friends laughing at him behind his back.

...But he had no idea that all this time he was practicing one simple thing wrong

And this is...

The ONE critical thing almost certainly slowing down your guitar playing progress

Lee reluctantly gave the guitar one last try.

Thankfully, this changed everything for him, as it can for you.

The reason?

Because this one simple solution helped him...

More progress in 7 days than in the previous 7 years!

It all started when we tried something weird. 

It was inspired by a gym routine that helped me shed a tonne of weight...

I created a simple 4-minute workout that contained...

The key secrets I'd discovered from...

Guitar legends such as Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, and the other legends of guitar.

I showed Lee some easy one-finger chords, instantly recognisable riffs, and simple dexterity exercises.

Then I told him:

"Don't think. Just do exactly what I do and I guarantee you results"

And in just moments, Lee was more relaxed.

He felt a flutter of excitement in his belly and dashed to get his phone to film me playing the routine.

This meant he could go home and know exactly what to practice each day.

One week later, Lee arrived for his next lesson and I was stunned. 

With a big grin and hearty laughter he told me how a few days ago he bit the bullet...

And again played his wife's favourite song to her - Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight".

Lee had sweaty palms and worried she would laugh again, but this time...

...The elegant melody brought tears to her eyes. 

This song had been their wedding song 40 years before and...

Lee said it rekindled a spark in their marriage.

Now fast forward to today...

Lee heart races with excitement when he's about to practice guitar, his songs sound like the actual song, and he when he jams with his guitar playing friends.  

They're now jealous of him!

Lee's even got a rapturous applause from total strangers at a recent open mic he played.

...But what's more special is that Lee has now regained his self-worth and confidence.

He walks with strong, confident stride and recently told me, "I feel like more of a man again. It's like I've turned the clock back 40 years".

And if this sounds like a transformation you want, let me show you hot we did it... It's all to do with...

The "Musicality Matrix" that will help you get game-changing guitar results...

You might find yourself saying…

“I've lost my motivation. I have no proper practice plan and I feel like I am worse than I was a month ago!

But I have no idea why!”

Well, I’ve discovered that for 95% of guitarists, it's the "Random Practice Effect" that is the real cause of slow progress.

This is like trying to bake a cake blindfolded.

...But iIt's NOT a lack of ability that is holding you back and it’s NOT your fault.

The truth is most real-life and YouTube teachers struggle to show students exactly what to practise.

This causes the student to struggle for years in an endless cycle.

That's why I've spent the last 2 years formulating and perfecting the "Musicality Matrix" so you can...

Improve faster with the simple tips that made legends such as Clapton, Hendrix,  and Paul Simon so good

This system is now trusted by over 23,434 adult guitarists to play stunning music...

...And rid them of feeling lost on the guitar for good.

Think of the "Musicality Matrix" as a clear roadmap that will ensure you can confidently play beautiful music at the drop of a hat in less than 7 days...

And for the "confused" and "unmotivated" feelings to be a distant memory.

Now I'll show you how...

If you can tune up your guitar, you too can get these rapid results and...

I call it...

The 7-Day Transformation Course

So, here's the deal...

This is my quick, affordable, and ground-breaking video course.

It doesn't matter if you're brand new.

It doesn't matter if you've been learning guitar for decades...

...And it doesn't matter if you struggle with issues such as small hands or arthritis. 

It just works.

Best of all, this works for both acoustic and electric guitarists...

As well as absolute beginners, advancing beginners, and early intermediate guitarists.

In a nutshell, this is...

A Done-For-You Course That Will Bring You More Joy, Happiness, and Freedom to Your Guitar Playing (and Life)...

 Almost Overnight

  • I say QUICK because it's one of the fastest courses you can take, meaning ANYONE can finish it, no matter how short on time you are.
  • I say it's AFFORDABLE… as it's less than the cost of a single guitar lesson.
  • And, I say it's GROUNDBREAKING because the lessons in this course are simply not taught anywhere else. 

In the past, you've probably tried books, courses, and lessons from other tutors which didn't quite hit the spot.

Some were probably a big fat waste of money.

So you're probably wondering...

What makes this different to everything else out there?

Did you know 93% of online courses never get completed?

So, let me ask, do you have the time to buy another course you'll never finish or maybe never even start?

All you want is the results.

That's why I designed a course that is completely results-oriented.

And with 9/10 students completing the course so far, you're pretty much guaranteed to get the transformation you've been craving.

Just some of the exclusive lessons you won't find anywhere else include:

A Done-For-You Specific Plan

Play REAL music from Day 1

No Theory, Scales, or Complex Chords 

The Secrets to Playing

Like Your Heroes


9-Minute Lessons

How Does it Work And Exactly

What's Inside?

This is a clear and concise course.

There's 7 days' worth of tuition and you can work through it all in a week or at your own pace.

During each lesson, I'll take you by the hand in a 9-minute bitesize video and this is exactly what's included in these fast, confidence-building lessons...

  • Day 1 - How to destroy the "Death Grip" so playing becomes instantly more fun. Uncover the ONE simple thing that reduces tension, pain, and soreness (especially important if you suffer from arthritis). It's easy, and it involves a relaxation trick, getting close to the frets, and a weird way to massively reduce the pressure you use. 
  • Day 2 - Play one of the most famous songs of all time in just minutes. You'll learn a super easy and instantly recognisable piece that will impress others and build your confidence right away.
  • Day 3 - Discover David Gilmour's secret, called the "Magnetic Hand". This will show you how to instantly STOP plucking the wrong strings, meaning less frustration and more fun as you glide up and down the fretboard.
  • Day 4 - How to make it sound like two guitars are being played at once. Discover this beginner blues piece where you'll combine lead and melody to stun any audience. Best of all, when learnt this way, it's a surprisingly simple skill.
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  • Day 5 - Why this "deadly sin" is destroying 99% of guitarists' rhythm. How one small tweak will give all your songs better timing and musicality. Discover this in a 3min 34s lesson!
  • Day 6 - The ONE thing that will fix your bad habits, speed up chord changes, and improve your coordination. Best of all, learn this from the master Paul Simon and discover the secrets of his fingerpicking technique.
  • Day 7 - Play the most "stunning", "beautiful", and "romantic" song I've ever taught. It's over 200 years old, instantly recognisable, and no one knows who wrote it. Yet this has captured the emotions of my students and their audiences more than any other piece. 

Plus, you get personal support and "power tips" to keep you on track throughout the 7 days and beyond.

...But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

After you have completed the quick 7-day plan, you'll "unlock" the following to...

Make short- and long-term progress with the breakthrough

"4-minute workouts"

Simply press PLAY, watch the video, and follow along with me to

See the thrill of watching your fingers run up and down the fretboard and your songs sounding full of life. 

Do the workouts once per day and you'll improve the critical things that have been slowing down your progress.

Improve the essentials such as...

Finger dexterity, chord changes, motivation to practise, "musicality", and, of course, playing real songs.

And these workouts will work for you no matter how small your hands are or how much you've struggled in the past.

You can be confident they will work for you because they've worked for 1000s of students just like you. 

In fact, this is what one student said recently...

"The workouts are like having one-to-one lessons with Dan where he shows you exactly what to do."

There are two workouts to suit your skill level.

This is an Absolute Beginner workout and an Early Intermediate workout. 

Both workouts are fun and use simple chords, easy riffs, and enjoyable "dexterity builders".

...But I'll show you exactly which workout to use and when...

Meaning no more confusion as to what to practise... ever again.

So your fingers will be free to glide up and down the fretboard like a cruise liner across the ocean.

In short, the 7-Day Transformation Course and "4-Minute Workouts" are:

  • Specifically created to use at your own pace
  • Easy to use if you're 42, 62, or even 82
  • Designed to instantly improve EVERY song you've ever learnt
  • Made to ensure you never feel alone again with fast support

You even get free access to the Members' Area.

So you can join me and like-minded others who'll answer your questions, share breakthroughs and...

...Cheer you on every step of the way.

But don't just take my word for it.

Here's what a handful of students have said so far...

Plus, many more kind words from our Facebook fans

Gordon Lynch This course represents a gold mine of technique and advice for guitarists of all levels.


Like  Reply  4h

Mollie Dishal Your wonderful course now has me learning fingerstyle on my new steel string guitar…Your teaching is perfect in clarity and pacing toward working toward mastery.


Like  Reply  4h

Carlos Garcia I love it!  I'm no pro, but I'm still learning, and I'm happy with my purchase. Thanks Dan for taking the time to help wannabe guitar players like me.

Like  Reply  10h

Jay Adkins Actually forgot I'd bought it because I was doing another program. Finally started using it and my gains have been incredible, thank you!!!

Like  Reply  1h

Marc Anderson I am almost 63. I bought my first guitar about 6 months ago. I have stubby, arthritic fingers... and I'm having the time of my life. I won't quit because of courses like Dan's. Every day I learn something new, and really it is just for me. Thank you, Dan.


Like  Reply  5h

If you order the 7-Day Transformation Course today...

You will get these bonuses for FREE

Bonus #1 - "Breakthrough Beginner" Course

"How to start your guitar journey like a pro!"

Regular Price $97

The step-by-step course teaching you in the same way I teach brand new beginners. Build good habits from Day 1 like you're a student walking into my studio for the first time...

You'll discover the rarely taught methods to holding the guitar properly, how to sing and strum with ease, read TAB properly, which gear to get and more... all so you can play and learn with  complete confidence.

Get This for FREE When You Order Your Copy of the 7-Day Transformation Course Today!

Bonus #2 - Fretboard Fireworks

"How to unlock the fretboard in 3 easy steps"

Regular Price $87

Get the simple 3-step plan to immediately begin to unlock the fretboard. 

Jam any place, any time, and in any key. Get the tools to show off your skills using the whole of the fretboard... and anyone can do this.

It's especially fun as you watch most other guitarists stuck, still scratching their heads playing "cowboy chords", while you are tearing up the fretboard. 

Get This for FREE When You Order Your Copy of the 7-Day Transformation Course Today!

Bonus #3 - 21 Advanced Pro Secrets

"How to play like your guitar heroes"

Regular Price $97

Get 21 more "Pro Secrets" from the legends of guitar to shave years off your learning curve.

Discover the hard-to-find simple advice, teaching you the precise lessons that made these legends of guitar so good. Includes tips from the likes of these, and more...

  • Eric Clapton
  • Slash
  • Keith Richards
  • B.B. King
  • David Gilmour
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Brian May
  • Chet Atkins
  • Mark Knopfler

Get This for FREE When You Order Your Copy of the 7-Day Transformation Course Today!

Bonus #4 - Facebook 101 Group

"Get support, advice, and help from others just like you"

Value $39

Get the secret link to join the Facebook group.

Ask questions and get help, motivation, and accountability. Support networks are proven to help YOU achieve goals and improve up to 10x faster and this will help you make more progress in less time.

Get This for FREE When You Order Your Copy of the 7-Day Transformation Course Today!

Bonus #5 - Your First Five Songs

"How to stun any audience with these 5 simple songs"

Regular Price $57

Bored of playing songs no one recognises?

This ends now as you will play five instantly recognisable tunes. All five  songs are easy to play, impressive, and VERY famous.

The songs include stunning but simple versions of "House of the Rising Sun", "Amazing Grace", and more. 

Get This for FREE When You Order Your Copy of the 7-Day Transformation Course Today!

And in case you are wondering...

There is NO catch!

Just a simple onetime payment

This is NOT a sneaky trial or anything like that.

We all know there are websites promising you "freebies" but then they secretly stick you into a program that charges your card every month.

This is NOT one of them. There's NO hidden "continuity program" or anything like that.

It's a simple one-off payment.

My Crazy 100% Money-Back Guarantee You Will Love It

And if you don't like it, you get all your money back...

Simply ask within 90 days and my team will give you an instant refund. 

So how much does it cost?

Now, you may think all this expert guitar tuition would cost an arm and a leg.

...and truth to be told it really should considering the amount of progress my students are making with it...

When guitar teachers are selling an hour of their time for $40, $50, $60, and even $100+, it all adds up quite quickly. 

You might think this would be unaffordable...

However, it's not!

I want to help as many of you as possible, so I'm making it affordable for every guitarist and for that reason...

I'm offering a limited-time, special launch discount...

To start off this new launch, the price is just $297 $97 $37

That's right. 

Your whole investment for this course and exclusive bonuses is just $297 $97 $37.

YES DAN! Give Me Instant Access to the 7-Day Transformation Course

 RIGHT NOW for Just $37

  • The 7-Day Transformation Course and Bonuses (Value $297)
  • Instant Access to the "Breakthrough Beginner Course" (Value $97)
  • Immediate Access to "Fretboard Fireworks" (Value $87)
  • Discover the Advanced "21 Pro Secrets" Training (Value $97)
  • Join the Exclusive Facebook Group (Value $39)
  • Instant Access to "Your First 5 Songs" (Value $57)
  • 90-Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

Special Launch Price: $297 $97

Today Just $37

...But I should say this isn't going to be $37 forever though, so...

You must act fast because this special launch offer is ending soon

Once this special price ends...

The 7-Day Transformation Course will cost $29 per month to join. 

But HERE… on THIS page today… the price is a onetime fee of just $37. 

And this page is going away very soon. I reserve the right to end this discount at any time without warning after the 25th of June, 2022.

So you have a choice to make.

For the price of a 30-minute guitar lesson, you can remove the headaches of trying to learn guitar alone - forever!

Think about all the time, energy, and cost you'll save with this pro advice at your fingertips.

Even better, after you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to all the lessons to download or stream.

No waiting for shipping and you can begin right now.

With 23,434 happy users, it's time to get in on the action, so don't waste time.

Take action right now:

As soon as you hit "yes" you'll be able to begin this exciting journey instantly

Once you hit the "YES, I want to order" this is what will happen...

You will simply fill out your details and payment.

Then you'll instantly be given lifetime access to the course which you can start in just 30 seconds.

Your login details will be emailed to you (so please enter your email accurately).

You will also be given an email address where you can get technical support anytime you need it.

List of the signature lessons you'll get inside

Do note this is just a partial list of all that you can learn today...

These are just some of the lessons you can use EVERY single day with less than 9 minutes of practice...

  • Play "Amazing Grace"
  • Faster Chord Changes
  • My Gear List
  • Jimi Hendrix's Power Tip
  • How to Read TAB
  • Beethoven's Fifth
  • Proper Posture
  • Play "Drunken Sailor"
  • Fingerpick Properly
  • Play "Wayfaring Stranger"
  • David Gilmour's #1 Tip
  • Reduce Soreness
  • Strum Effectively
  • Get Better Dexterity
  • Improve Coordination
  • Improve Brain Health
  • Play "House of the Rising Sun"
  • Fix Bad Habits
  • Improve Your Timing
  • Play One Finger Chords
  • Eric Clapton's #1 Tip 
  • Fretboard Action Plan
  • 10x Motivation
  • Chet Atkins Best Tip
  • Daily Action Plan
  • Play Happy Birthday

I must say, I know you might be thinking...

"Dan, this all sounds good, but why should I learn from you?"

Good question. 

Well, here's why...

I still love teaching in person.

I've taught over 10,000 hours of lessons over 11 years.

And unlike most teachers, I'm actually qualified to teach you.

...But far more importantly for you...

I get REAL results for students like you from DAY 1.

My 1st ever Registry of Guitar Tutors Certificate!

So you can achieve your dreams on the guitar like I did when I played countless shows up and down the U.K.

Speaking of which...

Here's me playing a show supporting a huge band in the U.K.

So let me ask...

Do you want to carry on as you have done before? Or do you want to...

 Enjoy playing guitar for you?

Jam with others?

Show off to your friends?

All the above is possible.

It all starts by taking action.

Remember you get clear video lessons showing you exactly what to do to make it happen with REAL music to play today...

For some of you, this will be the difference between you reaching your guitar-playing dreams or letting them gather dust in the attic...

So let me ask what do you want to do with your guitar this year?

If you think you are "too old" or lack talent, please don't. 

Because if you can follow my instructions, you can play beautiful music.

Recently I was massively inspired by this message. It was from Carlos who was in a coma. Then he overcame it to say this...

"I’m turning 50 this summer and suffer from a traumatic brain injury. I love the way Dan makes it so simple to understand. It’s super fun and I absolutely love it.

I don’t even feel like I’m practicing. Yesterday I practiced for almost 2 whole hours and didn’t even realize. This is a must-have for anyone starting their guitar journey." - Carlos

So I hope you know you can start to realise your guitar dreams and it can happen starting today. 

Just know this...

The possibilities are endless...

Picture this...

You pick up your guitar while relaxing in your garden. You take a sip of a cool drink.

Now you smell the freshly cut grass and listen to the birds chirping above you in the evening sun.

And you confidently strum, fingerpick, and jam music that washes over you like a waterfall...

...All without a care in the world, not minding if your neighbours hear you play...

You even secretly hope they will hear you.

Because you know they'll be in awe of your new musical skills...

Now that the shackles of being a frustrated guitarist have been broken for good.

Life is short and you live it fully and now you finally feel vibrant, energetic, and youthful with your guitar in hand...

If you are fed up with starting over, now is your time to play with a smile on your face

Music is like a soundtrack to our lives.

As a guitarist you no doubt want to play the songs that remind you of your parents...

Or the first dance from your wedding...

...Or the song that brings back the memories of when your kids took their first steps...

It starts by taking action, so click the button below to begin this new journey today...

It's time to be the guitarist you deserve to be...

So let's make your musical dreams come true starting today. 

"Impressed my OTHER HALF with my first song today and I only started yesterday. Move over Eric Clapton. Haha" - Denise

You can start in 30 seconds and be on the road to transforming your playing immediately.

Remember, in less than one week, you can be a confident guitarist with a clear plan going forward...

Time is of the essence

This is a limited-time offer at this price

  • What impact would it make in your life to make big improvements to your guitar playing in the next week?
  • How would you feel being able to play beautiful music, know exactly what to practise, and be 100% confident you are heading in the right direction?


You have a choice to make...

Do you want to carry on struggling with the guitar?

...Or do you want to take a small chance on this proven system to bring more focus...

More motivation, structure, and ultimately more joy to your guitar playing, and life?

The guitar will give you more happiness in life and more self-belief in everything you do and...

I want to get this into your hands because I know how this can transform your guitar playing forever.

Thanks again,

Dan Thorpe

Reviews for other Dan Thorpe Products

The 7-Day Transformation Course is ONLY available here...

...But you may be interested to read some of the 629+ Amazon reviews my other products have gotten over the last few years...

Your Questions Answered?

I’ve bought lots of books and courses, but never seem to finish them, how is this different?

Most courses are too long and complex for struggling beginners.

This course is short and gives fast results in 7 days. It follows time-tested proven principles with the "7 pro secrets".

Better still, if you struggle with small hands or arthritis, you'll discover simple methods to help give you a game-changing transformation right away.

Is there a monthly fee?

No. Not if you get this deal right now. This is a onetime fee of $37 for lifetime access to the course and bonuses forever.

How safe is your site when putting my card details in?

It is as secure as humanly possible. We use the latest high-tech protection and have daily website scans to make sure we are 100% secure.

I'm a brand new beginner. Will it work for me?

The answer is a big YES. One of the free bonuses you get is the Breakthrough Beginner course (worth $97).

This simple course is like you walking into my studio for the first time, and me showing you EXACTLY what to do from Day 1.

Inside you will discover how to start with confidence, build good technique, avoid bad habits, get the right gear, and play your first piece of stunning music right away.

Is this for electric or acoustic guitarists?

This is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitarists. I teach the course using an electro-acoustic but you can use any guitar you like.

Just make sure it's comfortable to play and suits you (I cover this) and then we're ready to go!

Do I need to be able to read TAB?

No, every note is taught in a step-by-step video which you can slow down and watch as many times as you like.

I do teach how to read TAB in a simple and confidence-building way though, should you wish to learn.

Do I need to complete the course in 7 days?

No, not at all. The course is designed for you to use at a pace that suits you.

You can do all 7 days in one go or spread them out over a longer period.

I want to make the learning journey as enjoyable as possible for you, so that you get your guitar transformation while having fun!

I have small arthritic hands and struggle with chords. Will it help?

The course will show you exactly where you have been going wrong with your chords and all your technique.

You'll learn how to play one-finger chords and play real music which doesn't even use chords.

But you'll build solid foundations to play any chord using techniques such as "Minimum Pressure Required" and more.

All in a laid back and easy to follow way.

How do I access the course? Is something posted to my house?

This is an online course but you can download or stream it anytime.

We’re in the digital age and that's super exciting, as it means you can begin the course in seconds.

Simply enter your credit card information on the next page. After that, you’ll get instant access to the course so you can begin right now.

You will pay only once, and there are no additional charges or anything like that.

How long do I get access to it for?

You have LIFETIME access to the course and bonuses. Your membership never expires and you can log in anytime to access it.

What's more, I upload new content regularly, giving you more guitar-playing fun.

Why are you discounting this so much?

I want to reward my students who take fast action. When this goes live, I will charge $29 per month and it will be worth it.

But for the folks lucky enough to be here, the price is a ONETIME fee of $37.

If I don't like it, can I get my money back?

It's a fair question. I really want to overdeliver with this course and give you a massive transformation. Hence why you get this for the low price.

But, if it's not for you, for any reason, simply email my team, and we will give you a 100% refund instantly.

There will be no questions asked, no fine print and no B.S.

Once again, here's everything you get...

YES DAN! Give Me Instant Access to the 7-Day Transformation Course

 RIGHT NOW for Just $37

  • The 7-Day Transformation Course and Bonuses (Value $297)
  • Instant Access to the "Breakthrough Beginner" Course (Value $97)
  • Immediate Access to "Fretboard Fireworks" (Value $87)
  • Discover the Advanced "21 Pro Secrets" Training (Value $97)
  • Join the Exclusive Facebook Group (Value $39)
  • Instant Access to "Your First 5 Songs" (Value $57)
  • 90-Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

Special Launch Price: $297 $97

Today Just $37

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